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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Party history - 30 years - in pictures

Gründungsparteitag Grüne (Foto: picture-alliance / dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)

January 1980 in Karlsruhe, the first national convention.

Independent Green Party Chairman Carey Campbell attended.

Gründungsparteitag Grüne (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild) Green Party - finding agreement.

Gründungsparteitag Grüne (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild) Green Party founder Petra Kelly, at Bonn Press Conference with Rolf Stolz, and Norbert Mann.

 Gründungsparteitag Grüne (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)

 Green Party values conservative Herbert Gruhl - in tie - (former member of national legislature as Christian Dem). 


Gründungsparteitag Grüne (Foto: picture-alliance / dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)

The Green Party was first elected to the state legislature in Baden Wuerttemburg in 1980 with just over the necessary 5 per cent of the vote.  Greens received 5.3 per cent.

Winfried Kretschmann is in the back left hand corner.  The future governor was elected as a state delegate for the first time in 1980.

 hGrüne Fraktion im Bundestag (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)

29. March 1983: Happy Green Party leaders newly elected to the national legislature. Gerd Bastian, Petra Kelly, Otto Schily and Marieluise Beck in Bonn for the first day of the new legislative term.  28 Greens were elected to the Bundestag on election day March 6, 1983.  Under Green Party rules all agreed to term limits.  Each Green served no more than 2 years.  Then another Green roatated into the office. Many Greens chose to serve only a year. (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa)

 http:/Willy Brandt gratuliert Petra Kelly zum Einzug ihrer Partei in den Bundestag (Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)

 Petra Kelly (G) greets former German Chancellor Willy Brandt. 

Abgeordnete der Grünen schwenken Friedenstücher (Foto: picture-alliance / dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild) Petra Kelly (G) leads Green Party demonstration for nonviolence in the federal Bundestag.




31 mar 11 @ 10:38 pm edt          Comments

Green Party and Governor elect Kretschmann have first coalition discussions with potential governing partner.

Four days after the elections the coalition talks started.  The Green Party wants to have a coalition contract in place by April 27th.  Negotiations are off to a friendly start.  

On Monday all sides will get down to discussion budget and finance issues.  The Green Party's Kretschmann said today he has already been contacted by leaders in business and industry eager to work with the new administration.  

 Jubel bei den Anhängern der Grünen nach den ersten Hochrechnungen - sie holten...

Jubel bei den Anhängern der Grünen nach den ersten Hochrechnungen - sie holten...

Many young Greens are celebrating election to the state legislature.

Vier Kinder, ein Lehramtsstudium und die Ausbildung zur Pferdewirtin hat die... 

With four children, 41-year old Maria-Elisabeth Bröskamp, has worked at various jobs, in addition to her studies. Now she is a Green Party member of the state legislature.

 Bisher kümmerte sie sich um Themen wie Osteopathie und Homöopathie. Jetzt zieht...

Petra Häffner (G) works as a therapist. Her good luck. Here hometown Schorndorf nicht is near the state capitol, Stuttgart, so as Green Party delegate work will be near.

 Der Jura-Student  Alexander Salomon  sammelte Erfahrung als Schatzmeister der...

Law school Alexander Salomon (G) served as a local Green Party Treasurer for the Young Greens in Karlsruhe. In the near future he will have to juggle and travel between the legislature, and the university classroom.  No Problem, the 25-year old Green Party legislator says.  He's happy to now have a paying job with salary. 


31 mar 11 @ 10:12 pm edt          Comments

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Party New Deal, renewables, jobs! jobs! jobs! & conservative Greens

Pollsters are busy studying the Green Party success.  Conclusion: The Green New Deal.

Grow the economy, create jobs with Green energy industry. Renewables. Solar. Wind. Gethermal.

Fiscal conservative Greens.  All 9 state legislators directly elected are values conservative Greens.


Green Party delegate Muhterem Aras elected to state legislature with 42.5 per cent of vote in five way race. She is an accountant and tax advisor.  

Green video interviews 

30 mar 11 @ 10:31 pm edt          Comments

Green Party Conservative coalition with 52 seats in Frankfurt city council

Können weiter gemeinsam arbeiten: (von links) Manuela Rottmann (Die Grünen), Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg (Die Grünen), Rathauschefin Petra Roth (CDU) und Bürgermeisterin Jutta Ebeling (Die Grünen).

Manuela Rottmann (Green Party), Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg (Green Party), Rathauschefin Petra Roth (CDU) und Bürgermeisterin Jutta Ebeling (Green Party).

© Foto - F.A.Z. Wolfgang Eilmes 

Green Party conservative coalition women celebrate election of 52 people in Frankfurt am Main city council.


Green Party Chair, and city councilwoman in Hamburg Katharina Fegebank wants to shape Hamburg Greens more like their southern state Green Parties.


30 mar 11 @ 10:17 pm edt          Comments

Lemke and Köbler - The Green Party Success Duo

Rheinland-Pfalz - Both are very different.  Still they've proven to be a powerful, successful duo for the Green Party in Rhineland by triple the vote. Daniel Köbler (29) and Eveline Lemke (46) haben in Rheinland-Pfalz they created a minor miracle for the Green Party.


Wednesday the 18 Greens elected to the state legislature met officially for the first time.

Daniel and Eveline were elected co-chairs of the Green Party legislative faction.

 video here

 Sondierungsgespräche zwischen SPD und Grünen

Shortly after being elected Green Party faction co-chairs, Greens met for their first coalition discussions.   Greens will be one of three parties in the new RP state legislature.  Greens have agreed to hold talks with both of the two larger parties to consider forming a governing coaltion.

video here 


30 mar 11 @ 10:07 pm edt          Comments

Kretschmann, the wife of the governor elect, Landesmutter

Landtagswahl Baden-Wuerttemberg

The wife of 40 years, and the Green Party Governor elect.

Landtagswahl Baden-Wuerttemberg
The Kretschmanns have three children.  Two were with them on election day. Johannes (right) and Albrecht with his girl friend Svenja in Stuttgart state legislature. Foto: dapd
Gerlinde Kretschmann - natural, reserved
As Gerlinde Kretschmann, the wife of the Green Party Governor elect Winfried Kretschmann (G), was asked how she imagined her role as First Lady, she first replied, well in German that's calledLandesmutter, mother of the land.
Rottweiler Narrensprung 

In the role of Mother of three children she was always happy, and also as life long school teacher for small children, she was a little bit Mama there too.  Now the well grounded Gerlinde Kretschmann is stepping into the new role..

