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Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't let the Lynchburg-DC stop running
Last year, with your help we successfully passed a study through the Virginia General Assembly to review the creation of an Intercity Passenger Rail Operating & Capital Fund (IPROCF). The study was released in November, and Governor McDonnell included the creation of the IPROCF in his transportation package now before the Virginia State Senate.
Please sign the following letter to Virginia's State Senators asking them to support the creation of the IPROCF included in Senate Bill 1446.
If you care about the future of passenger rail in Virginia.  If you believe passenger services such as the Lynchburg-DC train and its future extension to Roanoke should have a stable and dedicated source of funding, please...
Act Now!  
By sending the letter, you'll be  joining rail advocates statewide who want to save existing and future intercity passenger rail in Virginia. 

Thank you for your help.  Please
this e-mail to all your train-loving friends. 
Meredith Richards, PRC Chairman 
31 jan 11 @ 10:24 am est          Comments

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greens ready to govern

The Rheinland Pfalz Green Party wants to govern after state elections in March.

"We are ready to take over governing responsibility." The two leading Green Party candidates, and Green Party leaders Eveline Lemke und Daniel Köbler, emphasized at today's press conference.  The unity at the recent Green Party convention proved their point. 

30 jan 11 @ 10:42 pm est          Comments

Greens in Baden Wuerttenburg state at 27 per cent

March state elections in Baden Wurettenburg show Green Party at 27 per cent in polls.  Greens remain the second most popular political party in a tightening horse race.;art410924,4701540 


30 jan 11 @ 10:36 pm est          Comments

State elections: Green Party strong in Rhineland Pfalz

At nearly 14 per cent in the latest state poll, the Green Party is the key coalition partner for either of the two larger Rhineland Pfalz parties. 




30 jan 11 @ 10:34 pm est          Comments

Green Party climbs in Hamburg polls

Hamburg's city state elections are set for February.

Latest polls show the Green Party nearing 20 per cent.,1518,623633,00.html 


30 jan 11 @ 10:29 pm est          Comments

Friday, January 28, 2011

Renate Kuenast Green Party growing popularity

Top Ten: Green Party's Renate Kuenast popularity grows

Green Party's Renate Kuenast now 6th most popular politician.,1872,8202584,00.html?dr=1 

28 jan 11 @ 11:11 pm est          Comments

Friday, January 28, 2011

Green Party climbs in opinion polls

Politbarometer: Green Party gains

This weeks Politbarometer poll shows the Green Party climbing to 19%.


28 jan 11 @ 10:51 pm est          Comments

WLBT reports Green Party push for new metering law

WLBT TV reports the Mississippi Green Party pushing for a new metering law to increase solar power use. 

Green Party businessman Luke Lunkemo, 

"It's a really simple idea. Net metering. It means that for one dollar of electricity that you produce from your solar panels we value is the same as one dollar of electricity coming through the powerline. And this idea is catching on around the country." Luke Lunkemo, Green Party businessman is owner of Rainbow Coop in Jackson. 


28 jan 11 @ 2:21 pm est          Comments

Local latino Green Party candidates raises $50,000

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Chair of the Cook County Green Party, has raised over $50,000 in his campaign for the 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago.

See video here:

28 jan 11 @ 2:12 pm est          Comments

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Party accepts TV debate series

The Irish Green Party has today supported Fine Gael's demand that election debates involving the five main party leaders. 

Green Party leader John Gormley said that he phoned Mr Martin this morning to tell him that there should only be five-way debates.

Green Party's Mr Gormley said that he favoured "a series of five-way debates, in English and in Irish" with a facility to allow viewers to submit questions. 

Read more:

27 jan 11 @ 11:33 am est          Comments

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Party businessman running for mayor

Rochester businessman Harry Davis is planning to run for mayor of Rochester.

Davis, 59, a news conference about his candidacy at 4:45 p.m. today, at School 6, 595 Upper Fallhelds Blvd.

Davis owns, an Internet company that sells ergonomically designed products.

Davis said he interviewed with Green party leaders last week and hopes to get their endorsement.

He also has plans to collect the 1,500 signatures needed to get on the ballot as an independent candidate. 

