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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green Party Mayoral Primary

Green Party Mayoral Primary: Croteau vs. DeCamp!



Mary DeCamp, Green Party candidate for Tucson Mayor 

It appears we’ve got a Green Party mayoral primary on our hands in Tucson.

Mary DeCamp, who ran for the Ward 3 City Council seat two years ago, jumped into the race for the Green Party nomination last week against Dave Croteau, who ran for mayor four years ago.









Dave Croteau , Green Party 

31 may 11 @ 9:48 pm edt          Comments

Time for practical Green Party vision


Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, joined Treat Hull, Candidate for Prince Edward-Hastings and Provincial Energy Critic to launch the party’s five-point election platform during a press conference in Picton Monday.

“Ontario needs a practical Green vision now more than ever,” said Schreiner. “We need to tackle the challenges facing our generation – rising energy prices, climate change and spiraling health care costs. Only the Green Party has a vision to turn these challenges into opportunities to rebuild our local economies, reconnect our communities and promote the health and well-being of all Ontarians.” 

31 may 11 @ 9:22 pm edt          Comments

Green Party reacts to German plans to phase out nuclear power

Greens for THREE times as many renewables

Ingrid Nester, Green Party  

Germany has announced plans to shut down its 17nuclear power stations by 2022.

The move comes in the wake of the disaster at Japan's Fukushima plant in March, which prompted mass anti-nuclear protests across Germany.

Ingrid Nestle of the Green Party reacted to the plans on BBC Radio 5 live: "We are afraid that the government might put up some rules that could mean burning more coal."

"We can actually put renewables instead of nuclear," Nestle explained on Up All Night.

"We will meet our climate targets." 


31 may 11 @ 9:20 pm edt          Comments

Elizabeth May, Green Party sworn in as member of Canada Parliament

Elizabeth May is scrummed by media after being sworn in as the first ever Green Party of Canada MP at Parliament Hill on May 30, 2011.

Elizabeth May, Green Party member of Canada Parliament 

After working on the inside of a former Progressive Conservative majority government, Elizabeth May has returned to Parliament as a member of the opposition and the first national representative of the Green party to be elected on the continent.


The longtime environmental advocate has a broad range of goals and priorities, starting with those of her constituents in the British Columbia riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.


One of her first acts as an MP was to publicly urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to be more like the last Tory to lead a majority government in Canada, Brian Mulroney

31 may 11 @ 9:11 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Could Green Party elect Germany's next Chancellor

Die Grünen: Trauen Sie sich Kanzler zu, Herr Jürgen Trittin?
Juergen Trittin, Green Party federal parliament faction co-chair
from today's Bild on Sunday newspaper
Trittin " In Baden Wuerttemburg, and Bremen the Green Party was the second strongest party in recent state elections.  In the September state elections in Berlin we want the Green Party to be the strongest party, with Renate Kuenast."
"The Green Party has arrived at the center of society.  Our Green New Deal is the energy policy for the future that creates jobs and grows the economy."
29 may 11 @ 2:42 pm edt          Comments

New Zealand Green Party nominates candidates

Russel Norman

 Green Party co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei. (New Zeland Green Party)

A former Canterbury regional councillor is the big mover in the Green Party list announced today for the upcoming general election.

Eugenie Sage, ranked sixth, jumps over sitting MP's Gareth Hughes and David Clendon.

Three MP's, Keith Locke, Sue Kedgley and former co-leader Jeanette Fitsimons, have announced they will retire at the November election, while a fourth, Sue Bradford, quit after losing a leadership tussle with Ms Turei in 2009.

Wellington's Jan Logie, who stood for the Greens in the recent Mana by-election, is at nine ,with another experienced local body politician - Auckland's Denise Roche - at 11.

Metiria Turei and fellow co-leader Russel Norman fill spots 1 and 2 with the Party's five other current MPs who are standing again also in the top eight.

The party has ranked 30 candidates for the election and has an additional 14 candidates currently confirmed to contest the party vote in November.

