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Thursday, June 30, 2011

French Green Party Presidential Primary won by lady lawyer, famed french prosecutor

Green Party French Presidential Primary winner  Eva Joly

Eva Joly's victory is a surprize.

Opinion polls showed her Green Party challenger, the TV producer and celebrity, Nicolas Hulot, as the clear favorite.  Hulot was so favored that even Green Party members were astounded by the primary results.

Hulot received 40 Prozent, Joly 49.75 per cent, and the rest went to two other candidates. 
Joly does not want her victory to be seen as a vote against Hulot.
Joly is still too new to the Green Party.  She feels completely at home in her new Green Party leadership role. Even if she still speaks French with a Norwegian accent.  Her Story: born 1943 in Oslo.  She moved to France after coming in third in the Miss Norway contest. At 18 she was an Au-pair-for the Jolys.  She then married their already grown son.  After studying law, she became a successful and famous prosecutor. 

It was Green Party leader Dany Cohn-Bendit, that convinced this famed Judge Joly to join the Greens in their joint struggle against corruption and illegal campaign contributions. 

In Dany and Joly lead the French Green Party in the European elections to a record success.
Now at an age when many retire, Joly is running as the Green Party candidate for President in France in 2012.

Laughingly Judge Joly describes herself as a "late bloomer". 

The French Green Party has a new star, and a respected centrist Presidential nominee

30 jun 11 @ 7:58 pm edt          Comments

Green Party Senator Bob Brown at the National Press Club - Australia

Green Party Senator Bob Brown at the National Press Club - Australia
click here.
30 jun 11 @ 7:12 pm edt          Comments

Green Party couple sweep county elections
JOY: New councillor Diane Hoy.  Picture by Mark Cleveland
JOY: New councillor Diane Hoy, Green Party .
Picture by Mark Cleveland

Green Party couple sweep the board at District Council

A HULLBRIDGE couple have been elected to Rochford District Council as a new party. 
Diane Hoy, of Abbey Close, joined her already elected husband, Michael, as a councillor for Hullbridge ward after winning a by-election with the Green Party. 

The 44-year-old, who works at Budgen’s supermarket, beat closest rival, Mark Hole (Conservative), by 202 votes after 757 people elected for her. 

Mrs Hoy said: “Now we have two people representing the Green Party on the council, we have in fact become a party ourselves. 

“I was quite shocked on the night and I have had lots of people come up to me and congratulate me, both at work and at home. 
“I hope I can do a great job for the people of Hullbridge.”
30 jun 11 @ 7:51 am edt          Comments

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Party's Editorial from Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor of Germany - Does Europe have death wish?
Does Europe have a death wish?
by Joschka Fischer

Editor's Note: Joschka Fischer, Germany’s foreign minister and vice-chancellor from 1998 to 2005, was a leader in the German Green Party for almost 20 years.  You might also like to read more from Joschka Fischer at Project Syndicate (which you can follow on Facebook and Twitter).

By Joschka Fischer

BERLIN – From the start of the Greek debt crisis in 2010, the major European players should have understood the risks and consequences that it posed for the European Union. They certainly don’t give that impression to onlookers.

The crisis was always about much more than Greece: a disorderly insolvency there would threaten to pull other economies on the EU’s southern periphery, including some very big ones, into the fiscal abyss, along with major European banks and insurers.

That could plunge the global economy into another financial crisis, delivering a shock equivalent to the autumn of 2008. It would also mean a eurozone failure that would not leave the Common Market unharmed.

For the first time in its history, the very continuance of the European project is at stake. And yet the behavior of the EU and its most important member states has been irresolute and dithering, owing to national egotism and a breathtaking absence of leadership.

States can go bust just like companies, but, unlike companies, they don’t disappear when that happens. That is why states should not be punished, and why their ongoing interests should not be underestimated. Insolvent states need help with restructuring, both in the financial sector and well beyond it, so that they can work their way out of crisis.

This is certainly true of Greece, whose structural problems are much more sweeping than even its financial difficulties. Thus far, the EU and the Greek government have failed to address Greece’s structural problems. But they need to develop (and fund) an appropriate strategy for economic reconstruction, in order to make clear to the Greeks – and to skittish financial markets – that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone knows that Greece will be unable to work its way out of crisis without massive debt relief. The only question is whether the country’s debt restructuring will be orderly and controlled or chaotic and contagious.

Either way, Germany’s internal debate about whether to pay for the Greek debt is risible. Refusing to pay is not a viable option, because Germany and all other eurozone members are in the same boat. A Greek default would threaten to sink them, too, for it would raise immediate concerns about the solvency of Europe’s systemically important banks and insurance companies.

So what are the eurozone’s heads of government waiting for? Are they reluctant to come clean with their people out of fear for their own political futures?

