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Our 2012 Indy Green congressional endorsee/nominees...

Gail "for Rail" Parker

Ken Hildebrandt

Janet Murphy
Kevin Chisholm* 

Peter Marchetti

Kevin Chisholm* is a member of the Virginia Green Party. 
* indicates endorsee


Our 2010 Indy Green congressional endorsee/nominees...


Gail "for Rail" Parker


Kenny Golden


John D. Kelly


Janet Murphy


Jeff Clark


Jeff Vanke


Floyd Bayne


Ron Fisher


Jeremiah Heaton


William "Bill" Redpath *


David Gillis

Miriam Gennari*, Arlington County School Board

Kevin Chisholm*, Arlington County Board 

Miriam and Kevin are Arlington County Green Party members. 

* indicates endorsee







Anna Marie Choi (37th) House of Delegates District Chair for "More Trains, Less Traffic" - One lane of light rail on the beltway at one-tenth the cost of the billion dollar boondoogle toll roads.  Statewide high speed rail!


 Join us today !    Be part of the positive solution!

More Candidates, Less Apathy


Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible

-  Cut Wasteful Spending!



Sherman "for Rail" Witcher

Husband, Father, Veteran, Farmer, Businessman

Independent Green 9th House of Delegates District Chairman 

Our "More Trains, Less Traffic" More Jobs!!!

The honorable L. Shirley Harvey Indy Green (69th) for House of Delegates Chair
Former Richmond City Council member
Watch our Indy Green  8th Congressional District Chairman, and candidate retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher

Thank You to our Voters across Virginia!! 

Thanks to our candidates, Virginia Winners all!

Winning is participating.

Winning is getting on the ballot.

Winning is offering positive solutions.

Winning is doing our civic duty by joining the debate.

Winning is talking with over 1,000,000 Virginians face to face each year 2000 to 2012!  

Winning is collecting over 70,000 petition signatures statewide.

Winning is serving our communities, and Virginia by putting normal common sense fiscally conservative Virginians on the ballot.


Col. Albert Burckard, U.S. Army (retired) our 4th Congressional District Chair 

"More Candidates, Less Apathy"

"More Trains, Less Traffic"

Build modern, innovative high speed mag lev rail nationwide.  Cut dependance on foreign oil.

Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible

Balance the federal budget.  Pay off the Federal Debt.  Install and auditable accounting system at the Pentagon.  Stop no bid uncontested contracts.   


"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams


Watch a profile of our 7th Congressional District Chairman, Dr. Brad Blanton



Jeff Vanke and Gail for Rail Parker

Jeff Vanke 6th Congressional District

Jeff Vanke, centrist, Harvard Phd, political science

Indy Greens Richmond Press Conference 2010

Ron Fisher 8th, John D. Kelly 3rd, Jeff Vanke 6th, Janet Murphy 4th, Gail for Rail 1st, Floyd Bayne 7th, Carey Campbell, State Chairman Joe Oddo, and Tammy Parada, Floyd's campaign manager.

Join Our Wall of Fame - some of our previous IGVA candidates over the last twelve years:   HenryOtisBrown.jpg   013_10A.JPG    IGVA_logo_by_SBroy.jpg   btaylor.jpg   Witcher-Sherman_2.jpg   pixton2copy.jpg   Japan_bullet_train.jpg   brad1.jpg   JoeRonPaul.jpg   DianneBlaisJosephSkyler.JPG   CityMover.jpg   matt2.jpg   GailBloomberg.jpg   DavidGillis.jpg   VFHSR_LOGO.jpg

View our 2014 candidate flier

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