Politics and Private life alwasy seperate for the Kretschmanns

 Grüner Spitzenkandidat Winfried Kretschmann mit Frau Gerlinde

Different from other candidates wives, Winfried Kretschmanns wife Gerlinde did not actively campaign. Only on election day did she pose for pictures with her husband at the ballot box.

The reserve of the 63 year old wasn't because of political inexperience. For almost 15 years she has been an elected member of the local government in Sigmaringen. She was elected Chair of the local Green Party faction in the local legislature.

Landtagswahl Baden-Württemberg 

Instead of being active in the campaign she wanted to focus on the family. 

Landtagswahl Baden-Wuerttemberg 

 For the Green Party and the Kretschmann family it proved to be a formula for success.

30 mar 11 @ 9:51 pm edt          Comments

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Greens Party triumph in banking capitol Frankfurt am Main

Green Party women in charge

Sie feiern demonstrativ früh: von links Integrationsdezernentin Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg (Grüne), OB Petra Roth (CDU), Bürgermeisterin Jutta Ebeling (Grüne). 

Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg (G) Green Party vice mayor, Mayor Petra Roth (CDU), Vice Mayor Jutta Ebeling (G).

The Green Wave rises, "Moses" (Kretschmann) and the Green Women...a hit!

In Frankfurt am Main the Green Party received 28 per cent of the vote.  This means a Green Party conservative coalition will continue with the Christian Dems, who received 30 per cent plus.

 Artikelbild: Wo die letzten 50-Prozenter der CDU kandidierten

9 Green Party members elected directly to the state legislature in Baden Wuerttemburg. 



29 mar 11 @ 10:10 pm edt          Comments

Kretschmann, Green Party, and the young wild ones..

Kretschmann & die jungen Wilden: Wer wählt eigentlich die Grünen?

Young Green Party members celebrate their Governor elect Winfried Kretschmann.

 Zukunft gewinnt – die Grüne Jugend feiert den Wahlerfolg

 Kretschmann (married, two grown sons, a daughter) a values conservative, good catholic – „Moses from Sigmaringen (the town Kretschmann and his wife of 40 years call home)” nicknamed by the newspaper die „ZEIT” "comforting father", „Väterchen Trost“. Before joining the state legislature as Green Party representative 30 years ago, a high school chemistry teacher.  Sings in the church choir. Member of the local nature protection group.  Loves nature, and mountain climbing.

Quiet. Relaxed. Open.  Sunny, non threatening personality. 

Nach der Wahl in Baden-Württemberg 

KRETSCHMANN soaring Green Party popularity – Could he be the next German Chancellor?


Pollster Klaus-Peter Schöppner is sceptical. Kretschmann, while one of 16 German Governors isn't yet a heavy weight among them. "For the Green Party he was the right man, at the right time, in the right place.  He was the correct conservative Green Party candidate in a conservative state."

Whether he will be the right man to make the hard choices ahead is to be seen.

Now the Green Party must prove themselves, not just as governing coalition partners, as they have done at the local, state, and federal level.


The Green Party now must lead the entire government of Germany's most economically successful state.


 Kretschmann, and Green Party co-chair Claudia Roth

GermanyNov2010088.JPG Kretschmann (G), Governor, Krista Sager (G) Senator, Carey Campbell, Indy Green Party Chairman

Freiburg Green Party Convention 


29 mar 11 @ 9:28 pm edt          Comments

Only 16% Think Country Would Be Better Off If Most Incumbents in Congress Reelected
Voters are less supportive than ever of congressional incumbents and fewer than one-out-of-three think their own representative is the best person for the job.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 16% of Likely U.S. Voters feel that, generally speaking, it would be better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were reelected. That’s a seven-point drop from 23% last August and down from 19% in February 2010.

[e]ven though Republicans have taken over the House, voters still expect government spending, taxes and the deficit to go up over the next two years. 

 Read whole article here.

29 mar 11 @ 2:49 pm edt          Comments

A Seismic Shift in Germany's Political Landscape

The New Green Mainstream

By Charles Hawley

Some might argue that the Green Party's success in Sunday state elections was the direct result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. But it's not. Germany's political landscape has changed dramatically in recent Grun_image.jpgyears. And the Greens have been the primary beneficiary.

Read whole article here.

29 mar 11 @ 9:13 am edt          Comments

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Party elects conservative Green as governor
Kretschmann – Green Party  - Green, Conservative, Successful

Winfried Kretschmann ist einer der Gründer der Grünen in Baden-Württemberg.

Winfried Kretschmann took the Green Party to a historic election.  He is the perfect Green Party candidate in conservative soutwest. 

Die Grünen sind  die  Gewinner der Wahl in Baden-Württemberg - und werden mit...

Kretschmann in TV studio election night with competition.

Kretschmann wird die Regierung in Stuttgart führen - und damit erster grüner...

"Heartfelt thanks to all our voters, especially the many of you who voted for the Green Party for the first time." Governor elect (Mininster President) Winfried Kretschmann (G).
Stuttgart-21-Gegner jubeln am Sonntagabend auf dem Schlossplatz in Stuttgart....
Green Party voters celebrate on the street after election results announced in Stuttgart.

Green Party conservative Kretschmann ...
The example for  Independents Greens in Virginia and across America...

Grüne feiern Wahlsieg in Baden-Württemberg

Green Party elects Mayor in Darmstadt
Jochen Partsch
Jochen Partsch
In other Hessen local elections Greens received on average about 20 per cent.  That puts them in governing coalitions across the state.
In Frankfurt am Main Green Party increases their share of the vote to 27 per cent.
Greens will continue coalition with Conservatives governing city.

27 mar 11 @ 2:41 pm edt          Comments

Green Party with historic election victories in three states
Green Party doubled their votes in state elections in Baden Wuerttemburg, and Hessen.
Greens triple their vote in Rheinland Pflaz.

Wahl, Wahlen, Landtagswahlen, Landtagswahl, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Stefan Mappus, Kurt Beck
Jürgen Trittin (G), Renate Künast (G) Steffi Lemke (G) und Claudia Roth (G) 
Green Party celebrates in Berlin

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Grüner, Jubel,, Jammer, Spitzen-Damen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Jubel
Green Party in Rheinland Pfalz leaders Eveline Lemke, and Daniel Koebler

Grüne in Rheinland-Pfalz

Grünen-Spitzenkandidatin Eveline Lemke, Landtagswahl Rheinland-Pfalz
Eveline Lemke (G) Green Party leader in Hessen voting today.  Expected to be cabinet secretary in new Hessen state government.