The European financial crisis is really a political crisis, because EU leaders are unable to decide on the necessary measures. Instead, time is lost on secondary issues largely rooted in domestic policy concerns.

It is certainly right, in principle, to argue that the banks should participate in financing the resolution of the debt crisis. But it makes little sense to insist on it as long as losses by banks that remain “too big to fail” could trigger a renewed financial crisis. Any chance to make this work would have required overhauling the financial system early in 2009, but that opportunity was largely wasted.

As long as the EU’s life-threatening political crisis continues, its financial crisis will continue to destabilize it. At the heart of resolving the crisis lies the certainty that the euro – and with it the EU as a whole – will not survive without greater European political unification.

If Europeans want to keep the euro, we must forge ahead with political union now; otherwise, like it or not, the euro and European integration will be undone. Europe would then lose nearly everything it has gained over a half-century from transcending nationalism. In the light of the emerging new world order, this would be a tragedy for Europeans.

Unfortunately, when the outgoing president of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, proposed a step in this direction by suggesting that a “European Secretary of the Treasury” be created, heads of state and government dismissed the idea out of hand. Hardly anyone on the European Council seems willing even to acknowledge the depth of the EU crisis.

Resolving this crisis requires more Europe and more integration, not less. And yes: the rich economies – first and foremost Germany – will have to pay for the way out.

Germany and France, the two crucial players in this crisis, will have to devise a joint strategy, because only they, working together, can push through a solution. The problem is that the French referendum on the EU constitution in 2005 vetoed further political integration, while further economic integration may now fail because of Germany.

What is required, therefore, is an open bilateral French-German dialogue about a comprehensive realignment of the monetary union. Treaty changes are impossible; therefore, different methods will need to be found, which makes the Franco-German partnership all the more important.

Regardless of the EU’s political crisis and paralysis, Europeans should not forget how important its existence is and will continue to be. One has only to look back to the first half of the twentieth century to understand why.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of Joschka Fischer. Copyright: Project Syndicate/Institute for Human Sciences, 2011.

29 jun 11 @ 9:44 pm edt          Comments

Colbie Caillat Joins The Green Party In Her “Brighter Than The Sun” Video
Colbie Caillat Brighter Than The Sun music video

Colbie Caillat Joins The Green Party In Her “Brighter Than The Sun” Video
29 jun 11 @ 9:25 pm edt          Comments

German Green Party at 24%, in 2nd place
Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz der Grünen
German Green Party co-chairs, Cem and Claudia

Green Party at 24%

SPD trails at 23 %

CDU and Chancellor Merkel at 32%
29 jun 11 @ 7:53 am edt          Comments

Green Party picks up newly elected local office holder

  • By Julian Robinson » Senior District Reporter
  • Green Party Gains in UK

    A LONG-SERVING Hampshire councillor has defected to the Green Party – after 25 years as a Liberal Democrat.

    Alan Weeks switched after voters told him they were “angry about the way they have been let down” by the national Lib Dem party.

    The 52-year-old, who represents Totton North on Hampshire County Council, said MPs had broken “personal pledges” over the controversial tuition fees issue.

    29 jun 11 @ 7:19 am edt          Comments

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Balance of power shifts to the Green Party in Australia

    Green Party Senator Bob Brown

    Green Party with balance of Power

    A new day dawns in Australia

    the Senate

    and it has a distinctly Green Party hue
    , writes Jessica Wright.

    IN A year of extraordinary events, the nation is about to witness yet another significant slice of Australian political history.

    On Friday, 12 of the nation's newest representatives will take their places in the Senate, heralding a new era in the upper house.

    The balance of power will now belong to the Greens, which almost doubles its number of seats - from five to nine - while the Coalition loses three of its previous 37 senators to hold 34 seats out of 76. Labor's previous number of 32 is reduced by one.

    Australian Green Party Senators

    Senator Brown has dismissed leadership tensions saying: ''We are the most stable party of the three major parties; we're the most stable in this Parliament. It's the Greens who have the most consistent trajectory, a consistent policy basis, and I think we're predictable because we're pursuing what we went to the election on.''

    Read more:
    28 jun 11 @ 8:09 pm edt          Comments

    Greens push renewables in Australia
    Farewell, Mr Fielding ... Greens leader Bob Brown comforts Senator Steve Fielding after the senator delivered his valedictory speech in Parliament.
    Senator Bob Brown, Green Party (standing)
    Green Party in Australia having success promoting renewables, solar, wind, geothermal.  Green Party Senator Bob Brown meets with Prime Minister.
    28 jun 11 @ 8:05 pm edt          Comments

    Arlington Gazette covers Independent Green Party candidates

    Independent Greens Field Legislative Candidates

    The Independent Green Party is fielding challengers to Dels. Bob Brink (D-48th) and Patrick Hope (D-47th).