LIST PLACINGS 1. Metiria Turei; 2. Russel Norman; 3. Kevin Hague; 4. Catherine Delahunty; 5. Kennedy Graham; 6. Eugenie Sage; 7. Gareth Hughes; 8. David Clendon; 9. Jan Logie; 10. Steffan Browning; 11. Denise Roche; 12. Holly Walker; 13. Julie Anne Genter; 14. Mojo Mathers; 15. James Shaw; 16. David Hay; 17. Richard Leckinger; 18. Aaryn Barlow; 19. Jeanette Elley; 20. Sea Rotmann; 21. Michael Gilchrist; 22. Dora Langsbury; 23. David Kennedy; 24. Tane Woodley; 25. Joseph Burston; 26. Mikaere Curtis; 27. Shane Gallagher; 28. Saffron Toms; 29. Steve Tollestrup; 30. Jack McDonald 

Holly Walker, Green Party, hopes to be first Green Party woman in 12 years elected to New Zeland parliament.  The Green Party received 6.9 per cent of vote in the last election. That resulted in 9 Green Party members of federal parliament.  Greens are rising in popularity, and chances are good they will have more seats in parliament after this years election.  

29 may 11 @ 2:36 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ontario Green Party launch campaign & platform

Greens release platform. Mike Schreiner shows off the Green Party platform, which was released this week

COLLINGWOOD - Mike Schreiner believes it's the Green Party's time.
The Ontario leader and Simcoe-Grey candidate introduced the party's platform on Wednesday.
Schreiner said the platform focuses around a five-point plan to create "a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable Ontario."
He believes the party has a lot of momentum heading into October's vote. Federal leader Elizabeth May became the first Green Party member to become an MP and in the last provincial election, Shane Jolley finished second in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.
"One of the things I hear from voters all the time is that we love your ideas and we love what your party stands for. We'd vote for you if we thought you could get elected," he said. "What this shows now is that Greens can get elected."
The top priority, Schreiner says, is to create jobs for a 21st century economy.
"With a strong focus on supporting entrepreneurs, local businesses and family farms," he said. "Implementing the tax and regulatory reforms to support our small and medium-sized businesses and family farms."
28 may 11 @ 4:04 pm edt          Comments

Green Party Mayor candidate campaigns on bike
Collette Bird, Stephen Craven, Jenny Jones and Anthony Austin
Collette Bird, Stephen Craven, Jenny Jones and Anthony Austin

London Green Party assembly member, Jenny Jones, visited Lewisham and Greenwich to expand Barclays Cycle Hire

28 may 11 @ 4:02 pm edt          Comments

Irish Green Party elects new leader

 The new leader of the Green Party Eamon Ryan is congratulated by deputy leader Mary White following his election at the party offices in Dublin yesterday. Congratulating his successor, outgoing party leader John Gormley said Mr Ryan had the passion and commitment to get across the Green message.

Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

New Green Party leader Ryan may run in European elections in 2014 


NEW GREEN Party leader Eamon Ryan is considering a run in the next European elections as a way of revitalising the party’s political fortunes.

Mr Ryan, who defeated two other candidates for the post, said his first tasks were to attract a new generation into the party and to “slay the myth” that it was anti-rural.


28 may 11 @ 12:36 pm edt          Comments

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dr. Katherine Pettigrew, Independent Green Party, State Senate petition drive complete

Dr. Katherine Pettigrew, Independent Green Party of Virginia, petition drive for State Senate complete.

Dr. Pettigrew prepares to file for State Senate within days.

See pictures of Dr. Pettigrew with her family, husband, and daughter on this site.



25 may 11 @ 11:39 pm edt          Comments

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ian Murphy (G) Green Party victory in NY 26th Congressional race

Ian Murphy (G) candidate for congress in the NY 26th district special election today.

Ian Murphy, as a Green Party candidate on the ballot had many victories today.

1) Thanks to the Greens running last year in the statewide race the Greens won ballot status.

That made it possible for Ian Murphy to be on the ballot today.  Participating year after year is a winner for the Green Party, and the voter.

2) It was a win for voters to be able to vote for a Green Party candidate on the ballot.

3) Ian Murphy (G) was the best writer, and the most interesting of the candidates.

Thank you for running as Green Party candidate Mr. Murphy.   