26 jan 11 @ 5:02 pm est          Comments

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Green Party Governor candidate Winfried Kretschmann "We want to change the political tone."

The Green Party candidate for Governor, Winfried Kretschmann says the first order of business in a new Green government will be to change the tone of politics. 

25 jan 11 @ 9:30 pm est          Comments

Monday, January 24, 2011

Irish Green Party success on Budget

Ireland's TV3 reports tonight the Green Party has pushed through a budget agreement.  Greens have been in governing coalition since 2007. Elections are expected in February. 

24 jan 11 @ 10:13 pm est          Comments

Harry Davis Green Party candidate for mayor Rochester

WHAM TV News, Channel 13 reports that well known local Harry Davis is joining the Green Party to run for mayor in Rochester. 

24 jan 11 @ 9:54 pm est          Comments

Anja Hajduk, Green Party Hamburg.

Anja Hajduk, top Green Party candidate in February state elections in Hamburg. Video interview here: 


24 jan 11 @ 9:20 pm est          Comments

Green Party candidate Keith Olbermann...
Keith Olbermann as a Green Party candidate in 2011 makes more sense that MSNBC firing the star of their number one rated show.  What have they against capitalism?
24 jan 11 @ 9:06 pm est          Comments

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Richmond Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin state of city address
Richmond Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin's state of the city address touts sustainability
23 jan 11 @ 9:43 pm est          Comments

After 4 years leading Government Irish Green Party calls for elections

"The Irish people want to see political certainty, economic certainty, and they do want an election," said Gormley, whose Green Party joined the Irish government in 2007. 

23 jan 11 @ 11:50 am est          Comments

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Va city starts planning for new rail station to prepare for high-speed

Posted from a Virginian-Pilot article.

 NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — Newport News officials say they're hoping to build a new Amtrak station to handle what is expected to be soaring ridership.

Community planning manager Michael King tells the Virginian-Pilot that high-speed rail's impending arrival demands new facilities.

Current plans call for a station that would serve buses and shuttles near Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport and a train station in downtown.

Newport News' current train station is a crowded 1982 building.

While high speed rail is about 15 years away, the city says it could build the so-called multi-modal station for buses and shuttles within five years. It already has $2 million to start designing and engineering what would be a $24 million building.


Information from: The Virginian-Pilot,

22 jan 11 @ 11:50 am est          Comments

Mayor Bloomberg launches Green Urban Tech center

New York City invests in urban green tech


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday launched the Urban Technology Innovation Center, an initiative to test ways to improve building efficiency.

Read more: 

22 jan 11 @ 11:07 am est          Comments

Independent Green Party's Bloomberg in Esquire

Mike Bloomberg, "represents the great American dream..the ultimate independent, calm modern, rooted in metrics and cleansed of ideology..come to drain the swamps with his amazing modern business management techniques.." 

22 jan 11 @ 9:52 am est          Comments

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green Party Bavaria Blause

In her speech before the Bavarian Green Party Executive Committee Meeting, Margarete Blause, "The CSU, Christain Socialist Union, and governing party is false!  That's fine.  Voters recognize their poor results. They will inherit the wind on election day!"


20 jan 11 @ 10:51 pm est          Comments

Irish Green Party - "Yes! We will get the Budget passed!"

The Irish Green Party cabinet minister John Gormley, "We will get the budget passed!  Then we will go on to win the general election in March!"

 Wall Street Journal Green Party story here 

20 jan 11 @ 9:40 pm est          Comments

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green Party in Bavaria becomes 2nd most popular...

Germany's Bavarian Green Party has now climbed to 20 per cent in the polls.  Makes the Green Party the second most popular political party in the state. Puts Greens in strong position for this years elections...In today's Focus magazine 

19 jan 11 @ 9:51 pm est          Comments

Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Party's Pat LaMarche launches Southern (dis)Comfort tour

Green Party's Pat LaMarche going to Georgia work on homeless issue. More here. 

17 jan 11 @ 3:52 pm est          Comments

Independent Green backed Rail to Norfolk progress

Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal's Philip Newswanger has latest progress report of Independent Green Party of Virginia's long backed Rail to Norfolk.  The Norfolk train is scheduled to roll next year.   It will take Indy Green political will on the ballot to get it done.