    Janet Murphy, who will take on Brink in the 48th, is described on the party’s Web site as a Realtor, and serves on the central committee of Independent Greens of Virginia. Jennifer Stanley has filed petitions to run against Hope in the 47th.

    Their statements of candidacy and petitions have been filed with the county elections office. General Registrar Linda Lindberg said her office has been instructed not to review them until the state elections system is updated to reflect redrawn boundary lines.

    No other challengers have emerged to take on Brink, the most senior of Arlington’s four-member delegation in the House of Delegates, or Hope, who first won election two years ago.

    Independent Greens of Virginia is not affiliated with the similarly named but politically distinct Green Party. Independent Greens of Virginia describes itself as fiscally conservative and socially responsible, and largely focuses its efforts on promoting rail service in commonwealth.

    The most recent Independent Green candidate locally was Ron Fisher. Last year, running for the 8th District U.S. House seat held by Democrat Jim Moran, Fisher won 1.7 percent of the vote. In 2007, running as the lone opponent to Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49th), he garnered 19 percent of the vote.

    28 jun 11 @ 8:49 am edt          Comments

    Green Party appeal to Supreme Court 28 jun 11 @ 7:53 am edt          Comments

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Alex White, Green Party candidate for City Council
    Reported by: Jane Flasch, WHAM-TV

    Alex White, Green Party Candidate Announces Candidacy for City Council

    27 jun 11 @ 6:53 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party vote shows Strength


    Green Party Vote Shows Strength

    Germany's Green party dropped their demand for a nuclear phaseout by 2017 and voted on Saturday to back Chancellor Angela's Merkel's timetable to shut all reactors by 2022. The vote shows pragmatism and is a sign that the Greens are getting ready to return to power, commentators say. But, they add, it also helps Merkel.


    Merlind Theile of SPIEGEL writes:

    "If the leadership's motion had been rejected on Saturday, the party would have come across as intransigent and far removed from power. By deciding to accept the nuclear phaseout date set by the center-right, the Greens have emerged from the corner of naysayers and shown their readiness to be constructive. In doing so they are living up to the new role they are growing into. The Greens have long since left their origins on the left fringes of society. They are winning more and more supporters in the middle ground, and from conservatives which is the only reason they are so strong."


    "The new voters and members expect the party to refrain from eco-niche fundamentalism. They want policies that are shaped by what is possible and that are capable of compromise as long as the big goals are reached. The main thing is that nuclear power is being stopped -- regardless of whether that happens five years sooner or later." 




    27 jun 11 @ 6:49 pm edt          Comments

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    German Green Party prepares for Saturday special convention

    Dany Cohn-Bendit encourages Green Party to support Merkel's move to phase out nuclear power by 2022.   Green Party policy has called for an earlier exit in 2017.

    A weekend convention will decide. 


    24 jun 11 @ 11:50 am edt          Comments

    Green Party in Costa Rica growing

    Green Party

    Green’s The Word: Carlos Arrieta, far left, and Rodrigo Arias believe recent increases in Costa Ricans’ environmental awareness will help their Green Party obtain a seat in Congress during 2014 elections. 

    24 jun 11 @ 11:43 am edt          Comments

    Austrian Green Party conservative position on Greek Bailout

    Austrian Green Party  Chairwoman Eva Glawischnigg

    Green Party takes conservative view of Greek Bailout 

    While EU leaders look forward to a multitude of emergency meetings until July 20, when Greece has to pay back a government bond with a volume of €6.6 billion, the fate of Greece's bailout may ultimately lie in the hands of the Green party in the dwarf nation Austria.
    Austria's Green Party sent an open (German language) letter to the country's chancellor Werner Faymann on Thursday.

    The letter is signed by Chairwoman Eva Glawischnigg, budget speaker Werner Kogler and foreign policy speaker Alexander van der Bellen.

    • First, the Greens demand an obligatory inclusion of private creditors (that's the banks) and the regulatory introduction of an orderly default mode for bankrupt Euro members that shall be part of the final version of the legislature of the moneyless €750 billion European Stability Mechanism (ESM) that shall come to life in 2013 when the current European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) will end. The greens explicitly noted that chancellor Faymann should inform the other Euro governments of their intention to block a constitutional change for the ESM if such measures are not taken.

    This initiative finds my full support as it is clearly written on the wall that the Eurozone will see more defaults than Greece only. This was also indicated by Dutch central bank governor Nout Wellink last week. He proposed to double the ESM to an almost unimaginable €1.5 Trillion. This sum may still not be enough as Greek debt currently stands somewhere between €310 billion and €467 billion.

    24 jun 11 @ 11:41 am edt          Comments

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Col. Jim Leslie files petitions and forms for House of Delegates in 38th District


    Realtor, and retired USMC Col.

    Jim Leslie, Independent Green Party, files petitions for House of Delegates in the 38th District.