24 may 11 @ 6:35 pm edt          Comments

Dave Wiegel, Slate magazine, cover Green Party candidate Ian Murphy

It was just three months ago that Ian Murphy, a gonzo writer for the Buffalo Beast, called Scott Walker and claimed to be David Koch. Murphy temporarily shifted the terms of the union fight in Wisconsin, and permanently fixed the Kochs' status as liberal arch-foes. From there, Murphy went on to grab the Green Party's nomination for NY-26 -- a district with 900 registered Green Party voters.


24 may 11 @ 6:29 pm edt          Comments

Green Party removes 66 year old honors for Hitler

The Green Party is part of a governing coalition in Vienna, Austria.   Today the Green Party lead the effort in the city/state legislature to revoke honors the city had bestowed on Adolph Hitler in 1944.

VIENNA, Austria (AP) — It took 66 years — but the Austrian city of Amstetten on Tuesday struck Adolf Hitler's name from its list of honorary citizens.

Read more: 

24 may 11 @ 6:25 pm edt          Comments

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate in special congressional election

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate for congress NY.

As Election Looms, Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate and Scott Walker’s Prank Caller Strikes In NY-26

Ian Murphy, the Buffalo, NY blogger who first made national headlines when he posed as conservative money man David Koch in a taped phone conversation with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), has struck again.

This time, the target was much closer to home: The special election being held in New York's 26th Congressional District, which has become a focal point for the national battle over the House Oil Party, George W. Bush Party plan to phase out Medicare in favor of a voucher system.

As voters prepared to go to the polls, Murphy -- who, incidentally, is running as the Green Party candidate -- got a haircut, a black dye-job and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Then he headed over to a phone bank for Oil Party candidate and started making calls.

His secret identity? "Steve Smith-an underemployed pet psychic and [western New York] repat most recently from Oakland, CA."

Murphy slipped in undetected and captured a portrait of a Oil Party phone bank gone awry, with Corwin desperately trying to find someway to makeup for the momentum they lost thanks to the Oil Party Ryan proposal to kill Medicare and Grandma. 

Read Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate's own report here:

23 may 11 @ 11:04 pm edt          Comments

Green Party: Joschka Fischer, Success Story

A victorious Joschka Fischer in Bonn in September 1997.
Joschka Fischer, Green Party, former German Vice Chancellor, and Taxi Driver

HE MOST remarkable thing about Joschka Fischer is less that he joined the Green Party but that he stayed there for over two decades.

A fascinating new documentary, Joschka and Herr Fischer, traces his path from student revolutionary to statesman, finding clues to his complicated character in the turbulent backdrop of post-war West Germany.

Making a double bio-documentary about a politician and a country might seem an ambitious endeavour. To give such a film a cinema release rather than a late-night television screening seems even more daft.

Yet the film works, thanks to director Pepe Danquart’s snappy editing and gripping, innovative exposition.

Like Ebenezer Scrooge or James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life , the film presents Fischer with footage from his life played out on big screens in the concrete cavern of Berlin’s Tresor techno club.

An entranced Fischer soon recalls going through life feeling like an outsider, in permanent conflict with the world around him.

Born in 1948 to a family recently expelled from Hungary, Fischer had a “poor yet glorious” childhood in the village of Gerabronn, near Stuttgart.

With his family’s different dialect and traditions, Fischer’s outsider feeling was amplified by the “insular narrowness” of their new home town. Surrounded by Protestant villages, Gerabronn’s enclave status bred a pious, closed Catholic atmosphere that Fischer says was “like a little bit of Northern Ireland”.

While the scars of war were still visible in the streetscape, Fischer never saw the invisible scars of denial on his neighbours. When as a teenager he heard the full story about Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust, it compounded his shock over German guilt.

He left home for Stuttgart and later Frankfurt, his lack of a secondary education certificate not hindering him crashing lectures with philosophers like Horkheimer and Habermas. In Frankfurt, Fischer found himself drawn into the left-wing revolutionary scene, populated by others equally shocked by German wartime guilt and their parents’ determination to leave the past in the past.

By 1967, this intergenerational resentment exploded into pitched street battles across western Germany, shot through with an atmosphere of angst.

As the student scene radicalised further, however, Fischer got out, disgusted by the “self-deception” of the extreme-left Red Army Faction (RAF).

