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Monday, October 17, 2011

Eric Sheffield running strong Independent campaign in Rockbridge
Eric Sheffield, Independent (I) for Rockbridge board of supervisors

Keep Our Taxes Low

Low taxes attract businesses. Low taxes attract young families. Low taxes mean those of us who work here can actually retire here.

Create Good Jobs

To bring in jobs in an intensely competitive business environment we must be smart about infrastructure development and promote our quality of life. Read more.....

Ensure Excellent Schools

Our public schools are the bedrock of our future citizenry and the cornerstone of our future economy. Schools are the number one factor that prospective businesses look at when considering relocation—we must attract excellence by promoting excellence. We must also recognize the value of schools as anchors for local communities and traditions.

Provide Efficient Government Services

If we want quality schools, adequate public safety, and an attractive business environment--while keeping taxes low--then we must operate all departments of county government efficiently, expand cooperation with our two neighboring cities, and make smart decisions about our shared future.

Preserve Our Cultural & Natural Heritage

We need to preserve farms and the agricultural tradition of our county. We must also take active measures to protect our natural resources and preserve the beauty of our rural andscape. 
Eric Sheffield web site 
Eric Sheffield supporter 
17 oct 11 @ 10:59 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oddo wins Albemarle County School Board debate

Joe Oddo Albemarle School Board debate winner

 Candidates for the Albemarle County School Board met Monday night to discuss their respective platforms. Joe Oddo was most popular and best received.  

At-large candidates Cindi BurketJoe Oddo and Ned L. Gallaway voiced their opinions alongside Jason Buyaki, who is running unopposed for the Rivanna District seat, and Stephen Koleszar, who is running unopposed for the Scottsvile District seat. Hot topics included community involvement, efficient budgeting and the effectiveness of semesterization. 

16 oct 11 @ 8:48 pm edt          Comments

Campbell victories in Braddock Debates

Campbell, Independent for Braddock Supervisor  - inside polling shows Campbell climb, most popular. Campbell best known in Braddock. 


Campbell, Independent wins Braddock debates @ Episcopal Church, Bonnie Brae, and  Springfield 

Campbell campaign shakes hands with thousands of Braddock District voters.  Watch here. 



16 oct 11 @ 11:38 am edt          Comments

Thursday, October 6, 2011

North Springfield Debate - Campbell, winner again, 3rd time's charm

Carey Campbell, the Independent U.S. Air Force veteran, running for Braddock Supervisor wins third debate

more at annandale blog


More at 

6 oct 11 @ 9:29 pm edt          Comments

Monday, October 3, 2011

WTOP reports record ridership on Virginia Rail Express

Campbell campaign for dedicated passenger track for Virginia Rail Express

WTOP's Hank Silverberg reports on VRE record ridership. Carey Campbell is the Independent U.S. Air Force veteran, and accountant running for Braddock District Supervisor. 



3 oct 11 @ 8:06 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carey Campbell fights for free speech! Wins second debate

Carey Campbell wins another Braddock Supervisor debate.

Carey Campbell fought every possible obstacle. Fights overwhelming obstacles to second Braddock District Debate Campbell victory.

The host and timekeeper of the debate were campaign contributors to the borrow and spend incumbent.  The Timekeeper violated "Robert's Rules of Order" attempted to tell Campbell what he was allowed to say.  Campbell, the only veteran on the ballot in the Braddock Supervisor race, refused to be cowed.  Campbell continued to refer to the "borrow and spend incumbent".   With quick retorts, Campbell silenced the hecklers from the debate audience.   Count it up another debate victory for Carey Campbell in Braddock district. 

The Examiner reported the "Host and Timekeeper" that showed no respect for Roberts Rules of Order, and showed disrespect for Freedom of Speech was a precinct captain of the "borrow and spend Incumbent's party". 




2 oct 11 @ 11:07 pm edt          Comments

Connection Newspaper publishes Campbell article

Campbell: "We must declare Independence!"

Carey Campbell, U.S. Air Force veteran, accountant is an Independent for Braddock Supervisor.

Thank you for covering the Braddock District supervisor debate. Also appreciate your including our Independent Campbell campaign and participation in your coverage.
Thanks to the many people who contacted the Campbell campaign to say they think we are winning the debate on the issues, and substance with passion, heart and intelligence. Ultimately, our system of government, transparency and voters win by seeing discussion and clear differences.

Ours is an Independent campaign, filed as an Independent, running as Independent, and when elected will serve as an Independent. The article failed to mention I am an Independent conservative or conservative Independent. Your reporter represented me as a candidate of a political party. I am not.

I am the most fiscally conservative candidate in the race. Your article failed to mention that vital fact for Connection readers. Not only videos, but other reporters noted the Campbell campaign is conservative.

Our Campbell for Braddock supervisor campaign calls for the lowest property tax rate. Our Campbell campaign is for the largest cuts and shifts in spending. Other points would have made for a more fair and balanced article. Here they are.