    Col. Leslie was the only Native American Indian on the ballot for House of Delegates in Virginia in 2009. 

    23 jun 11 @ 12:16 pm edt          Comments

    Jennifer Stanley, Independent Green Party, files petitions and forms for House Delegates 47th District


    Jennifer Stanley, Independent Green Party candidate files signatures and papers for House of Delegates in 47th District. 

    Jennifer Stanley founded the Green Party of Michigan in 1985. Jennifer Stanley has lived in Arlington, Virginia since 1999. Jennifer Stanley has a Masters degree in Environmental Psychology.  Jennifer is married to Jeff Stanley.   

    23 jun 11 @ 12:11 pm edt          Comments

    Independent Greens Dr. Katherine Pettigrew files for State Senate in 35th

    Dr. Katherine Pettigrew, Independent Green Party of Virginia files petition signatures and statement of candidate forms for State Senate in 35th district. 


    Dr. Katherine Pettigrew, Independent Green Party candidate for State Senate in 35th District. 

    23 jun 11 @ 12:00 pm edt          Comments

    Canada: Green Party Leader votes against extension of Libya mission
    Canada: Green Party Leader votes against extension of Libya mission


    Ms. Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands, GP):

    Mr. Speaker, it is my honour to rise in this House today to discuss Canada's role in the responsibility to protect civilian life in Libya.

    United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 gave us that mandate and I want to be clear that had I been present in this House when this place first took the vote to support that mission, I would have voted with all the members present and said, “Yes, Canada has that role”.

    There is no greater obligation or moral responsibility that falls on elected representatives in the course of any train of human events than the decision to send its fellow citizens into harm's way in a war zone; to risk their lives and the lives of others in pursuit of a cause in which it has been determined that only military action will suffice. In that sense, although the Green Party, not just in Canada but globally, subscribes as a fundamental principle to the pursuit of non-violence and peace, we acknowledge that there is such a thing as a just war.

    In this context, the accepted international human rights norm of the responsibility to protect, which has been acknowledged since 2005, represents a new level of moral responsibility. Just as we might have said ages ago, “If someone beats their children it's not our business” or “If a man beats his wife it's not our business, we don't go into their house”, now we have an exception to those notions of national sovereignty that we can intercede. We can go into their house because we recognize that there is a wrong being conducted, that innocent lives are at risk and we have a right, under the responsibility to protect, to intervene.

    Why, then, do I fear that I must vote against this motion? We have seen what is now referred to as “mission creep”, an extension of the responsibility to protect within Libya to a goal of “regime change”.

    In order to meet the goals of UN Resolution 1973, our primary goal should be a ceasefire, negotiated solutions and diplomacy. However, when the African Union came forward with a proposal, through South African President Zuma, it was rejected. A peace proposal was rejected. Now there may have been other flaws and I accept that. However, the only peace proposal on the table that was accepted by the government of Gadhafi was rejected by key NATO partners because we suddenly said that a pre-condition to any ceasefire must be the removal of Colonel Gadhafi.

    I must be very clear here as well. I deeply desire the removal of Colonel Gadhafi, but not by military means in what appears to be a civil war in which Canada has taken sides. An immediate ceasefire is needed, yes. Protection of human life is required. However, many of the things I have heard hon. members say in this House over the course of today could apply to other governments when we have not intervened. It is not enough to say, “We have not engaged in Syria so we should not continue in Libya”. It is not enough to say, “We've rejected the calls of the United Nations for peacekeepers to help end the systematic rape of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so we mustn't continue in Libya”. I'm not saying that.

    I am saying that other governments have turned guns on their own peoples, whether in Myanmar or, as I prefer to call it, Burma; whether in Syria; whether in other places around the world and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where we are not engaged.

    Canada: Green Party Leader votes against extension of Libya mission



    23 jun 11 @ 11:53 am edt          Comments

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Green Party ready for more power

    Should the Green Party's successes continue, the party will not be able to...
    Joscka Fischer and wife - Germany's next Green Party Chancellor?

    Germany's Green Party has seen a dramatic increase in support from the...
    Chancellor Merkel, and Green Party Parliament Co-Chair Juergen Trittin

    As a perennial opposition party, but for a stint as Chancellor Gerhard...
    Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party Governor
    The scene couldn't have been more gratifying for Jürgen Trittin. The German ambassador to Japan was giving a dinner party at his residence in Tokyo, and Trittin, Green Party floor leader in the German parliament, was the guest of honor. Over a main course of marinated bonito and beef tenderloin, one could have been forgiven for believing that a global green renaissance was just around the corner -- or perhaps that Japan was about to embark on a German-style energy revolution.,1518,769482,00.html
    22 jun 11 @ 6:51 pm edt          Comments

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Merkel and German Green Party coalition dancing closer

    Berlin - The Green Party, widely seen as poised to win a stake in power at Germany's next general election, after winning its first state Governonr race two months ago.