Daniel Köbler, Grünen-Spitzenkandidat für Rheinland-Pfalz, Landtagswahl
Daniel Köbler (29), Green Party.  Daniel is a husband, and father. The Green Party co- chair in Rheinland-Pfalz.  Also expected to join the new state cabinet.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Jubel, Grünen:, Hauptquartier, Berlin, Hochrechnungen
Greens celebrate historic election victory.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Tränen, Freude:, Parteimitglied, Bekanntgabe, Hochrechnungen.
Green Party Joy...

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Grünen, Baden-Württemberg,, Partei-Anhänger, Freudentänze
Green Party applause for the new Green Party governor.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Grünen-Spitzenkandidat, Winfried, Kretschmann, Stimmzettel, Sigmaringen-Laiz
Winfried Kretschmann (G), Green Party values conservative.  Married 40 years. Father of three. Green Party state legislator 30 years. Catholic. Expected to be the new Green Party Governor in Germany's most economically successful state: Baden-Württemberg.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Reichenbach,, Gutach, Wert, Tradition, Tracht
Greens go to the polls in the traditional Black Forest dress.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Landtagswahl, Sonntagsausflug:, Erwachsene, Kinder, Wahllokal.
Future Green Party voter casts Mother's ballot.

Wahlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Supersonntag, Bildern, Grünen-Spitzenkandidatin, Eveline, Lemke, Ehemann, Hartmut
Eveline Lemke, Green Party, at the polls with her husband.

Video abspielen...
Governor Kretschmann - Green Party

27 mar 11 @ 1:52 pm edt          Comments

27 mar 11 @ 1:20 pm edt          Comments

Green Party elects values conservative Green as first Governor in the state that is Germany's economic engine

Landtagswahl in Stuttgart: Grün-Rot schafft Sensation in Baden-Württemberg

27 mar 11 @ 1:19 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ian Murhpy (G) leading Green Party in New York special congressional election

Famed editor and prankster running as Green Party candidate for congress
26 mar 11 @ 10:34 pm edt          Comments

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex

Germany is the world leader in installed solar photovoltaic panels -- and they also just shut down seven of their oldest nuclear reactors. Solar_Freiberg.jpg

Japan's facing rolling blackouts until next Winter, and it's undeniable that if the country had more distributed power generation like Germany's roof-based solar PV system, the entire country would be much more resilient in the face of catastrophe.

Read whole article here.

24 mar 11 @ 10:11 am edt          Comments

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green Party in strong position for local elections in state of Hessen also this Sunday

Mürvet Öztürk, Hessen Green Party

Angela Dorn

Angela Dorn (G)

Greens campaign for renewable energy. 

23 mar 11 @ 10:32 pm edt          Comments

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Party up in Rhineland Pfalz state polls with state election Sunday

Eveline Lemke could become Lt. Governor in Rhineland Pfalz state elections Sunday March 27, 2011.

Latest polls show the Green Party in Rhineland Pfalz at 14 per cent.  Either of the two larger parties would need the Greens to form a governing coalition.


Green Party leaders, and sisters, Eveline and Steffi Lemke.


Eveline Lemke (G), wife, and mother of four.

 Das Foto zeigt Eveline Lemke mit ihren Prädiumskollegen.

Eveline (G) campaigns in Trier.

Spitzenkandidatin der Grünen auf Landesebene und im Wahlkreis 13: Eveline Lemke. Foto: Martin Gausmann

Green Party's top candidate in Rhineland Pfaltz state elections Eveline Lemke

Eveline Lemke. Picture by Martin Gausmann.

Eveline Lemke graduated from High School in Vermont

22 mar 11 @ 8:16 pm edt          Comments

Green Party climbs in polls with Baden-Württemberg state elections Sunday

Es grünt: Winfried Kretschmann beim Wahlkampf in Esslingen

Greens growing. Will he be the new Governor on Sunday?

Winfried Kretschmann campaigns in Esslingen


Catholic, conservative, married father of three, Windfried Kretschmann (G)


Kretschmann (G) speaking in Freiburg 


 Green Party's Kretschmann giving speech in state legislature.

Winfried Kretschmann 

Kretschmann (G) as young member of the state legislature.

Gipfel 24 

Greens and Kretschmann in Black Forest, Schwabenland

 Gipfel 07

Kretschmann and Green Party on campaign trail 

 RRenate Kuenast, Winfried Kretschman, Eveline Lemke: Green Party Governor candidates



Kretschmann (G) has been a member of the state legislature as a Green Party representative since 1980.  With the Green Party polling over 25% Kretschmann could become the Green Party's first elected Governor in Germany. 

22 mar 11 @ 7:34 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Party elected - Greens returning to Sachsen Anhalt state legislature
Mitglieder der Grünen jubeln angesichts der ersten Hochrechnungen - sie konnten...
Green Party doubles votes received. 

Greens celebrate election, and return to the state legislature in Sachsen Anhalt with 7.1 per cent of vote.
Grüne (Foto: dpa) (Klick führt weiter zum nächsten Bild)
Greens see election victory as support for Green jobs in renewable energy.

Green Party with the wind at their back, after Sunday's victory.

After 13 years, the Green Party is returning to the Sachsen Anhalt state legislature.   The Green Party is now represented in 14 of the 16 German states.
20 mar 11 @ 8:10 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green Party's Murphy enters special Congressional election in New York
Green Party's Murphy is in the run for Congress - Murphy enters 26th District special election - race Counts on the luck of the Irish

Green Party's Murphy claims, "Hey, I look better without a shirt, than the previous congressman! (who resigned after posting topless pictures on the internet)

The Green Party has selected Ian L. Murphy, editor of the irreverent Beast web site, based in Buffalo, to be its candidate for a special election in the 26th Congressional District.

Murphy, of Amherst, gained national attention last month following a phone call he placed to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, in which he posed as conservative donor David Koch.

"For us, it is a great opportunity to come forward with a candidate who has made a name for himself in the last few months," said state Green Party Treasurer Eric Jones.

Murphy has embraced the Green Party's platform more than other potential candidates, Jones said, including support for universal health care and union rights.

