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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg gives $50 million to fight coal-fired power plants
WaPo By Christian Torres and and Juliet Eilperin, Published: July 21, 2011

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced Thursday that he will donate $50 million to the Sierra Club to support its nationwide campaign to eliminate coal-fired power plants. nyc_bloomberg.jpg

Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune described the gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies, to be spread over four years, as “a game-changer, from our perspective.” The group will devote the money to its Beyond Coal campaign, which has helped block the construction of 153 new coal-fired power plants across the country since 2002. The campaign will expand from 15 to 45 states, plus the District of Columbia.

Among current targets is the Potomac River Generating Station in Alexandria, which was the backdrop for Thursday’s announcement. Bloomberg, Brune and Rep. James P. Moran (D-Va.) spoke on the deck of the restaurant cruise ship Nina’s Dandy, which floated several hundred yards away on the Potomac River. Moran said the plant “should have been shut down decades ago.”

As mayor of New York, Bloomberg (I) has pushed for environmentally friendly policies such as investing in renewable energy and making the city’s taxi fleet more efficient. But this is his largest financial contribution to an environmental effort, and the donation will swell the Sierra Club’s $80 million annual budget.

Bloomberg also tied the coal-burning issue to his work in public health, which includes bans on smoking in New York. He said he is now “joining another front for clean air” by contributing to the Sierra Club, and he plans to commit his time and energy to the campaign.

Scott Segal, a coal lobbyist, said in an e-mail that although it is up to the mayor’s foundation to determine which contributions make sense, “the mayor well knows that the key to New York’s success lies in access to affordable and reliable power.”

Asked about the city’s energy supply, Bloomberg was frank about the choices. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and others have pressed to close the nearby Indian Point nuclear power plant, but the mayor said city residents get more than 8 percent of their electricity from the facility and lack a ready substitute. “It’s just not practical to close it down at the moment,” he said.

With Bloomberg’s donation, the Sierra Club plans to expand its Beyond Coal staff from about 100 people to nearly 200 full-time employees. Most of them will engage in grass-roots organizing, but some will work on lawsuits or social networking.

The announcement underscores the extent to which environmentalists are focused on efforts beyond the Beltway, given the opposition in Congress to nationwide limits on greenhouse gas emissions.
Continue story here
22 jul 11 @ 3:28 pm edt          Comments

Student debt tops new Green candidate's priority list

 Stephanie-Lynn Russell has been named the Green Party candidate for the Nickel Belt riding for the upcoming provincial election. Photo by Martha Dillman.

Stephanie-Lynn Russell Green Party candidate for the Nickel Belt, Canada riding for the upcoming provincial election.

Photo by Martha Dillman.


Student debt tops new Green candidate's priority list

22 jul 11 @ 9:00 am edt          Comments

Edward Lindsay Texas Green Party running or Congress in 2012

Texas Green Party's Ed Lindsay running for Congress in 2012

It's not right that the U.S. House Oil Party wants to take away deductions which help Americans live day by day while not willing to take away he deductions that allow over sixty percent of American corporations to pay ZERO income taxes. 


Here's what they want to do:  reduce popular tax breaks for mortgage interest, health insurance, charitable giving and retirement savings.
Your Congressman has been giving oil and gas companies subsidies when they don't need them.  We will be faced with higher taxes of at least $1.2 trillion or more over the next decade while the great majority of American corporations will continue to pay no income taxes; because your Congressmen call closing these loopholes a "tax increase."  That's BS!  

By law, a corporation is an individual and should be treated as an individual for income tax purposes, and no special allowances should be given unless given to ALL Americans.  

In addition, there should be NO cuts to Medicare and to Social Security.  
These programs are funded entirely separately from the income derived for the Federal Budget and should be treated accordingly.  

If Congress would pay back what it owes these programs, then both Medicare and Social Security would be in much better shape; but Congressmen won't do that.  Shame on them.   

It's about time that Congress started treating us Americans the way we should be treated and NOT catering to lobbyists, the super rich and corporations.  They can start by giving us the same benefits that they enjoy.  What makes them so special anyway?  And why don't they pay into Social Security?  

Here's a suggestion:  Let everyone who has an earned income pay into Social Security and into Medicare.  Also, keep the deductions or housing interest, etc., but have a proportional income tax scale that ranges from zero to thirty percent for everyone, corporations included, but without the special loopholes that are unfair for the rest of us.  A tax code of 17,000 pages is ridiculous and those who support such should be fired!  

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment except in times of declared war or national emergencies.  Plus, I support a plan to start reducing the Federal Debt but not on the backs of those who already are paying their
fair share.  

I am sending this to my Congressman.  Do any of you have have enough interest in this country to join me?  If so, then do what is right for us Americans who pay for their outrageous salaries and benefits.    