“It was the opposite of what we wanted to achieve,” he says, describing their campaign of kidnappings and killings – justified in bureaucratic language – as no different to the behaviour of fascists they abhorred.

Exhausted, Fischer began driving a taxi, allowing his brain make some crucial realisations about life.

“In a taxi you get such a colourful mix of people, it soon made me a realist,” he says. “Left-wingers, put simply, want to liberate the good in man. In a taxi you soon realise that there are great things and awful things often in one person.” With this new-found realism he joined the burgeoning Green Party in 1982 during the West German rearmament debate. 
23 may 11 @ 10:55 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Greens pass Merkel's CDU in German State elections 22 may 11 @ 5:52 pm edt          Comments

Bremen Green Party record 23% of vote
Hochstimmung aber auch bei den Grünen: Denn die mitregierende Öko-Partei...

The Green Party in Bremen received enough votes to lead a new Green Conservative coalition in Bremen State government.

Deshalb jubelt auch die Spitzenkandidatin Karoline Linnert. Die Finanzsenatorin...
Green Party Triumph in Bremen!

Greens appear to plan instead to continue their governing coalition with the SPD.

Spitzenkandidatin Linnert: "Eine starke grüne Handschrift im Koalitionsvertrag"
Karoline Linnert Green Party Bremen 

Jens Böhrnsen (SPD) und Karoline Linnert (Grüne) bleiben in Bremen an der Macht...

Hochrechnung 22:42 Uhr

Auch Grünen-Bundeschefin Claudia Roth triumphierte: "Das ist ein gutes Gefühl",...
Claudia Roth, German Green Party national co-chair
22 may 11 @ 4:35 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Green Party takes control in U.K. local governments

Green Party takes control of Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove City Council has become the first local authority in the country to be run by the Green Party.

The minority administration formally took control yesterday at the council's annual general meeting after becoming the largest single party at the local elections earlier this month.

Cllr Bill Randall has been appointed as council leader, Cllr Amy Kennedy has become deputy leader (executive) and Cllr Ian Davey has taken up the post of deputy leader (non-executive).

The Green Party now has 23 seats on the council, while the Conservatives, who are now the official opposition have 18 seats, and Labour have 13.

'We are committed to an open book approach in delivering our priorities for this great city,' said Cllr Randall.

'In the first week we are meeting with trade unions as well as the voluntary and community sector and also want to meet with the universities and the business community. 

21 may 11 @ 5:43 pm edt          Comments

Green Party of Sweden elects new spokespersons
 Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin at today´s congress. Photo: Fredrik Hjerling, MP

New Green Party spokespersons elected

Politics | 2011-05-21
Shortly after 4 pm o´clock today were Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson elected to new spokespersons for the Green Party. They take over a successful Green Party.  Polls show the Green Party growing even more.
21 may 11 @ 5:35 pm edt          Comments

Friday, May 20, 2011

Greens up in Bremen Sunday

Berlin - A strong swing in voter support to the Green Party is expected to cause fresh upset to Chancellor Angela Merkel when Germany's smallest state, Bremen, goes to the polls this Sunday.

The northern port city is current run by a Green Party  coalition.

20 may 11 @ 6:52 pm edt          Comments

Bremen State elections Sunday, Greens give 16 year olds the vote

For the first time in German history, 16- and 17-year-olds will be able to cast ballots in a state election on Sunday. The city-state of Bremen has lowered its voting age -- and several other states are preparing to follow suit.,1518,763402,00.html

20 may 11 @ 6:50 pm edt          Comments

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate in NY special election, truth teller

Ian Murphy, Green Party NY candidate for U.S. Congress.
"I am running because I am a patriot.  I love my country."
Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate for Congress
Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate in New York special election for congress.
Green Party patriot
Ian Murphy, Green Party, signs autographs
Election May 24, 2011
See Ian Murphy Daily Motion interview here. 
American  Banking News interviews Ian Murphy. 
19 may 11 @ 7:05 pm edt          Comments

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Tareq and Michaele Salahri be Indy Green candidates in 2011?

Michaele Salahi Tareq and Michaele Salahi, better nown as the White House party crashers, leave "The Late Show With David Letterman". The married cuple from Virginia attended a White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh without being invited guests on November 24, 2009.