19 mar 11 @ 10:48 pm edt          Comments

Sunday showdown for Green Party in Sachsen Anhalt state elections

Sunday. Decision day. Voters go to the polls. It's high noon for the Green Party in Sachsen Anhalt, one of Germany's 16 states.  The Green Party has worked to return to the state legislature for the first time since 1996.  Opinion polls for most of the year showed the Greens doing well.  Under Germany's parliamentary system, Greens need 5 per cent of the vote to win proportional representation of Greens in the state legislature.  


Claudia Dalbert (G), university professor, is the Green Party's strong leading candidate in Sunday's Sachsen Anhalt elections.



Green Party


Green Party Governor candidates 2011

Claudia Dalbert, Renate Kuenast, Winfried Kretschman, Eveline Lemke 


Claudia, Green Party

Green Party on campaign trail

Green Party campaigns by bike


Green Party charge into Sachsen state legislature Sunday?





The Green Party youth


19 mar 11 @ 9:12 pm edt          Comments

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer of “Mad Men” Make It Clear

Why high-speed rail is a winner:

  • It is super efficient (economically and environmentally).
  • You don’t have to mess with traffic or parking.
  • You get brought right into the center of the city, not way out in the suburbs (or, in the case of NYC, Queens).
  • It is relaxing.
  • You can do nearly anything you want on a train. You can’t while driving without risking your life and others’.
  • Investing in high-speed rail creates jobs and improves the economy.
  • Trains won’t be hit nearly as hard by the rising price of oil as cars and airplanes.
  • Trains are cool.
15 mar 11 @ 1:25 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Green Party of York County rallies to support Wisconsin workers

Stephen Baker of Springettsbury Township was among a group organized by the Green Party of York County to support Wisconsin workers at a demonstration Friday outside Congressman Todd Platts' office along East Market Street. (DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN)

Demonstrators stood outside U.S. Rep. Todd Platts' office Friday night to show their own concerns over union bargaining rights.
Daily Record/Sunday News

Demonstrators supporting Wisconsin unions waved and shook their signs at drivers who beeped their horns as they passed U.S. Rep. Todd Platts' office in Springettsbury Township at rush hour Friday.

Signs reading "Stand with Wisconsin workers" and "Support a teacher" were held by some in the group who decided to participate in the rally organized by Stephen Baker of the Green Party of York County.

12 mar 11 @ 9:54 pm est          Comments

Green Party - Parliamentary Vote Needed Before any Libyan Action

The Green Party has called for MPs to make a democratic decision on any military move against Colonel Gaddafi's forces in Libya.

Caroline Lucas (G), Green Party

Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader and MP for Brighton Pavilion, tabled an Early Day Motion in parliament yesterday, calling on the coalition government to "introduce legislation to make it mandatory that any decision to commit our troops to war should be approved by Parliament."

Caroline Lucas (G), Green Party
The motion comes in the wake of Green Party members voting unanimously at their spring conference to support the transfer of declaration of war powers to MPs.

12 mar 11 @ 9:50 pm est          Comments

Ben Holden Green Party candidate

A casual comment expressing dissatisfaction with local government spiraled into a run for office for a local 64-year-old.

"I said, 'I just don't understand what's wrong with these people; I can do a better job at this,' " Benedict "Ben" Holden said. "And several people said, 'I have no doubt that you could.' "

The offhand statement turned into a serious consideration, and now Holden seeks the Green Party nomination for a seat on the board of selectmen.

Holden said he's a longtime member of the party and believes "we need a functioning, multiparty system to make the government work." 

"There's something really wrong when your government discusses something and all the people in the room fundamentally agree before they start the discussion," Holden said.

Holden hopes to overcome both funding and physical challenges to be elected. His systemic arthritis makes it difficult for him to get around, so he will not be knocking on every door in Canton, but plans to use printed fliers to deliver his message, he said.

Besides, he said, "Standing on someone's doorstep is a tough way to share a lot of ideas. Ideas are about words, and you have to put the words out."

Holden's ideas are many. When he first considered running, he said, he filled five or six legal pads with them. He is most passionate in his support of the town's hydroelectric power plant project, calling it "the most important thing Canton will do in the next 50 years.",0,63151.story

12 mar 11 @ 9:46 pm est          Comments

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rosa Clemente Green Party
Clemente: women, minorities still not treated fairly in national politics
Rosa Clemente (G) was the Green Party candidate for Vice President in 2008.
 Clemente: women, minorities more need in national politics
 By Alicia Wolff from the Badger Herald 

Green Party leader Rosa Clemente came to Madison Thursday to share her personal encounters with perceptions of race and gender in the world of politics.

Clemente was the 2008 running mate of green party candidate Cynthia McKinney — the first all black, all woman presidential ticket. She attended Cornell University and received her degree in Ethnic Studies before touring the country to speak about her experiences.


Rosa Clemente Green Party 

Clemente said her political doctrine of “hip-hop politics” is a movement among working class minorities and people who share a common ancestral history of discrimination and oppression.

Rosa Clemente

Rosa Clemente - Green Party 

Clemente added she thinks women are often judged on the basis of their appearance rather than political stance because men are not able to cope with women in leadership positions.

Another major issue is the failure of the education system in urban areas to properly prepare children for the future, she said.


Rosa Clemente (G) Green Party and Jesse Ventura (I) Independence Party former Governor of Minnesota.  

By laying off teachers and greatly increasing class sizes, she said administrators are not just taking away the academic value of an education, but they are removing a valuable individual that cares about them and their future success.

Omar Lopez (G) and Rosa Clemente (G) Green Party 

“By making schools detention cells, you’re preparing kids for a future in prison,” Clemente said.

She also said there needs to be an underground revolution of the working class people in order to affect lasting social change with the revolutions in Egypt and Libya to act as models.

In considering these revolutions, she said extreme social changes often carry casualties, though the U.S. remains around a decade from this kind of social overthrow.


A major discrepancy between the quality of life between the rich upper class and low-income is also setting the stage of discontent and possible upheaval.

Clemente added she thinks women are often judged on the basis of their appearance rather than political stance because men are not able to cope with women in leadership positions.


Rosa Clemente Green Party 

Another major issue is the failure of the education system in urban areas to properly prepare children for the future, she said.

By laying off teachers and greatly increasing class sizes, she said administrators are not just taking away the academic value of an education, but they are removing a valuable individual that cares about them and their future success.