Newswanger's story here: 


17 jan 11 @ 9:56 am est          Comments

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Indy Green Party Women candidates Kolazas, Casquino, Ayoub
Three women of the Independent Green Party of Virginia launched their petition drives today, collecting signatures to get on the ballot for local office in Fairfax county.  All are wives, mothers, and successful businesswomen.  Milagritos Casquino, has a juris doctorate, and is exploring a run for Sheriff. Mrs. Casquino owns and operates a successful travel agency.  Angie Kolazas operates a welll respected construction firm with her husband.  Mrs. Kolazas,collecting signatures for an Indy Green candidacy for School Board at large, is the mother of a 4 year old boy, and 6 year old girl.     Kristina Ayoub owns and operates a restaurant in Reston with her husband.  They have a toddler.  Ayoub, the Indy Green Party mother, is collecting signatures for Soil and Water Conservation District Director. 
15 jan 11 @ 6:25 pm est          Comments

Another Green Party Candidate for State Senate

If you live in Connecticut's state Senate District 27, you might get a visitor this weekend asking for your help. Stamford resident Rolf Maurer wants to fill the seat vacated by Andrew McDonald, and he plans to canvass the community this weekend. Not only will he distribute leaflets, he'll also seek signatures for a petition. As a third-party candidate, Maurer needs to collect 251 signatures to get on the ballot for the special election set for Feb. 22. 

15 jan 11 @ 6:10 pm est          Comments

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How about this for our new logo?

Created by Shaun Broy. Drop us a line to say what you think. E-mail:



13 jan 11 @ 8:14 pm est          Comments

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Japan offers to fund part of US high-speed rail project

An encouraging report in the Independent Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Japan has offered to fund part of a project to build an ultra-fast train line between Washington and New York, which would revolutionize travel on the US east coast, a Japanese official said Friday.

In talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara proposed that the Japan Bank for International Cooperation would fund a portion of the first phase of a project to bring Maglev trains to the US, said Satoru Satoh, the Japanese embassy press attache.

The proposed first phase of the project would see a Maglev train, which can travel at speeds of up to 341 miles per hour (550 kilometers per hour), link Washington with Baltimore some 60 miles (100 kilometers) to the north and currently an hour's train ride away.

The Maglev line would eventually be extended to New York, more than 200 miles from Washington, putting the Big Apple and Baltimore closer to the capital in terms of travel time than many suburbs in Virginia and Maryland.

New York would be an hour away from Washington once the Maglev is up and running instead of the current four hours.

Read rest of article here.


[Concluding paragraph:]

During a visit to Japan last year, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood took a test ride on the ultra-fast magnetic levitation train, which hovers 10 centimeters (four inches) above the tracks and in 2003 reached a world record speed of 581 kilometers per hour (361 miles per hour) on a Japanese test track.
12 jan 11 @ 11:45 am est          Comments

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Find money now for state's trains" says Virginian-Pilot. We agree!

The Virginian-Pilot
© January 10, 2011

Virginia will have the opportunity to improve the availability, speed and quality of rail service in coming years. But if state leaders can't identify stable funding for capital improvements and operations, they will not only miss out on that opportunity, they will lose much of the rail service they already have.

That's the somber conclusion of a new study conducted by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation at the request of Senate Transportation Chairwoman Yvonne Miller.

Rail Director Thelma Drake and her staff provide a comprehensive look at the progress the state has accomplished in recent years to make rail service more accessible to millions of Virginians. But the report also underscores the reality that those gains have been made incrementally, without long-term plans for how to pay for those new commitments.moreIGVA.JPG

In a nutshell, the commonwealth needs $629 million over the next decade to address the following operating and capital priorities:

-- By 2013, Virginia must begin funding four existing Amtrak trains that connect Newport News and Richmond to Washington, D.C. Without state support, those services will be lost.

-- The state has initiated demonstration projects with additional trains to D.C. originating from Richmond and Lynchburg, and six more trains are planned between Norfolk and Richmond starting in 2013. A permanent source of operating revenue has yet to be designated, and the state has temporarily diverted some capital funds for that purpose.