Indy Greens recruiting candidates for County Board of Supervisors, House of Delegates and State Senate - statewide.

The Salahris would be media coup!
18 may 11 @ 8:15 pm edt          Comments

Green Party Star Joschka Fischer - The Movie in German, Swiss, Austrian Theatres now

 Zusammen mit Regisseur Pepe Danquart geht Joseph "Joschka" Fischer auf Zeitreise und blickt zurück auf sechs Jahrzehnte deutscher Nachkriegsgeschichte.       (Foto: X Verleih)
18 may 11 @ 6:42 pm edt          Comments

Green Party polling hits another record high in another state.

 Marlene Löhr, Green Party state Chair.
Poll shows Schleswig-Holsteins state Green Party on top with 22 per cent.
18 may 11 @ 6:37 pm edt          Comments

Karoline Linnert, Green Party leading lady in Sunday Bremen electionsrünen in Bremen

Karoline Linnert, Spitzenkandiatin der Grünen in Bremen will ihr Ergebnis von 2007 verbessern. (Bild: AP) 
Karoline Linnert, Green Party, Bremen State Secretary of Finance
Green Party is polling so well before Sunday elelctions, Greens could lead a new coaltion government with conservatives. 
18 may 11 @ 6:34 pm edt          Comments

Budget passed by Green Party coalition state government in NRW

Sylvia Lohmann, Green Party, and Lt. Gov laughs with Governor after budget is passed. 

18 may 11 @ 6:31 pm edt          Comments

Green Party enters coalition government in Rhineland Pfalz state legislure

18 may 11 @ 6:28 pm edt          Comments

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green Party polling 24 per cent for Sunday Bremen state elections

Greens at 24 per cent, and could form a coalition with the conservatives polling 20 per cent for Sunday's state elections in Bremen. 

17 may 11 @ 7:09 pm edt          Comments

Green Party donating funds to rape crisis center

Greens will donate some cash to rape crisis group 


17 may 11 @ 7:04 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Financial officer becomes Green party candidate in Perth-Wellington

Financial officer becomes Green party candidate in Perth-Wellington

Chris (Desjardins) Doherty, 41, will carry the Green party banner in Perth-Wellington in the coming provincial election.

Doherty, 41, has been the Green’s chief financial officer for the riding for the past four years. A longtime city resident and father of three, he has been employed as a general labourer at Cooper-Standard Automotive for 20 years.

Doherty was acclaimed at a nomination meeting held Saturday at the home of a party member. His first priority, he said, is to increase membership and then to get members actively participating when the election campaign begins Sept. 7.

For starters, he would like to see regulations changed to allow Ontario beef farmers to compete “on a level playing field” with imports. Doherty is also advocating smaller, local green-energy production as distinct from large-energy wind farms far from consumers that typically result in a 15% load loss in transmission.

15 may 11 @ 10:29 pm edt          Comments

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bremen Green Party at 24 % in latest poll - election May 22, 2011 12 may 11 @ 10:26 pm edt          Comments

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate for Congress in special election tonight live..

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate for congress in special New York election live streaming tonight 9:00 pm...

Murphy refuses to be censored...

12 may 11 @ 8:25 pm edt          Comments

Kretsch & Green Party off to a "Super Start"

The Green Party has elected it's first Governor.   Winfried Kretschmann received votes today from all members of the Green Party in the state legislature in Baden Wuerttemberg, and even additional votes from the opposition. 


The Greenanator, Governor Kretschmann,

"I swear, so help me God."

Mit insgesamt 138 Stimmen wurde Kretschmann im Landttag gewählt. Zwei Stimmen kamen aus der Opposition

Green Party faction in state legislature. 


Winfried Kretschmann (G) congratulated by Green Party members of the state legislature.


ZDF, the second German TV network has a superb interview with the new Green Party Governor.

12 may 11 @ 6:53 pm edt          Comments

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Party candidate local focus


Green Party candidate Shaunna Salsman with her daughter Trinity is considering a position on District of Sooke council. 

11 may 11 @ 11:09 pm edt          Comments

Thursday: High Noon for Green Party

The Baden Wuerttemburg state legislature votes Thursday on the new Governor.