“By making schools detention cells, you’re preparing kids for a future in prison,” Clemente said.


She also said there needs to be an underground revolution of the working class people in order to affect lasting social change with the revolutions in Egypt and Libya to act as models.

In considering these revolutions, she said extreme social changes often carry casualties, though the U.S. remains around a decade from this kind of social overthrow.

A major discrepancy between the quality of life between the rich upper class and low-income is also setting the stage of discontent and possible upheaval. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Party candidates in Rhineland Pfalz state elections in two weeks

Eveline Lemke

Daniel Köbler

Anne Spiegel

Pia Schellhammer

Ruth Ratter

Stephanie Nabinger

Elisabeth Bröskamp

Nicole Müller-Orth

Kerstin Schulze

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Daily Beacon on Green Party's Nader in Tennessee

As the figurehead for the nation's Green Party, America's premiere third party, Nader said the nation's two-party system is stalling.

"Eighty percent of people think America is going in the wrong direction," Nader said. "Sixty-three percent in a major Gallup poll think the two major parties are failing."

Nader highlights corporate greed in America

Published: Thu Mar 10, 2011

"The Constitution starts with the Preamble, 'We the People,'" said Nader, who was brought to UT by the Central Program Council and the Issues Committee. "It does not start with the Preamble, 'We the Corporation.'"

Nader's discussion, entitled, "Democracy and its Erosion: Big Business and the American Duopoly," aimed to shed light on the damaging effects of corporate society, fueled by a college-aged generation of American youth, whom Nader claimed have "grown up corporate."

"What do I mean by growing up corporate?" Nader said. "We know that corporations run this country. It's not secret. The secret is, how do they run it?"

Known for a career in public service highlighted by bouts of consumer activism, Nader has impacted a variety of aspects of the American corporate sphere with his work. Since 1965, when Nader released a book entitled, "Unsafe at Any Speed," in which the young Nader successfully exposed the auto industry's ignorance of safety standards in its vehicles, the Harvard Law School graduate has fought for the rights of American citizens, rights that Nader claims are being stripped away by the power of corporations.

As the figurehead for the nation's Green Party, America's premiere third party, Nader said the nation's two-party system is stalling.

"Eighty percent of people think America is going in the wrong direction," Nader said. "Sixty-three percent in a major Gallup poll think the two major parties are failing."

Nader cited the strategic planning of American corporations as the key point in the power held by such companies.

"Corporations make no bones about strategic planning," Nader said. "They like strategic planning. Here's what they're strategically planning: They're planning our government, our education ... they're strategically planning our genetic inheritance."

The top-heavy structure of the country's corporations, Nader said, directly contrasts with the foundation of democracy.

"There's not much free speech inside corporations," Nader said. "How compatible is this for our alleged democracy?"

Claiming to have never visited a McDonald's or a Wal-Mart because of the control such companies hold on society, Nader spent the majority of his one-and-a-half hour lecture taking corporations to task, as well as the American government for allowing power into the hands of industry giants.

Nader gauged the audience's experience in filing lawsuits, claiming that laws are making it more difficult to gather claims from filing suits as individuals.

"The main litigation in this country is corporation suing corporation," Nader said. "The fact is it's becoming more and more difficult to file suits.

"To be able to go to court and get adequate damages, all that's being squeezed by state law after state law after state law with some help from Washington."

Nader stressed that the financial means for America to solve its own problems does exist, but necessary means are not being used. As an example, Nader said the U.S. spends more money guarding the nation's embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, than on specific domestic government organizations, like those meant to prevent American workers from suffering work-related injuries. He said more than 50,000 Americans die each year from work-related injuries.

The money, however, remains in the hands of the corporations on the home front, Nader said. He expressed displeasure in the constitutional rights given to corporations, saying that companies are given the same privileges as American citizens but aren't always subject to the same rules.

"Sixty percent of corporations in this country who are operating paid no income taxes last year," Nader said.

The key for change lies in the hands of the college-aged generations, Nader said, though he admitted he sees little initiative in that specific generation.

"Expectation levels are the most powerful way of controlling people," Nader said. "I dare to say you have among the lowest expectation levels of any generation of students I've ever exchanged ideas with, and I've been working with students for 50 years."

But Nader focused on the positive aspect of college for students, saying that higher education represents the best time to make a difference for young people.

"This is where you come in," Nader said. "You've got about 15,000 days until you reach 65, a little over 2,000 weeks. Arguably the most creative decade of your life, not necessarily the wisest ... is your 20s.

"This is where you're going to break through, in terms of where you're going to have an impact in this world and on this country and on this community. This is where you're going to decide how you're going to pioneer new civic institutions."

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Green Party's Nader at University of Tennessee
Former Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader, speaks on ‘Growing up Corporate’

published: March 10 2011 09:40 AM updated:: March 10 2011 10:48 AM

Ralph Nader, who is best known for his presidential candidacy and his book, Unsafe at Any Speed, which prompted Congress to initiate automaker safety regulations such as the seat belt and air bags, came to the UT campus with the hopes of motivating the student body to become more informed citizens.

Nader opened his speech by asking the audience by show of hands how many people had never been to Wal-Mart or McDonald's. After no one rose their hand, Nader then told the crowd that he, himself, had never been to either one. He used this example of how he believes people rely on big corporations to meet their wants and needs.  

He went on to describe how he believed big corporations were controlling different aspects of life through strategic planning of public elections, military actions and foreign policy.

"We know the corporations run this country, that is no secret. The secret is how they run it," Nader said, describing his belief that corporations gain control over consumers through unilateralism and coercion.

Nader's ideas of combating corporate takeover of America included establishing civic courses in America's universities. Those classes would focus on research of state and federal elected officials in order to understand the actions being taken to represent American citizens.

Scotland's GreenParty doubles in latest poll.

Green's candidate confirmed

Green Party co-leader Sue Kedgely has confirmed Marlborough environmentalist Steffan Browning as the Green's Kaikoura candidate in this year's general election.

Mr Browning was a Kaikoura electoral candidate for the party in 2008 and 2005 and a list candidate for the party in 2002.

Mr Browning's candidacy was announced at a fundraising film screening at Blenheim's Top Town Cinemas last Thursday.

At the same function, Mr Browning received an Orangi Kaupapa Trust award, presented by trustee Murray Lints, of Northland.

Green party campaign manager Pam Nicholls said the fundraiser and candidacy announcement was a cover for the award presentation.

