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2019 Candidates for Virginia General Assembly
We thank all these individuals for braving the scrutiny needed to run for elected office. They posted very impressive results!


State Senate



House of Delegates

District 5
Jeff Staples



District 24
B. Eli Fishpaw

Waylin Ross



Janice L. Allen

Sherman Witcher



John Michael Wolfe

Elliot Harding



Gail "for Rail" Parker

Ken Heath



Terry Modglin




Larry C. Haake lll




Linnard K. Harris




Ryan Collin Benton


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 More Candidates, Less Apathy

More Trains, Less Traffic


Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible

Common Sense Conservative Green Party


Terry Modglin, Independent Green Party leader and  candidate

See the latest news at our Independent Green Party news page!



Marisa Wissar
Marisa Wissar Independent Green Party running the first Peruvian American to run for Clerk of Courts Fairfax County.
Independent Green Party Green New Deal. Eco jobs for the economy.  More Trains, Less Traffic.  Rail jobs, solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, weatherization jobs. 

Reverend Aaron Lyles (22), Independent Green Party State Chairman, Young Independent Greens.


Col. Jim Leslie, Independent Green Party candidate and leader.

Col. Leslie (USMC, retired) is a realtor, husband, father, and grandfather.  In 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 as Independent Green Party candidate Col. Leslie was the only Native American on the ballot for House of Delegates in Virginia. 
Col. Leslie advocates for
"More Candidates, Less Apathy"
"More Trains, Less Traffic"
"Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible"


Click picture to view our 2013 candidate flier.

Indy Green Jobs: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, & Rail

German Green Party legislator Jurgen Trittin Indy Green Carey Campbell


Dianne Blais & her allies...

Independent Greens for More Trains, Less Traffic

Corazon Foley Independent Green Party leader
Cora Foley the first Phillipino American to run for Fairfax County Supervisor - Springfield.  
The Independent Green Party Green New Deal, solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, rail jobs!  More Trains, Less Traffic!


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Col. Albert Burckard, U.S. Army (retired) our 4th Congressional District Chair 
Col Albert Burckard Independent Green Party leader running for Isle of Wight county - Newport District supervisor.


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