-- Future federal grants to develop high-speed rail service require a 20 percent state match. States with earmarked operating funds will get priority. Virginia hopes to secure funding for high-speed trains between Petersburg and D.C. as well as between Norfolk and Richmond.

The report outlines multiple options for raising money for rail service, but they fall into two categories: raise taxes and fees or take money from other programs. Among the ways to generate new revenues: a 3 percent hike in the rental car tax, bringing the levy to 13 percent; a one-time infusion from sale of state liquor stores; and a fee for personalized license plates.

If new taxes and fees aren't possible, the report suggests extracting money from local governments or from revenue sources now earmarked for highways. Given the state of Virginia's roads, diverting money isn't an option. Cities and counties are already struggling with their own budget shortfalls. Dwindling collections of taxes on fuel and auto sales have gutted road construction budgets.

Surveys and well-attended hearings on rail expansions are proof that there is tremendous public support for trains as an alternative to cars and planes. What must follow is a public commitment to pay for them. If state leaders fail to follow through, they won't just be giving up, they'll be going backward.

10 jan 11 @ 3:34 pm est          Comments

Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Party's Joschka Fischer for United States of Europe
BERLIN – Returning to Europe lately after a six-day trip to the United States, I wondered for the first time while reading the press on the recent Irish crisis whether the euro – and thus the European Union – might possibly fail. This could happen because, in the long run, the EU won’t be able to withstand its conflicts of interest and the resulting process of “renationalization” in all member states without suffering grave damage.
7 jan 11 @ 11:40 pm est          Comments

Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Party Victory


Eight state elections (out of 16 total German states)  are scheduled in 2011.

Polls show the Green Party on the verge of it's greatest victories.  Greens could elect a Governor in Baden Wuerttenburg in March.  At the same time in Rheinland Pfalz Greens (at 16 per cent) appear ready to join a coalition government .  

Green victories across Germany, Europe, and Virginia appear on the 2011 horizon. 


7 jan 11 @ 2:23 am est          Comments

Thursday, January 6, 2011

If China can build high-speed rail, surely the US can. Now's the time!

After reading the Reuters report of the 800-plus high-speed rail line opening nearly one year ahead of schedule from Shanghai to Beijing, I could had to speculate how we could generate the political will for a similar accomplishment. At one point in the US, we would be the leaders in such technological feats. Now we continue to burn fossil fuel and prop up big oil lobby with promises to deliver new auto and asphalt subsidies.

This is an issue that even small government folks in the US should be able to support. They knew in their heart that the massive subsidy of oil, whether apparent and on the books, or off the books the way our war-making costs are figured, is totally out of hand. Congressman Ron Paul even declared that some domestic infrastructure investment was better than wasting our tax dollars on overseas nation-building. (Notice these roads, bridges, and airfields all support big oil).

It is time that Americans get serious about connecting our most urban areas with high-speed rail. Not a simple fix using Amtrak either. I'm talking on the scale of the $140 billion for a cross country system that would spur offshoots and create a ton of jobs. Let's go even further and buy American steel, and built the rail cars here in the US.

Miami to St. Louis (1,000 miles)

New York to St. Louis (1,000 miles)

St. Louis to Los Angeles (1,800 miles)

These rough estimates would start a major push for the advance rail technology that has to be built in the 21st Century. 

 - Joseph Oddo, IGVA Campaign Coordinator

Reuters report:

China to open Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail in June-Xinhua
BEIJING | Tue Jan 4, 2011
Jan 4 (Reuters) - China will open its $33 billion high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai in June, state media said on Tuesday, cutting the journey between the two cities in half to less than five hours.

The 1,318-kilometre (819-mile) railway, which has cost 220.9 billion yuan ($33.45 billion) to build, began construction in April 2008 and was originally planned to open in 2012.

The official Xinhua News Agency cited railways minister Liu Zhijun as saying it would start operations ahead of schedule in June this year. The report did not elaborate.