Greens and the SPD have 71 elected parliamentary members.  They need 70 votes to elect the new Green Party Governor and cabinet.


Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party's first Governor?

Thursday vote decides... 

 Neuer baden-württembergischer Landtag konstituiert

 Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party, in state legislature.

Auf der Suche nach dem “gemeinsamen Sound“: Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann 


11 may 11 @ 10:59 pm edt          Comments

Greens support economic growth and stability

The Green party will probably vote in favor of the future European Stability Mechanism, or ESM, in Germany's parliament later this year, a senior Green lawmaker said Tuesday, easing concerns that Chancellor Angela Merkel'sgovernment would fail to get a majority.

More than a dozen lawmakers from Merkel's junior coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party, or FDP, have threatened to vote against the setting up of the ESM. Some members of Merkel's Christian Democrats also are seen rejecting the ESM, raising doubts the Chancellor could secure a government coalition majority at a vote on the ESM expected in the fall.

The Greens are inclined to support the ESM, Baerbel Hoehn, the party's deputy parliamentary leader told Dow Jones Newswires.

"One shouldn't use this issue in a populist way. We need to stabilize the euro," Hoehn said, adding that the party will also approve the bailout for Portugal in a vote Thursday.

But she added that the costs of euro-zone bailouts should be kept as low as possible for Germany.

The ESM in mid-2013 is set to supplant the euro zone's current rescue facility.

The Greens in a motion to be brought into parliament criticized the euro zone's current rescue efforts, saying countries such as Greece and Ireland, and soon Portugal, are suffocated by too high interest rates in the bailout loans. The Greens also said it should be verified whether Portugal could ease its debt by selling gold reserves 
11 may 11 @ 10:54 pm edt          Comments

Former Mayoral candidate & Green Party activist Dave Croteau files for Mayor of Tucson by Carolyn Classen on May. 11, 2011, under Life, Politics

Former Mayoral candidate & Green Party activist Dave Croteau files for Mayor of Tucson

by Carolyn Classen on May. 11, 2011, under LifePolitics

Dave Croteau, Green Party

Dave Croteau, who was the only challenger to Mayor Bob Walkup in the 2007 election, filed yesterday with the Tucson City Clerk’s office to run again for Mayor of the City of Tucson. 

11 may 11 @ 10:44 pm edt          Comments

Ian Murphy, Green Party excluded from TV debate, and 2nd candidate drops out

WGRZ-TV and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle excluded Green Party candidate Ian Murphy from a debate scheduled for Thursday.  

Today the fourth candidate on the ballot, who had been included in the TV debate, said he would refuse to attend.  Last week he voiced his displeasure over the

exclusion of Green Party candidate Ian Murphy from the debate, based his decision

on what he called the inability of his opponents to tell the truth.

"I will not lend my integrity and my reputation for honesty to a forum with two politicians who will say anything to get elected," he said in a written release late today. "I will not participate in the alleged debates..." 

 The latest PPC poll shows:

The numbers: Democratic Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul 35%, Republican state Rep. Jane Corwin 31%, Tea Party businessman Jack Davis 24%, and Green Party candidate Ian Murphy (the same person who conducted the infamous 20-minute prank call with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, with Murphy posing as Republican financier David Koch) at 2%.

The TPM Poll Average gives Corwin 33.5%, Hochul 33%, Davis 23.5%, and Murphy 1.5%.

11 may 11 @ 10:22 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ian Murphy, Green Party candidate in New York's special election for congress wins endorsement
Ian Murphy, (G) New York, wins endorsement
8 may 11 @ 10:27 pm edt          Comments

Bremen Green Party at 24 per cent and climbing

Dr. Maike Schaefer, Green Party candidate in Bremen

Bremen State Elections on May 22, 2011

In other Green Party news, both state Green Parties in Rhineland Pfalz, and Baden Wuerttemburg approved coalition contracts at weekend conventions.    szmtag  

Winfried Herman(G) is expected to be the new BW state Secretary of Transportation.  Respected Green Party leader, Winfried  is leaving his seat in the federal parliament to take over the cabinet position in state government.