    Winfried Kretschmann, Green Party Governor of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is a long time Green Party conservative. "Kretsch" as Greens call the new Governor, is now suggesting he has a lot in common with centre-right Chancellor Angela Merkel.   Kretschmann noted in the same weekend interview, that for him Petra Kelly clearly is the most inspiring of all Green Party leaders. 


    16 jun 11 @ 8:04 am edt          Comments

    Egypt has new Green Party


    Egypt Green Party meeting 


    16 jun 11 @ 7:58 am edt          Comments

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Caroline Lucas nominates Green Party's Petra Kelly for BBC's Great Lives- extraordinary personality

    Petra Kelly on NBC-TV's Meet the Press

    Petra Kelly with Major General Gert Bastian

    Green Party member of Parliament Caroline Lucas, and Sara Parkin on the BCC recall the Life and Loves of Petra Kelly.

    "Petra Kelly had an extraordinary life of achievement." Sara Parkin

    "Petra Kelly was an exceptional intellect, one of the world's greatest advocates of nonviolence and Green Politics."

    This BBC 30 minute show includes interviews with Petra Kelly in English.,r:9,s:309&biw=1280&bih=637
    15 jun 11 @ 11:21 pm edt          Comments

    Petra Kelly a Life for the Greens theater hit in Freiburg, Germany
    Petra Kelly, "A Life for the Greens"

    For those who knew Petra Kelly, she lives.  Petra Kelly lives on, not only in our hearts.  Petra Kelly lives in our deeds. Petra Kelly lives in our work to build America's third major party.  The light from Petra Kelly's shinning spirit lights our way.

    Eine Biografie des 20. Jahrhunderts - Petra Kelly

    Immediately before, "The Greens, A Success Story" that started on June 10, 2011 in Freiburg, Germany the Small House Theater..."Petra Kelly - A Life for the Greens", from Director Jarg Pataki with Actress Uta Krause starring as Petra Kelly.
    The evening is based on Text and Video from and about Petra Kelly.  Petra Kelly was murdered in 1992. 

    Petra Kelly is considered by most, including the new Green Party Governor Winfried Kretschmann, as the "most influential" of the Green Party founders.
    Petra Kelly, Green Party 

    Drama in Selbstzeugnissen

    Scenes from

    "The Greens, a Success Story"
    Photo: Petra Kelly, um 1983
    Petra Kelly, Green Party founder
    The Green Party's Heart and Soul 
    15 jun 11 @ 9:22 pm edt          Comments

    Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party candidate for House of Delegates 48th


    Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party of Virginia leader, mother, and realtor today filed her declaration of candidacy and petition signatures with the Arlington County Board of Elections for House of Delegates District 48. 

    15 jun 11 @ 7:38 pm edt          Comments

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Catherine Martin elected new Irish Green Party deputy leader

    Catherine Martin, newly elected Irish Green Party deputy leader 

    Saturday June 11 2011

    Catherine Martin, a former Monaghan councillor, has been elected the Green Party's new deputy leader.

    She was one of three candidates for the post held by former junior minister Mary White for the past 10 years.

    Ms Martin was selected by delegates at the party's convention over former Senator Mark Dearey and Northern Ireland green activist John Barry.

    Catherine Martin (G) Green Party success 

    Green Party leadership

    11 jun 11 @ 6:40 pm edt          Comments

    Tucson Green Party primary in Mayor race

      Arizona Green Party collecting peititon signatures.

      Green Party celebration.

      Candidates will face-off in the Aug. 30 primary election, with the winners going on to the Nov. 8 general election


    • Green Party: Mary DeCamp - no campaign website - a community activist, member of Code Pink and currently employed as a connector with Pro-Neighborhoods, which seeks to get people to adopt healthy lifestyles.
    11 jun 11 @ 2:22 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party Mayor in Richmond, California Green New Deal - Jobs & Sustainability

    Gayle McLaughlin, Green Party mayor, Richmond, California

    A Vision for Progress, the Arts & Sustainability in the City of Richmond


     Sunday June 12, 2011   - 1pm - 3 pm


    Madeline F. Whittlesey Community Room (adjacent to Main Library)

    325 Civic Center Plaza  - near 27th St./Macdonald Ave.

    Sponsored by RPA Arts Committee & Mayor Gayle McLaughlin


    Hope to see you there!




    11 jun 11 @ 8:50 am edt          Comments

    Irish Green Party national convention today in Dublin, Ireland

    Eamon Ryan - To address party delegates

    Eamon Ryan, Irish Green Party Chairman 

    The Green Party gathers in Dublin today for its first annual convention since the General Election. 