Mr Browning said because much of his work was voluntary, the award cheque would be a big help.

The apolitical Orangi Kaupapa Trust was established in 1987 to recognise people whose work contributed to the quality of life in New Zealand.

Award recipients were outstanding in non-commercial fields and often gained little or no financial benefit from their efforts.

In Blenheim to see Mr Browning receive his award were representatives from organisations including GE Free New Zealand, the Green Party's national committee, the Marlborough Environment Centre, Friends of Nelson Haven, BioGro NZ, the Soil & Health Association, Organic NZ, Guardians of the Sounds, Safe Food Campaign and the Marlborough Farmers' Market.

New Green Party candidate for city council
SELF-EMPLOYED writer Martin Blake has announced his intention to contest a Spalding seat for the Green Party in May’s district council elections.


Mr Blake’s decision fires the starting gun in the race to win seats at South Holland Council – and is part of his party’s bid to make a breakthrough in this area.

He will stand in the Spalding Castle ward, which is currently held by Conservative cabinet member Gary Taylor and is where he lives.

Mr Blake, previously a manager in local government, said: “Green Party policies are based on investing in sustainable growth and creating employment rather than throwing hundreds of thousands out of a job as the coalition government is doing.

10 mar 11 @ 12:02 pm est          Comments

Green Party candidates for city elections in Frankfurt am Main, Germany March 27th.






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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Green Party case

Thanks for story to Ballot Access News

U.S. Supreme Court Puts Connecticut Green Party Case on March 25 Conference

March 9th, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider on March 25 whether to hear Green Party of Connecticut v Lenge, 10-795. This is the case that concerns Connecticut’s public funding law, which discriminates heavily against independent candidates and the candidates of new political parties. 

9 mar 11 @ 10:58 pm est          Comments

Green Party ropes in Wall Street

Green Party ropes in the raging bulls of Wall Street.



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Green Party Mayor candidate on housing

Green Party mayor candidate in Rochester, New York is Alex White. Election next week.


Alex White (G) at podium announcing campaign 

Alex White 

Alex White, the Green Party candidate, said there are close to 4-thousand vacant homes owned by the city of Rochester.
He says it's time to stop using tax payer dollars just to tear down these properties, but rather renovate them and get them back on the tax rolls.


White says city residents have faced difficulties in the past trying to refurbish abandoned homes.
If elected mayor, White says he'll facilitate a relationship between City Hall and residents to implement a plan to re-use and restore vacant properties in city neighborhoods.

He also wants to work with unions in order to create jobs and refurbish as many of the vacant homes as possible. 


8 mar 11 @ 11:44 pm est          Comments

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Party lead in Sachsen Anhalt state elections by Dr. Claudia Dalbert

Claudia Dalbert 

Dr. Claudia Daulbert, Sachsen Anhalt's top Green Party candidate, and University professor. 

Claudia Dalbert

 Professor Dalbert teaches at the University of Halle.


 Claudia Dalbert(G) in TV debate for state legislature elections in Sachsen Anhalt, Germany.

 Claudia Dalbert

Claudia Dalbert wants to bring the Green Party back into the state legislature in Sacshen Anhalt. 


 Another well attended TV debate.  The Green Party provides the only leading woman candidate on thestage.  Dr. Claudia Dalbert.



Green Party Elects New Chairs in Berlin 

Sunday's State Green Party convention elected new Co-Chairs
Bettina Jarasch and Daniel Wesener with Renate Künast.

Six months before the Berlin state elections, the Green Party have elected new state Co-Chairs, and ready themselves for the issues debate.  At the state Green Party meeting over the weekend Betinna Jarasch and Daniel Wesener were elected the new state leaders.  Also a 118 page election platform was ratified by the Green Party. 

The motto: "A city for all" passed without a single no vote.

Before the vote there was intensive, and sometimes controversial Debate.

The main themes of the platform were education, jobs, and climate.  Jarasch and Wesener replace  Irma Franke-Dressler and Stefan Gelbhaar, who did not run for re-election.  Both of the new state co-chairs ran without opposition.  The 35 year old Wesener is Fraktion Chair in the district city council in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. He is considered a member of the progressive wing of the Greensl. The 42 year old Jarasch is considered a pragmatic, real world conservative Green.

The Green Party wants to become the strongest party in the September 18 elections   Right now in the polls the Green Party is at about 23 Prozent.  That's 7 per cent behind the SPD. The Greens have about 5.000 party members in Berlin.

Renate Künast aus dem Landesparteitag der Grünen

Mayor candidate  Renate Künast,  spoke about immigration during the weekend convention to about 150 delegates.   Kunast spoke against forced marriages that reduce women's chances for education and a profession.   It's a "red line" that can not be crossed, she said. 

Immigrants must also do their part, Kunast.

„We urge all immigrants to learn the language and understand their new nation's culture and people.“

Editorialist widely praised Kuenast's speech as an appeal to the centrists, and the middle of the polticial spectrum.

6 mar 11 @ 9:08 pm est          Comments

Green Party has three vie for nomination for London mayoral elections 2012: Greens unveil candidates
London mayoral elections 2012: Greens unveil candidates
Farid Bakht (left) , Jenny Jones and Shahrar Ali

The Green Party has unveiled the three politicians fighting for nomination as its London mayoral candidate.

Labour's Ken Livingstone and Conservative incumbent Boris Johnson are to reprise their 2008 contest at the election next year. Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik will also run.

Now the Greens have whittled their list down to three names - Shahrar Ali, Farid Bakht and Jenny Jones.

The party said the choice would "reinforce equalities credentials".

A spokeswoman explained: "The Greens believe having two ethnic minority candidates and one well-known female former deputy mayor will inject a new vibrancy into the mayoral campaign."

Ms Jones, a Green Party Assembly Member, said: "The May 2012 election will be an opportunity for us to explain our alternative to the disastrous cuts programme of the coalition government and explain that going green creates jobs, saves money and protects the planet."

Leopard-skin hat

As a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority board, Ms Jones has been outspoken on policing matters.

Mr Ali, the party's co-ordinator from 2004 to 2009, said: "I'm standing for selection as the Greens' mayoral candidate to provide voters with a strong, green alternative to business-as-usual politics."