Siegerpose. Der designierte Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann traut sich zu, im Ländle
The New Green Party Star -
Winfried Kretschmann
Greens agree in Baden Wuerttemberg

Green Party state special convention approves Green Party Coalition contract in Baden-Württemberg

At the end, Winfried Kretschmann was celebrated like the rock star of Green Party politics he has now become.   Sunflowers, the Green Party symbol, flew through the air, to the stage, where, Winfried Krestchmann smiled. Kretschmann let Green Party dreams become reality.   The Green Party is on the edge of electing their first Governor. This Thursday is the vote in the state legislature.  

The cabinet has been selected.  The Green Party has approved the coalition contract.   Now can the Greens actually elect the first Green Governor with a vote in the new state legislature? 

Practically only 2 of the elected Green Party members of the state legislature can vote no.   Any more than that, and Kretschman would not have a majority. 

"We are here today because we want to govern. We will succeed Thursday.  Thursday will be a day of joy."

SPD und Grüne machen Weg für Regierungsbündnis in Rheinland-Pfalz frei
The way for the first Green Party coalition state government Rheinland-Pfalz is clear.
This weekend the Green Party state convention agreed to the coalition contract with the SPD.  This would place the Green Party in state government rulling coalition for the next four years. 

At the state party meeting of the Green Party state delegates in Neuwied 205 Delegates voted for the 100 page coalition agreement.  There were 13 No votes, and one abstention.

8 may 11 @ 1:09 pm edt          Comments

Friday, May 6, 2011

Elizabeth May, Green Party, A good conservative on the economy."

ADRIAN LAM/postmedia news

Green Party leader Elizabeth May greets Christa Grace-Warrick in Victoria Tuesday, a day after winning the party’s first seat in the House of Commons.

“It is true that Elizabeth May is pro environment,” Fraser Smith, a six-year member of the Reform party’s executive committee said in a statement. “But she is also a very good conservative when it comes to the economy.”


6 may 11 @ 9:34 pm edt          Comments

Green election update: Good night for SNP and Greens

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond looks set to continue with his strategy of establishing Scotland as the "Saudi Arabia of renewable energy", after the Scottish National Party (SNP) emerged as the big winner of yesterday's national assembly and local elections.

The Green Party was also expecting "a really positive set of results" after making gains in a number of key English councils and becoming the largest party on Brighton Council.


6 may 11 @ 8:41 pm edt          Comments

Vote 2011: Greens gain English council seats
Green leader Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas, Green Party 

Green party leader Caroline Lucas said there is now a sense that the Greens are a real alternative, after gains in the English local elections.

Greens gained 23 seats across England, and lost 2, bringing its total number of councillors to 61.

Its biggest win was in Brighton and Hove where it gained 10 seats to reach 23, but remains five short of a majority.

They also won a further seat in Norwich, bringing its tally to 15.

In Brighton and Hove, the Conservatives dropped 8 to 18, Labour remained at 13 and the Lib Democrats lost their single seat.

Ms Lucas said the long presence in the area was probably a factor: "I don't think there's anything actually intrinsic about Brighton and Hove.

"I think it is simply that we've had a strong presence here for many years. We've had councillors here since 1996, people have seen Green policies in action, they like what they see, and they want more."


She said the numbers in Norwich were encouraging too.

"The challenge, of course, is to scale this up and to spread it out more widely."

Ms Lucas became the first Green MP elected to Westminster when she won Brighton Pavilion last year.

"There really is a sense now that the Greens are a real alternative and once you get that first foot in the door in Parliament, that obviously gives us more credibility and people have more confidence in voting Green."

The Green Party fielded 1,600 candidates on 5 May. 
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Green Party emerges as largest party in Brighton and Hove

Caroline Lucas, Green Party

Greens emerge as largest party in Brighton and Hove

Party wins 23 council seats, a gain of 10, leaving Greens just short of having an overall majority

MP Caroline Lucas said she was delighted that voters in Brighton and Hove once again made history by voting in the Greens as the largest party on the council. Photograph: Haydn West / Rex Features

The Greens have emerged as the largest party on Brighton and Hove city council after local election gains underlined its importance as a beach-head for the Greens' broader national ambitions.

Just over a year after Caroline Lucas made history by becoming the Greens' first MP, the party built on her success by winning 23 council seats in Brighton, a gain of 10, leaving it just short of an overall majority.