If you believe in this cause, then please pass it on. 
Finally, anyone who would like to contribute to my efforts to defeat those career politicians in Congress can do so by using the below address: 
Ed for Congress 
5062 Tierney Ct. South 
Fort Worth, TX 76112  
Thank you and God Bless, 
Edward Lindsay 

Ph.  817-507-3727 

22 jul 11 @ 8:51 am edt          Comments

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Matthew Simpson petitioning to get on ballot for House of Delegates

Matthew Simpson petitioning to get on ballot for House of Delegates in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
21 jul 11 @ 9:32 pm edt          Comments

Dianne Blais in Green Party Minute candidate for House of Delegates district 40


Dianne Blais candidate for Virginia House of Delegates district 40 featured in Green Party Minute video.

click here

21 jul 11 @ 7:22 am edt          Comments

Germany's Green Party on the Euro Crisis

Green Party co-leader Cem Özdemir: "It's not enough just to save Greece for the next two or three months."

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Cem Özdemir, the co-leader of Germany's Green Party, talks of the challenges that Greece faces in sorting out its finances, argues in favor of a debt restructuring and calls on Chancellor Merkel to push for resolute action at Thursday's EU summit.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Özdemir, you have been in Greece for talks for the past few days. Do you have the feeling that you, as a German, are still welcome there?


Özdemir: The Greeks know that there is more to Germany than just the Chancellery -- where for a long time people have been sticking their heads in the sand , hoping that the euro crisis will somehow solve itself. People are aware that we Greens also exist, in the opposition, and that we have a clear European vision. They also know that even within the ruling conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) there are isolated voices of reason, such as German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and certain CDU representatives in the European Parliament.,1518,775668,00.html 

21 jul 11 @ 7:17 am edt          Comments

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pat LaMarche on protecting Social Security, and her Uncle Paul
 Patricia LaMarche
Pat LaMarche, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate 2004, and two time Governor candidate in Maine.
19 jul 11 @ 10:37 pm edt          Comments

Kentucky Green Party weekend convention

Kentucky Green Party weekend convention

 Thanks to 

James Bruggers


James Bruggers covers the environment for The Courier-Journal. Get your local newspaper delivered daily or weekends to your door. Click here for subscription information and special deals.



19 jul 11 @ 8:09 pm edt          Comments

Monday, July 18, 2011

National U.S. Green Party meeting August

The meeting will take place August 5-7 at Green Fest in Alfred, western New York; Greens will begin planning for the 2012 elections, including the presidential race; Elizabeth May, Canadian Green member of Parliament, and economist David C. Korten to speak via Skype

Meeting Themes: “Building a Green Economy — Yes, Solar, Yes "More Trains, Less Traffic", Yes Wind energy, Yes Geothermal energy.

No War. No Coal. No Gas. No Nukes.” 

18 jul 11 @ 9:27 pm edt          Comments

Illinois Green Party pushes for nuclear safety - replace with renewables

Illinois Green Party pushes for nuclear safety - replace with renewable energy.

from  WREX-TV Channel 15 


18 jul 11 @ 9:24 pm edt          Comments

Independent Green attend No Labels national leadership meeting

Lorett Leman, Lisa Leman, with former Comptroller General David Walker interviews for Green Party Minute at today's (Monday July 18, 2011) Washington D.C. meeting of congressional district leaders.  Carey Campbell interviewed by ZDF, Germany's second TV network.

click to watch videos here 





18 jul 11 @ 9:07 pm edt          Comments

Juergen Trittin in Green Party Minute interview

Juergen Trittin in Green Party Minute Interview 

click below to watch. 

18 jul 11 @ 7:16 am edt          Comments

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Green Party's Trittin Heads to U.S. as German Greens Surge
German Green Party co-leader Juergen Trittin
Merkel Rival Trittin Heads to U.S. as German Greens Surge

German Green Party co-leader Juergen Trittin is traveling to New York and Washington next week to meet with Obama administration officials as he burnishes his profile ahead of a possible run for the Chancellery in 2013.

Trittin, a former environment minister in Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democrat-led coalition with the Greens from 1998 to 2005, said he plans to meet with members of the United Nations Security Council and officials from the Pentagon, State Department, the Senate and the White House. Talks with U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice have been confirmed during his five-day trip beginning July 11, a party official said.

“The U.S. is our most relevant ally in the world,” Trittin, who co-chairs the Greens caucus in the lower house of parliament, or Bundestag, said in an interview in his Berlin office yesterday. “Contacts between the Congress and the Bundestag, between the German Bundestag and the administration, are a normal necessity.”

Trittin’s visit underscores the Green surge in the past 18 months as the former environmental protest party has capitalized on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s weakness. After party in-fighting and flip-flops on Greece and nuclear power, Merkel’s coalition trails the Greens and Social Democrats in polls by as many as 12 percentage points. Spiegel magazine described Trittin, 56, as the “key figure” in German politics in this week’s edition.

‘Being Affluent’

“The rise of the Greens is very serious, it’s here to stay,” said Jan Techau, director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Brussels and a former analyst at the German Council on Foreign Relations. “The Greens’ program is in line with center-left German mainstream thinking. They’re open, liberal but don’t want to change the system. They wash their yogurt containers and recycle everything but they’re not afraid of being affluent.”