The new line is expected to provide a serious challenge to airlines including Air China Ltd (601111.SS)(0753.HK), China Eastern Airlines Copp Ltd (600115.SS)(0670.HK) and China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (600029.SS)(1055.HK). The route, connecting China's capital with its most important economic hub, is one of the most lucrative for Chinese airlines.

China's high-speed rail network has been developing rapidly over the past decade, reaching a total of 8,358 kilometres, the world's longest.

It was expected to reach 16,000 kilometres by 2015, Xinhua cited minister Liu as saying.

China planned to invest 3 trillion to 4 trillion yuan in its high-speed rail network between 2011 and 2015, state media said last month. ($1=6.604 Yuan) (Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Chris Lewis)


6 jan 11 @ 10:38 pm est          Comments

Yupette selects Independent Green Party candidates for year's "best"

Independent Green Party endorsee, Arlington County Green Party candidate Miriam Gennari won "best candidate for office" for County School Board.

Two time Independent Green Party endorsee for U.S. House (in 2004, and 2006) Jim Hurysz won Yupette's award for "best community activist...for trying to preserve something resembling a quality of life in Arlington for everyone over the next several decades."

Applause to our own Miriam Gennari, and Jim Hurysz. 




6 jan 11 @ 8:09 pm est          Comments

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shaun Broy Independent Greens State Senate gather sigatures close to home.

Candidates considering running for a state house or senate seat in Virginia in 2011 should still be out gathering signatures and conducting campaign activities now. The incumbents are not permitted to be engaged in fund raising while "in session". So get out there now like Shaun Broy is in Northwestern Virginia.

Broy_Senate_ladder_sign.jpgShaun is already conducting door-to-door activities to gather e-mails from voters who want to follow campaign, phone numbers for those who want to volunteer, and asking for people to host him in a block party type venue to meet their neighbors.

The IGVA crew is standing by ready and willing to help. Contact us ASAP!

5 jan 11 @ 7:25 pm est          Comments

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Independent Greens Joseph Glean going door to door

Independent Green Party of Virginia's Joseph Glean started visiting voters door to door on Sunday January 2, 2011.  Mr. Glean is a husband, father, working man.  On a rainy cold Sunday in Woodley precinct, where he lives with his family, Joe Glean started exploring a possible run for House of Delegates in 2011.   He was joined by the Independent Greens state Vice-Chair, Gail for Rail Parker.

Gail for Rail may be on the ballot for State Senate in 2011.  


4 jan 11 @ 8:12 pm est          Comments

Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Party Chair in Ireland expects no Referendum

Green Party chairman and Deputy Leader of Seanad Éireann Dan Boyle has said he believes it "unlikely" that a referendum on the abolition of the Upper House will happen on the same day as the general election. 

3 jan 11 @ 9:29 pm est          Comments

Green party urges Budapest council to step up smog measures

Green party Politics Can Be Different called on Budapest leaders on Sunday to step up measures to combat the city's smog problem and bring the relevant regulations into line with European Union and Hungarian standards.


Budapest announced a smog alert on Friday after persistent high levels of smog particles were measured at several points in the capital.


More here 


3 jan 11 @ 9:23 pm est          Comments

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Green Party Leading Advocate for Rail

Excerpts from article pub

lished in Orlando Sentinal...

For years, we have watched other countries pass us by as they build faster trains. Indeed, the benefits of high-speed rail are tough to ignore. It will seamlessly integrate large metropolitan communities and economies through a safe, convenient and reliable transportation alternative. It will ease congestion on our roads and at our airports. It will reduce our reliance on oil as well as our carbon emissions. And it will provide a much-needed boost to America's hard-hit manufacturing sector during a time of economic struggle.

When we look to America's past, it can be easy to forget that America was never predestined to have the world's best highways. Progress only became possible because generations before us dreamed big and built big — because they imagined, invested and sacrificed for the infrastructure on which we rely to this day.

Like our parents and grandparents, we, too, must exercise the foresight and courage to invest in the most important infrastructure projects of our time. If we work together, a national high-speed-rail network can and will be our generation's legacy.

 - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, December 19, 2010

Link to Article here.

2 jan 11 @ 12:03 am est          Comments

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Petra Kelly, Green Party founder.

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