Over a month ago, the Campbell campaign called for debates in all 27 Braddock District precincts. Just as in the campaign two years ago.

I am a very serious candidate for Braddock supervisor, a U.S. Air Force veteran and accountant. I’ve served our nation over three decades. I have served our Braddock community over 20 years — North Springfield Civic Association board and PTA member, Braddock District council member, Fairfax Federation of Civic Associations co-chair of budget and transportation committees, Braddock District Comprehensive Transportation Task Force. Education includes a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude from University of Maryland, European Division. Accounting and business studies at the University of Kentucky, and while on active duty in the U.S. Air Force study at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

In our Independent campaign two years ago, we knocked on about 40,000 doors in Braddock District. We have knocked thousands more Braddock doors this year.
For over two decades I’ve gathered hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to put Independent candidates on the ballot in Braddock District, Fairfax County and across Virginia. Decades of community work proves the seriousness of the Campbell conservative Independent campaign.

I run as an Independent because we must get beyond the partisan bickering and deadlock. We need a new Independent course. Independent because like the declaration of Independence, we must declare our independence.

We must be independent of old, dead, useless ideology.

We need be independent to be realistic, pragmatic, and reasonable. 


2 oct 11 @ 11:00 pm edt          Comments

Annandale Blogspot calls "Campbell forceful presence" debate winner

Annandale Blogspot describes Campbell, "forceful presence"

Carey Campbell wins Braddock Supervisor debates.

Scores of people packed the community room at Braddock Hall for the first of 10 debates with the candidates running for supervisor of the Braddock District of Fairfax County. 

The debate pitted Carey Campbell the Independent against the "borrow and spend Incumbent" and other challenger.   The biggest surprise of the evening was the forceful presence of the the Independent candidate,Carey Campbell. 


Campbell, who called himself “the most fiscally conservative candidate,” repeatedly stressed the slogan, “more trains, less traffic.” An Air Force veteran, accountant, and North Springfield civic association leader, Campbell has run for Braddock supervisor three times and ran for chairman of the board in 2009.

Campbell proposed putting solar panels on the roofs of all public buildings to generate revenue to build new rail systems. Rails would also attract new development, he said, which would generate more revenue.

Campbell repeatedly referred to the  “borrow and spend” incumbent and criticized him for not supporting rail. Campbell said he had heard the incumbent spewing “neo-con ideological nonsense.”

When asked how they would tackle fraud, waste, and abuse in the county budget, Campbell said he would not support creating any new agency with limited tax dollars.  "If citizens want more auditors, they must realize that costs taxpayers.  There is now free lunch. " 


2 oct 11 @ 10:51 pm edt          Comments

Carey Campbell, Independent, "Save. Don't spend!"

Campbell before Board of Supervisors on carryover budget: "Save! Don't spend!"

Campbell  urged the county to not spend carryover funs with a shortfall already projected in the county budget in just 9 months. 

“My message is simple: Save. Don’t spend,” said Carey C. Campbell, an independent candidate for the Board of Supervisors’ seat in the Braddock District. “If you must spend, spend wisely.” 


2 oct 11 @ 10:42 pm edt          Comments

Carey Campbell, Independent, wins first Braddock Debate

Campbell wins Braddock Supervisor debate

Fairfax County’s Braddock District candidates hold first debate

By Fredrick Kunkle

Candidates for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor’s Braddock District seat met in the first of 10 planned debates Wednesday night, offering competing views on matters involving all of Northern Virginia’s biggest jurisdiction and neighborhood minutiae.

More than 100 people overflowed a meeting room at the Braddock District office to observe the 90-minute contest between Carey C. Campbell, the Independent, and two other candidates.

The candidates agreed on the need to continue building a new Metro line to Dulles International Airport, sparred over public employee pensions, and sketched differing philosophies of government while trying not to seem too partisan.

Campbell, who turned 55 on Wednesday, was easily the brashest of the three. He referred several times to Cook as the “borrow-and-spend incumbent,” accused Cook of dishonesty, and said he disliked attending Braddock District Council meetings because of what he described as Cook’s tendency to spew “neocon ideological nonsense.”

“I am the most fiscally conservative candidate here tonight,” said Campbell, an Air Force veteran and chair of the budget and transportation committees at the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations.

“We need more trains, less traffic,” was his mantra for the evening. He also called for installing solar panels on county buildings. Campbell even rattled off some rusty German and Spanish in response to a question about whether the candidates had the background or experience to deal with the county’s great diversity.

“I live diversity every day,” said Campbell, who said that his wife is Peruvian. “I’ve seen all these people door to door. I’ve knocked on the Korean American community’s [doors] -- some of the politest people in our neighborhoods.”

The three candidates expressed support for funding Phase II of the project building rail to Dulles International Airport and pledged to do what it takes to shake more money out of the state so that Fairfax taxpayers alone are not shouldering too much of the burden. 


2 oct 11 @ 10:38 pm edt          Comments

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Petra Kelly, Green Party founder.

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