Support for the Greens fell 1 percentage point to 23 percent in a weekly Forsa poll today. That’s still more than double the 10.6 percent it won at the last federal election in September 2009. With the Social Democrats also at 23 percent, the allies are 1 point short of the necessary support to form a coalition if elections were held now, according to Forsa.

9 jul 11 @ 12:22 am edt          Comments

Investigate Murdock!, Australian Green Party Senator says
Australia Green Party calls for inquiry into Murdoch media

The leader of Australia's Green party has called on the government to investigate Rupert Murdoch's extensive media holdings in Australia.

Party leader Bob Brown, a senator, urged the inquiry following fresh revelations in the UK over the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

The Murdoch-owned paper is accused of hacking into the phones of crime victims, celebrities and politicians.

Mr Brown said the potential for similar activity in Australia should be probed.

9 jul 11 @ 12:17 am edt          Comments

Ohio Green Party files lawsuit

Green Party to file election lawsuit
Rios to run for Toledo City Council

By Kevin Milliken, Special to La Prensa

Ohio’s Green Party intends to file a lawsuit challenging an election reform bill recently passed by the state legislature that the group claims could mean the end of minority political parties in the Buckeye state.

The bill is prompting Green Party of Ohio co-chair Anita Rios to run for Toledo City Council this year, before the party may lose its political clout. Sean Nestor also is a Green Party candidate seeking a city council seat.

“Whether the State chooses to outlaw us or not, we will continue to fight for what’s right,” said Ms. Rios. “Our fights to end nuclear power, protect workers' rights, and help minorities and
women are too important to let the two larger parties stop us, just because they are afraid of a little competition.”

The Green Party of Ohio chose the Fourth of July to issue its threat, because party officials believe state lawmakers are launching an attack on democracy, which the holiday celebrates.

9 jul 11 @ 12:13 am edt          Comments

Monday, July 4, 2011

Carey Campbell launches campaign on July 4, 2011


Carey Campbell, Independent Greens Chairman

Carey Campbell launched his 2011 campaign for Fairfax County Board of supervisors on July 4, 2011.  Carey Campbell is a U.S. Air Force veteran, accountant, member of the North Springfield Civic Association Board, North Springfield PTA.   Carey Campbell is also co-chair of the Fairfax Federation of Citizens Associations budget, and transportation committees.  Carey Campbell is a graduate of the University of Maryland (European Division).  Carey Campbell also attended the University of Freiburg, Germany.  

Carey Campbell calls for "More Trains, Less Traffic", "More Solar, More Revenue".  



4 jul 11 @ 5:16 pm edt          Comments

Green Party calls for creating Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Grünes Konzept für 100000 Arbeitsplätze in Berlin

Green Party Fraction Chef Volker Ratzmann and Renate Künast on the way to press conference calling for creating new Green Jobs!


4 jul 11 @ 5:11 pm edt          Comments

Green Party moves to stop sale of Panzer tanks to Saudia Arabia

Agnes Malczak, Green Party member of the German Parliament, and defense committee

Saudia Arabia trying to buy 200 Leopard Panzer tanks from Germany.  The Green Party moves to stop the "dangerous" sale.

saudi-arabische Sicherheitskreise, das Königreich wolle 200 Leopard-Panzer,,83389_cid_15209765,00.html
4 jul 11 @ 4:54 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Party fights for mainstream pro eco business, and votes

Der Wahlkampfmanager der Berliner Grünen-Spitzenkandidatin Renate Künast ist von seinen Aufgaben entbunden worden, nachdem er sich einem Medienbericht zufolge offenbar betrunken und aggressiv gegen eine Polizeikontrolle gewehrt hatte. (Archivfoto);art154776,2435375

3 jul 11 @ 9:47 pm edt          Comments

Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Party takes balance of power in Australia's Senate


Balance of power demands a new responsibility.

Today marks a new era in Australian politics. The Greens assume the balance of power in the Senate, following the election of four new senators at the last federal poll. Each state has a Greens representative, while for good measure in the lower house, Adam Bandt sits as the Greens MP for the seat of Melbourne. This marks a significant moment in Australian politics, not only for the party itself but the nation as a whole. As the minority Gillard government navigates its survival on almost a daily basis, it is the Greens who have the certainty in their ability to influence and guide the direction of the nation through their crucial numbers in the upper house. For the party that emerged from the environmental movement, it is a remarkable rise to importance and prominence. Bob Brown, the party's leader and elder statesman, has been there for the entire journey. Four decades ago, he first stood as an unsuccessful candidate for the newly-formed United Tasmania Group, the world's first green party, which later morphed into the Tasmanian Greens. Much of the success of the Greens can be attributed to Brown's ability to articulate a different view, often infused with a sense of compassion. In an era where politicians struggle to define clear identities, Brown rises above the pack. The change in the Senate numbers from today should be a justified moment of celebration for Brown and a party that has successfully challenged the dominance of the two main players in Australian politics.

Read more:



1 jul 11 @ 9:26 pm edt          Comments

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Petra Kelly, Green Party founder.

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