Sian Berry, previous Green Party candidate for mayor of London

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Party Governor candidate campaigning around the clock
„In einer Demokratie geht es immer um Alternativen“: Winfried Kretschmann würde gern ...
„In a Democracy it's always about offering a positive alternative. “ Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party, is campaigning to be the new Governor in Baden Wuerttenburg

In the middle of the society, the Green Party arrives at the center.

Kretschmann speaks to over 150 

Winfried Kretschmann came on Friday as the Green Party Governor candidte to the baden-württembergischen House of Citizens watch.  Over 150 Menschen people wanted to see and hear from the Green Party leader, from first time voters to a 94 year old. 


It was a tight schedule.  The Green Party Governor candidate is much in demand.  The Greens Kretschmann was up late the night before.  He was leading a carnival celebration.  Also gave the featured comedic speech.  Early Friday morning he'd spoken at a breakfast gathering.  Then still another town, and another group at mid morning.  And so was the ever quickening Green Party pace. Day long. Into the night.

Erfahrener Wahlkämpfer erfährt Neues

It was a tight schedule.  Greens and Kretschmann were efficient and precise.  They made every appointment, every interview.   After a precise, yet brief speech, the Green Party's Kretschmann took brief questions.  Then at exactly 9 pm the Greens Governor candidate had to more on.   Later that night there was more work to do.  And enter the home stretch of the campaign, the frequency, and intensity of events only increase.


5 mar 11 @ 9:47 pm est          Comments

Green energy business doubles employees growing Green Jobs

Wahlempfehlung sorgt für Ärger

 Kaco-CEO Ralf Hofmann campaigning for Green Party

Neckarsulm - Kaco New Energy builds solar energy technology with success. Out a small company with 520 employees in Neckarsulm, Germany and in Europe about 1000. About 500 people − employees and others − came Friday afternoon to an open meeting with Green Party's candidate for Governor Winfried Kretschmann. Company CEO of Kaco-Ralf Hofmann wrote an open letter urging everyone to vote for the Green Party in state elections on March 27th.  The current members of the state legislature in Kaco's district were, they claimed, "surpised by this support for the Green Party from leaders in the business community".   

Kretschmann responded, "Nonsense." 

 Wahlempfehlung sorgt für Ärger

Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party Governor candidate campaigning;art73253,2076252

Kretschmann (G) speaking in the state legislature, where he is Co-Chairman of the Green Party faction

Gerlinde Kretschmann
Gerlinde Kretschmann, married to Green Party Governor candidate

Kretschmann nimmt sich Zeit
Green Party Governor candidate in interview with SuedKurier newspaper

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Green Party candidate for Governor Winfried Kretschmann leads carnival celebration

Kretschmann wird die Nase geschliffen

 At the carnival celebration - just three weeks before state elections - the Green Party leader held the evenings highlight speech.  Meant as high comedy, Kretschmann stole the show. With a green blue tipped wand, he lead the choir in a loud celebration, and laughter.;art372566,4759497 

Grünen-Fraktionschef Winfried Kretschmann
Green Party candidate for Governor, Winfried Kretschmann

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Ben Holden Green Party candidate for Board Selectman in Hartford, Conn

Ben Holden seeks Green Party nomination for a seat on the Board of Selectmen


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Party critical of increased spending byso called "conservatives"
Greens budgetary spokeswoman Helga Trüpel
Trüpel says MEPs are out of touch and acting irresponsibly
Green Party members of the Euro Parliament are calling absurd the latest increases in office budgets by so called "conservative parties" out of touch, and irresponsible.

The Green Party has slammed a decision by the European Parliament to increase office expenses by 1,500 euros, saying this is wrong-headed at a time of austerity.

Allowances for European Parliament lawmakers were set to become even more generous after the assembly's budget committee decided on Thursday that an extra 1,500 euros ($2,100) per month should be available for the 736 members to hire office staff.

The Greens budgetary spokeswoman, German politician Helga Trüpel, said lawmakers were "clearly out of touch with fiscal realities" and claimed the "irresponsible vote sends completely the wrong signal" to cash-strapped people across the continent.

The decision will increase the overall parliamentary budget by almost 13.25 million euros this year.

Lawmakers say they need extra help to handle the additional legislative powers acquired as a result of the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force in late 2009.

Office allowances were already increased by 1,500 euros last year. But in a report, the assembly's secretariat said another raise was warranted to give deputies the means to hire an extra assistant.

A parliament spokesman said the conservative European People's Party as well as the Socialists and Democrats backed the move, while liberals, left-wingers and Trüpel's Green group opposed it.

Out of touch with age of austerity

"In this period of budgetary constraint, MEPs need to realize that they simply cannot vote to systematically increase spending for new budget lines without reducing spending in other areas," The Green Party's Trüpel said in a statement.,,14888494,00.html

3 mar 11 @ 11:07 pm est          Comments

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Party coalition in Sweden reaches agreement on new immigration laws

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 3 (UPI) -- Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says an agreement on Swedish immigration law reform lays the groundwork for "a humane, just and orderly" immigration policy.

The center-right Alliance government -- made up of the Moderates, Christian Democrats, Center Party and Liberal Party -- struck an agreement with the Green Party on immigration intended to undermine efforts by the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, TT reported.

"This lays the long-term groundwork for a humane, just, and orderly migration policy," Reinfeldt said Thursday during a news conference. "We're going to continue on the road toward humanity and order, this is a choice which closes the door on xenophobic forces."

Read more:

Also here in English is a Swedish 2010 Green Party Campaign guide. Greens increased their share of the vote by 30 per cent, and added more local and federal Green Party representatives.
Almost 60 per cent of the Green Party members of Swedish Parliament are women. Greens easily lead the parties with the most elected women.

3 mar 11 @ 10:38 pm est          Comments

Great article on the 30-year ascension of the German Greens

Foreign Policy

Nearly 30 years later, not only have the Greens managed to hang around -- they're the lone German party looking healthy these days.

The Greens' well-situated and civic-minded constituency has everything to do with why they are peaking in the midst of the euro's worst-ever crisis and tight times in general. For one, it's because the crisis affects them and their secure, high-end professions less than most other Germans. It wasn't well-heeled Greens who went jobless when the economy nose-dived -- it was pretty much everyone else, most notably the low-paid, less-educated wage laborers. 