    11 jun 11 @ 8:42 am edt          Comments

    Washington Post editorial page endorses Gas Tax

    " A bluuff and opinionated veteran of the sharp-elbowed private-equiity business, Dan Akerson has not exactly avoided controversy since taking over as CEO at GM.  So it is not surprising he would blurt out his view that the U.S. government out to increase gasoline taxes by 50 cents to a dollar per gallong. As a means of promoting energy conservation, Mr. Akerson told the Detroit News, a higher tax would be far more cost effiective than the byzantine fuel efficency regulations we now have. .. 

    Want to reduce the burden of debt on our children and grandchildgren?  The Congressional Budget Office says a 25 cent increase in gas taxes would cut the federal deficit by more than $291 Billion over the next 10 years. Remember: The federal gas tax has remained constant at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1983 (and therefore has been declining for almost two decades, in real terms).  So, to some extent an increase would be equivalent to repealing an expensive tax cut.

    Want to cut air pollution, traffic, and U.S. dependence on Middle East oil?  A higher gas tax is a drect route to all three objectives.  Indeed, by permanently dampening demand for gasolne in the United States, a higher tax would exert downward pressure on the world price for crude oil, which means it would partially pay for itself.  Not only that, but a greater share of what we pay at the pump would be flowing into U.S. government coffers, rather than thos of Saudi Arabia."

    11 jun 11 @ 8:37 am edt          Comments

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Clean energy jobs top Green Party platform

    GOING GREEN. Parry Sound-Muskoka Green Party candidate Matt Richter (left) joins Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner in Gravenhurst last week to present the Greens’ provincial platform. Photo by Jacqueline Lawrence

    MUSKOKA - The provincial election is still more than four months away, but local Green party supporters are wasting no time spreading their party’s message of hope for a cleaner, more prosperous Ontario.
    Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner was in Gravenhurst last week to present his party’s five-point plan for the province’s future. He was met by a small crowd of supporters on May 31 at the Gravenhurst Train Station.
    10 jun 11 @ 10:53 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party's Miller Joins State House Race

    Mark Miller, Green Party, announced his candidacy at the local Mass Green Party June meeting. 

    Green Party's Miller Joins State House Race

    PITTSFIELD, Mass. — After reeling in 45 percent of the vote last year, Mark Miller intends to make another run for the state House.
    Miller announced his candidacy for the 3rd Berkshire District seat in the state House of Representatives on Thursday to a crowd of about 30 at the Berkshire Greens June meeting. 
    "We’re going to win this time," Miller said at Baba Louie’s restaurant.

    10 jun 11 @ 10:49 pm edt          Comments

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Germany Green Party: ECB Must Accept Greek Restructuring - Report
    Germany Green Party: ECB Must Accept Greek Restructuring - Report

    Parteifahne mit Anti-Atomkraft-Logo: Rückenwind für die Grünen dank Energiewende
    Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und Jürgen Trittin (Grüne) am Donnerstag im Bundestag. Foto: dapd
    German Chancellor Merkel with Green Party Parliamentary co-chair Juergen Trittin today in Berlin in the Parliament (Bundestag)

    FRANKFURT -(Dow Jones)- The European Central Bank must accept the reality of a restructuring of Greek debt, Gerhard Schick, a financial policy expert representing Germany's Green political party, told German daily Handelsblatt in an interview published Thursday.

    "Their strategy of 'keep at it' is hardly convincing," Schick said in an interview.

    The ECB has thus far fiercely opposed any form of restructuring of Greek debt, on grounds it could increase contagion risks and force it to end its liquidity provision to Greek banks, which would in turn spark a domestic banking crisis.

    Schick said further aid measures for Greece should seek to achieve a debt level for the country that is sustainable over the long-term. He said a proposal by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble to extend the maturities on Greek sovereign debt by seven years wouldn't be sufficient for making Greek debt sustainable.

    Newspaper website:

    9 jun 11 @ 8:12 pm edt          Comments

    Cheri Honkala, Green for Sheriff receives David Cobb endorsement, Cobb 2004 Green Party nominee for president 9 jun 11 @ 7:40 pm edt          Comments

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Dr. Kent Mesplay, Phd announces third attempt for Green Party presidential nomination

    Dr. Kent Mesplay, Native American Indian, annouces as candidate for Green Party Presidential nomination.

    7 jun 11 @ 7:12 pm edt          Comments

    French Green Party 2012 Presidential candidates line up

    Le premier congrès d'Europe Ecologie-Les Verts sera chargé, de vendredi à dimanche à La Rochelle, malgré un absent de marque, Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

    Eva Joly,  Cécile Duflot Nicolas Hulot  Daniel Cohn-Bendit, French Green Party 


    French newspapers dominated by a congress of French Green Party.


    “Daniel Cohn-Bendit slams ecologists’ election strategy”, headlines Le Monde.