Lucas, who leads the party in England and Wales, said: "This is a fantastic result. I am delighted that the voters of Brighton and Hove have once again made history, by voting in the Greens as the largest party on the council. The fact that we held all our seats and gained 10 – with a total of 23 – shows more than ever the scale of Green support in the city. We have offered people a positive and progressive alternative to the older political parties, and they have welcomed it.

"Our councillors are determined to get the best possible deal for Brighton and Hove in these difficult times. And with all the results in, now is the moment for Greens to reach out to the many different groups – community organisations, businesses, unions and others – and local residents so that together, we can find the best solutions for this great city."

The Greens won 33% of the vote and displaced the Tories as the largest party on the council – the first time a local council in the UK has elected the Greens as the largest party. The Labour Party won 13 seats (32%), the Conservatives 18 (29%), and the Liberal Democrats lost their only seat after the party limped in with 5% of the vote. 



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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canada elects Elizabeth May as first Green MP

Canada's Green party looks to bright future

Leader of the Green party of Canada Elizabeth May 

An American-born environmental lawyer, Elizabeth May, has been elected as Canada's first Green MP.


May, 56, and the leader of Canada's Green party, was elected on Monday night from a seaside community in British Columbia in an upset that unseated Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn.


Her win – in her third run as a Green candidate from three different provinces – gives the party its highest national profile yet in Canadian politics. Though a national leader, she was excluded from the televised election debates due to the lack of a parliamentary seat.


"Today we proved that Canadians want change in politics," she told a victory rally. "No one gave me very good chances of taking a seat from a cabinet minister when this began, but the enthusiasm of voters across this riding has just been spectacular." 


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How the Green Party and Elizabeth May were elected

Elizabeth May's successful campaign in Saanich-Gulf Islands was remarkable in several ways - with her impact on voter turnout near the top of the list.

May worked tirelessly to win the seat for the Greens. She has been campaigning almost nonstop for the past year and devoted her full attention to the riding once the election was called in late March. She spoke to as many residents as she could and assembled a powerful team of volunteers - 800 on Saltspring Island, 1,000 more in Sidney, and so on.

May ran in 2008 in Nova Scotia, but moved to Sidney after Saanich-Gulf Islands was identified as the most likely place for a Green victory. The riding was already politically engaged. Its 70.4-per-cent voter turnout in 2008 was the highest in British Columbia.

With May and her team working the phones and the doorsteps, urging people to vote, the turnout increased to 75.2 per cent this time.

Nationally, the turnout was about 61.4 per cent - an improvement from 2008, but lower than 2006. Despite heavy activity at advance polls and the arrival of promotional ideas such as vote mobs, overall turnout still remains well below the levels we saw into the 1990s.

Give May credit for getting people engaged again, and for convincing them to vote. In doing so, she sent a lesson to other candidates about how to succeed in the tough world of politics.

Read more:
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Nissan to supply New York taxis

By Bernard Simon in Toronto

Published in FT: May 4 2011

The NV200 was one of three finalists in a contest known as Taxi of Tomorrow under which the city decided to mandate a single model for all its 13,200 cabs. Nissan_taxi_NY.jpg

Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, said the NV200 “is going to be the safest, most comfortable and most convenient cab the city has ever had”.

It will be the first cab fitted with passenger airbags and will also feature a large sunroof and charging outlets for mobile devices.

Accessibility played a big role in the contest, hence the absence of a conventional sedan among the finalists. Fuel economy, safety and value for money were also high on the list.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Green Party makes history: Elizabeth May wins seat

Watch part of victory speech here.

Saanich--Gulf Islands is Elizabeth May's district.  It is about 100 miles north west of Seattle, Washington.

LiberalRenée Hetherington4,3146.36.3%
NDP-New Democratic PartyEdith Loring-Kuhanga8,19811.911.9%
ConservativeGary Lunn24,54135.635.6%
Green PartyElizabeth May31,90046.346.3%
Total number of valid votes: 68,953  


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Canada Green Party election results
Canada Election Results here:

Green leader May and her daughter cast ballots to "make history"

Green Party leader Elizabeth May votes in Victoria, B.C.
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