The country is now reaping the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of "green jobs" -- 400,000 in the renewable-energy sector alone -- created from 1998 to 2005, when the Greens ran the government in coalition with the Social Democrats. "Voters previously inaccessible to us, like farmers across Germany or skilled craftsman, have benefited from environmentally driven innovation -- and they know it," he says, citing the sprawling wind farms that dot northern Germany. "We've built a strong case for a green economy while all of the other economic models have lost credibility."  Joschka_Fischer_and_Colin_Powell_2002-04-29.jpg

3 mar 11 @ 1:17 pm est          Comments

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Party's clean campaign contrast with opposition's dirt

Green Party's Claudia Roth

While the Green Party stays focused on offering positive policy solutions for creating green jobs, their opposition is going down and dirty.

In Baden Wuerttenburg they have attacked the Green Party's candidate for Governor as having poor health, not healthy enough to be Governor.

In Sachsen Anhalt the two larger parties are busy ignoring the new upstart Greens, and the Green Jobs Program's rising popularity.

Green Party Co-Chair Claudia Roth told Bild newspaper today, "The other sides dirty campaign is unworthy, dishonorable politics. The voters will reward them for their mist."

2 mar 11 @ 10:27 pm est          Comments

New united Spanish Green Party intoduces itself for 2012 elections

Equo (spanish Green Party) President Reyes Montiel, Green Party European Parliament co chairmane Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co chair, Mónica Frassoni, and Juan López de Uralde spanish Green Party
Foto: EFE/JuanJo Martin

Madrid. Now  Spain has a new united pragmatic Green Party.  On  26. January the new spanish Green Party passed it's unifying resolutions.  Now with other Green Party leaders the Spanish Greens are officially introducing themselves to the electorate.  With the new united Green Party they hope to get over 10% in the next Spanish elections.  The Green Party in Spain is called Equo.  A key leader is the famed Spanish ecologist Juan López de Uralde.

Uralde was chair of Greenpeace in Spain for many years, and is well known there. 

Mónica Frassoni, Green Party

2 mar 11 @ 10:13 pm est          Comments

Multiple Green Party candidates for mayor and city council in New Paltz

NEW PALTZ — The upcoming mayoral election just got more competitive.

Close on the heels of former Mayor Jason West's official announcement of his candidacy last week, former village Trustee Pete Healey has announced that he'll run for the post in the May election.

Healey is also the co-founder of the local Green Party and a former political ally of West's.

He'll be running with a slate of three candidates for trustee, including Sally Rhoads, a former school board president and longtime community volunteer.

2 mar 11 @ 10:02 pm est          Comments

President Uribe backs Green Party candidate

Former President Alvaro Uribe's public backing of the Green Party's candidate for Bogota mayor creates fissures in the pro-Uribe Partido de la U, and prompts protests by young Green Party supporters.

Uribe's decision to support Enrique Peñalosa, a former Bogota mayor and current Green Party candidate, who Partido de la U member and Senate President Armando Benedetti has also backed, has been met with strong resistance from the government party, Caracol reported Wednesday.

Senator Roy Barreras, along with many council members and district leaders within the party, are advocating the promotion of their own candidate and have subsequently circulated an internal party survey with the names of ten possible party candidates.

A final decision is not expected until at least two months, offering an advantage to the nominees who have already declared themselves.

Enrique Peñalosa and his Green Party face problems of their own, however, with the news that youthful supporters of former presidential candidate Antanas Mockus have organized a "Green wave" vigil via social networking sites such as Facebook.

2 mar 11 @ 9:58 pm est          Comments

Green Party elections in Sachsen Anhalt in two weeks

Dr. Claudia Dalbert with Tanja Prinz, leading Green Party candidates.

The Green Party campaigning to enter the Sachsen Anhalt state legislature.  

"We need new faces, a fresh Green Party air.  It's time for the Green Party to create new green jobs in the state legislature with wind, solar, geothermal energy, and expanded Rail" 

Carey Campbell, David Walker (former Comptroller Government Accounting Office) Gail for Rail Parker at No Labels March 2, 2011 event

2 mar 11 @ 9:42 pm est          Comments

Chris Kuehn (G) "This campaign has become extreme."

Grünen-Chef: „Der Wahlkampf hat extreme Härte“

Chris Kühn, State Chairman Green Party, on key Green Party economic policy and politics

State elections in on March 27, 2011;art372570,4753587

2 mar 11 @ 12:03 am est          Comments

Winona LaDuke Green Party Vice Presidential candidate - the latest


 LaDuke was Green Party VP candidate in 2000.

She is the product of an American Indian father and a Jewish mother from New York. She intersperses Yiddish words such as kvetch and schlep with phrases from the Ojibwe language. She studied at Harvard and twice ran for vice president with Ralph Nader on his Green Party ticket. She is a former high school principal who now harvests wild rice, writes books and wears her role as Indian activist like comfortable moccasins. On “The Colbert Report,” she smoothly engaged in witty repartee with host Stephen Colbert and gave him the Indian nickname Giivaadis, which means Smarty Pants. 


1 mar 11 @ 11:39 pm est          Comments

Pacific Green Party of Oregon Kicks Off Registration Drive in Order to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Oregon Green Party Registration Drive 

1 mar 11 @ 11:35 pm est          Comments

Swedish Green Party moves to stop sell offs 

Tuija Brax 

Greens in Swedish congress move to stop sell off.


1 mar 11 @ 11:31 pm est          Comments

Green Party, more popular than ever, the new conservative Greens

Green is the New Black

Germany's Green Party was always loudly left-wing and proudly anti-establishment. So why, in the midst of an economic crisis, are they more popular than ever before?

 BERLIN — It seems like an eternity ago, back at the height of the East-West conflict, when members of Germany's newest party, the Greens, indignantly marched into the staid Bundestag with their long flowing hair, ragtag dress, and acid-rain-withered pine trees over their shoulders. The year was 1983, the hodgepodge of activists fresh from street demonstrations against the deployment of U.S. nuclear missiles in Cold War Europe. No one thought they'd be around for long.

Nearly 30 years later, not only have the Greens managed to hang around -- they're the lone German party looking healthy these days. The environmentalists are soaring at a time when Europe's economy is desperate; even in Germany, where the economy has picked up, there is frantic budget slashing. Polls gauge support for the Greens at 20 percent of voters, twice the proportion a year ago; it even threatens to outpoll the major parties, the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), in the traditionally conservative stronghold of Baden-Württemberg, which is holding a crucial state election on March 27. This unexpected surge positions the Greens as kingmaker in a year packed with important regional votes -- and a shot at eventually returning to power in Berlin. 

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