    The newspaper explain why the MEP isn’t attending the first-ever joint congress of environmentalist parties Europe Ecology and the Greens at La Rochelle this Saturday. Cécile Duflot is set to be elected as the movement’s National Secretary.

    The paper claims that Cohn-Bendit is “sulking”, because the alliance snubbed his proposal that the leadership contest be determined through primaries.

    That’s the view upheld by La Montagne.The regional paper comments, that Madame Duflot is unimpressed by his grumbling, enjoying the calm before the storm, and dreaming about a new free and independent Green Party.

    Le Figaro also holds that Duflot is savouring her victory over Cohn-Bendit, her eyes now focussed on 2014 when she plans to run for the office of mayor in Paris

    La Montagne also points out that the political winds could change course and blow in Cohn-Bendit’s direction, come 2012.

    It notes however that Duflot is right to set lofty goals such as ridding France of nuclear power, oil-driven energy and carbon dioxide while promoting cleaner energies that create green jobs and lifestyles.

    L'Est Républicain takes Daniel Cohn-Bendit to task for boycotting the Greens unity congress, pointing out that he will miss the presidential contest between Nicolas Hulot and Eva Joly.

    The maverick and “self-proclaimed godfather of May 1968” has forgotten the “slogan of his youthful days”, writes the paper, which rules that by staying away Dany acted like a “rascal"



    Nicolas Hulot, José Bové et Eva Joly, French Green Party .

    Nicholas Hulot is a French TV Star, and film maker.   Hulot, a Green Party centrist is considered the French Green Party's best candidate to be elected President in 2012. 


    7 jun 11 @ 6:19 pm edt          Comments

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    German cabinet approves closure of all nuclear plants by 2022

    Green Party calls for closing nuclear plants by 2017.
    Claudia Roth, German Green Party Co-Chair 
    Green Party wants to double renewable energy to 40 per cent by 2017.
    6 jun 11 @ 6:59 pm edt          Comments

    Portugal Green Party gets 7.9 per cent of vote in coalition



    Manuela Cunha Portugal Green Party  


    Heloísa Apolónia, Portugal Green Party 


    6 jun 11 @ 6:46 pm edt          Comments

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Swiss Green Party lead by two women

    Marylène Volpi-Fournier

    Brigitte Wolf and Marylène Volpi-Fournier Swiss Green Party leaders seeking office in Basel.
    5 jun 11 @ 8:08 pm edt          Comments

    French Green Party votes for renewable energy

    French Green Party Chair Cecile Duflot

    Duflot re-elected Party Chair.

    5 jun 11 @ 3:57 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party gains another seat in Berlin state parliament 5 jun 11 @ 3:52 pm edt          Comments

    Czech Green Party growth

    "Government's environment policy is beyond repair" AD

    On the occasion of World Environment Day, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Czech Green Party, said that one should reflect on what has been carried out, what has been omitted and on what was just done for the sake of it in terms of environmental policy. Whilst the Environment was projected to be one of the foundations for political action of GonziPN it is now clear to everyone that it is cracked and beyond repair.

    Carmel Cacopardo, AD spokesperson for Sustainable Development and Local Government, said that “environment responsibilities for PN is like political football with responsibilities moving on from one Minister to another. Environmental responsibilities are fragmented in various Ministries increasing the difficulty for implementation of policy.”

    5 jun 11 @ 3:48 pm edt          Comments

    New Green Party leaders bring poll success

    New Green Party chiefs bring poll success
    The Green Party (Miljöpartiet) recently elected Gustaf Fridolin and Åsa Romson to be new spokespeople, as the party's leaders are called, replacing their predecessors Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson.

    The move appears to have been a positive one, as a new voters' survey shows the Greens reaching a new record high. 

    In the poll, recently conducted by the Demoskop polling company and published on Sunday in the newspaper Expressen, the Green Party received 11.8 percent of the vote.

    The figure represents an increase of 1.3 percentage points since the last poll, in May, and a hefty rise from the election results of September 2010, where the Green Party received 7.34 percent of the vote.
    5 jun 11 @ 3:46 pm edt          Comments

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Green Party's May first day in Canada Parliament

    Green Party's May begins Commons career 

    Elizabeth May, Canada's first, and only, Green Party member of parliament  took her seat in the House of Commons Thursday.

    Elizabeth May, Green Party 

    As Canada's first Green Party member of parliament took her seat in the House of Commons Thursday morning, the historic nature of the event was overshadowed by questions about what Elizabeth May — as the lone MP for her party — can really accomplish in a majority Conservative Parliament.




    2 jun 11 @ 6:49 pm edt          Comments

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Bob Kelleher - Green Party, on th left, talks with former Sen. Conrad Burns before a debate of candidates for the U.S. Senate in 2006 at the Billings Depot. Kelleher died Sunday.


    Bob Kelleher, frequent Green Party candidate and 1972 constitutional convention delegate, dies

     HELENA -- Bob Kelleher, Green Party, a delegate to the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention, a perennial political candidate and a longtime advocate of a parliamentary form of government, died Sunday in Billings.

    Kelleher, 88, had a lengthy career as an attorney in Billings and Butte.

    A rosary/celebration of life service will be at 3 p.m. Thursday at Dahl Funeral Chapel in Billings.

    With his wild, bushy eyebrows and flair for the dramatic, Kelleher was among the most colorful Montana political candidates over the past four decades. He mostly ran as a Green Party candidate and in 2008 even won the Republican primary nomination for the U.S. Senate.

    From 1964 to 2008, Kelleher was a fixture on the state ballot nearly every two years -- running 16 times. He also made a failed bid for president in 1976 in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Georgia primaries pitching the parliamentary system.

    November 1971 he was elected as one of the 100 delegates to the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention.

    There, Kelleher fought tenaciously, if unsuccessfully, for Montana to switch to a one-house parliamentary form of government. Under this system, voters elect legislators as they do now. The lawmakers whose party won a majority form the government and serve as the executive branch leaders, as is the case in many countries. 

    1 jun 11 @ 9:55 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party Steamed over Rail

    Rail SAVE OUR RAIL: Green Party supporters Karen Davis and Samuel Otter meet the steam train at Mt Albert station.
    We NEED More Trains, Less Traffic! 
    1 jun 11 @ 9:43 pm edt          Comments

    Philly Green Party endorses Richie Antipuna


    DAILY GRINDER: Green Party Endorses City Commissioner candidate


    Richie Antipuna, Green Party endorsee 

    The Green Party of Philadelphia have endorsed Richie Antipuna for Philadelphia City Commissioner. Antipuna was recently profiled by PW writer Tara Murtha in a story about the group Kenzo Pride. “I honestly want to run for City Commissioner to show other regular people that anyone can run against the corrupt Democrats who control this city,” Antipuna told a Green Party gathering. “I remember when politicians walked around the neighborhood — even when it wasn’t election time! That’s the kind of Commissioner I plan to be.”



    1 jun 11 @ 9:40 pm edt          Comments

    Florida Green Party calls for following German example: phase out nuclear power

    from Green Party Watch

    In Florida, there are currently five nuclear reactors in operation in Florida, with two at Turkey Point on Biscayne Bay, two in Port St. Lucie, and one at Crystal River. The Crystal River reactor (CR-3) has been shut down for repairs since September 2009, when a large crack was discovered in the concrete and steel containment vessel. In recent weeks, just as the plant was being prepared to go back online, new cracks were discovered.

    Now the Green Party of Florida says after Japan, no more. 

    1 jun 11 @ 9:30 pm edt          Comments

    Soaring Green Party could lead to Conservative coalition


    Germany could have a Green chancellor if a federal election were held now, according to aForsa poll for Stern magazine today. The Greens had 26 percent support for the fourth straight week, while the main opposition Social Democrats with which they passed a law to exit nuclear power by 2021 under SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had 24 percent, up 3 percentage points. 

    1 jun 11 @ 9:27 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party election funding

    Parties get $3.2m funding for election


    Political parties will get more than $3.2 million to broadcast their campaign messages ahead of the election, the Electoral Commission said today.

    The commission sets airtime and funding allocations for political parties to deliver opening and closing addresses, which are broadcast by the state-owned broadcasters TVNZ and Radio New Zealand.

    The Labour and National parties will get $1.15m each, with 20 minutes for opening addresses and 16 minutes for closing addresses.

    The next biggest allocations went to the Green Party, with $300,000 and a total of 15 minutes airtime, and the ACT and Maori parties, with $160,000 and nine minutes total each.


    New Zealand First and United Future both got $100,000 and 5.5 minutes in total. 

    1 jun 11 @ 9:21 pm edt          Comments

    Green Party confirmed by national election commission 3rd largest party

    Commission Confirms Greens Third Biggest Party In NZ

    As the Green Party prepare for their annual conference this weekend, the Electoral Commission has for the first time formally recognised their status as NZ's official third largest party, in a 'medium size' class of their own, granting them more significance than the smaller parties.

    "The Electoral Commission's decision on party broadcasts marks a milestone for the Greens as it acknowledges the Party's unique status", Co-leader Metiria Turei said today.

    The Electoral Commission today confirmed for the Green Party a separate, second-tier category of funding and broadcast time, separate from National and Labour and distinct from other support parties like the Maori Party or ACT.

    "This is a minor milestone for the Greens," Mrs Turei said. "Clearly National and Labour are the largest players, but we are significantly bigger than the other four parties in Parliament. We thank the Electoral Commission for recognising the distinction." 


    1 jun 11 @ 9:19 pm edt          Comments

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