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Friday, March 30, 2012

Green Party leader calls for thriving green economy

Green Party leader calls for thriving green economy

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas says we need to grow the economy with Green Jobs.  Build solar, wind, geotherman, and rail industry.  More Trains, Less Traffic.  Green issues.

Renewable Green industry, sustainability is the business of the future.  

 She was speaking in Norwich where she launched her party's local election campaign. "We are a party of principle," she said. "You can trust us not just on the environment but also social issues and the economy."

Start Quote

Austerity isn't working. Investing in green measures and green technology is actually good for the economy because a green economy is an incredibly labour intensive economy ”

Caroline Lucas MPGreen Party, Brighton

Green Party members will be talking a lot about their economic policy over the next few weeks. Ms Lucas believes that at a time of austerity her party has an attractive message.

"The way of dealing with the deficit is not to throw out of work 500,000 public sector workers. The way to do it is to keep people in work to ensure their taxes are going into the revenue and not paying for redundancies and welfare."

"Austerity isn't working. Investing in green measures and green technology is actually good for the economy because a green economy is an incredibly labour intensive economy. Insulating every home would be a fantastic job creation programme." 

"The government has completely misread the public mood on this," she said. "Look at the outcry over the attempt to sell off the forests which forced an embarrassing U-turn and look at the fiasco over the new planning regulations. People are worried about what will happen to their countryside."


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Green Party Governor at 70% in polls

Kretschmann is cool! Green Party Governor celebrates a year in offfice at over 70% approval rating in polls.

Germany's first Green Party state Governor Winfried Kretschman "catholic, conservative, cool" has been in office a year already.   The Green Party is the most popular party in the state with a 32% approval rating.  Green Governor Kretschmann scores over double that. Kretsch's job performance is approved of by well over 70% of voters.

more from ARD TV


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Deadline TV Show discusses AIPAC

Atlantic TV News production: Deadline - discusses AIPAC

Carey Campbell anchors an in depth conversation with: 

Christopher Chambers, Professor, Georgetown University


Robert Neiman, Chairman Just Foreign Policy

 Helena Cobban, Just World Books


Deadline, Executive Producer: Affra Haj 

click here

26 mar 12 @ 9:53 pm edt          Comments

George Gluck, Green Party candidate for Congress in Maryland 26 mar 12 @ 9:05 pm edt          Comments

Colia Clark Wins NY Green Party Nomination for US Senate

Colia Clark Wins NY Green Party Nomination for US Senate

Green Party Watch reports

Colia Clark won  the unanimous vote of the Green Party State Committee to run for US Senate at a  meeting held in Manhattan.  During the Civil Rights era, Clark was a Special Assistant to Medgar W.  Evers, field Secretary for the NAACP. Clark later joined the Mississippi Student  Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) doing voter registration work. She was  the founder  and Coordinator for Poor Women Against  Vietnam War, and the former coordinator of the Social Justice Center in  Albany. 

26 mar 12 @ 8:59 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Green Party's Rosanne Barr leads and finances fight to elect President by popular vote

Green Party's Rosanne Barr leads fight to elect President by popular vote.

At her first Green Party campaign event Friday night, Rosanne Barr announced she is financing a lawsuit to do away with the electoral college, and elect the U.S. President by popular vote. 

Rosanne Barr was promoting Green Party candidates for U.S. House of Representatives at the Friday evening fund raiser in California. The Green Party attorney is Gary Coutin.  This is the latest in a series of lawsuits, articles, and books Mr. Coutin has undertaken since the still disputed U.S. Presidential election of 2000.  Read more about the Green Party's work to elect the U.S. President by popular vote at Rosanne Barr's web site. 

25 mar 12 @ 12:50 pm edt          Comments

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rosanne Barr

"Elect Greens.  Get Green Party representation on every side of the ailse"  

Rosanne Barr at her first Green Party campaign event.  Rosanne was raising funds and promoting other Green Party candidates for U.S. Congress.

Michael Powleson is running in California's 30th Congressional district.  Green Party congressional candidate Michael Powleson went to Milliken Middle School and Grant High,  Greens he said  “... fight for women’s rights, ... against war.”

David Steinman, running for California's 33rd Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Green Party candidate David Steinan wrote two books about the environment and came from being an independent voter. “I thought the larget two parties were spineless and anti-environment.”

Anthony Vieyra, running in California's 35th Congressional District.  The Green Party candidate's district includes East Los Angeles.  Anthony Vieyra talked about how he was Green from the time he was a little boy. 


Rosanne Barr impresses with her humility and intelligence.  


Rosanne Barr struck an important cord for the Independent Greens, and Greens last night. Rosanne was a serious candidate on the stage.  From

Roseanne Barr spoke rather seriously to a group of Green Party supporters at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood on Friday night about her run for President of the United States.

This “Rally in the Valley” was the first Green Party group in the country that hosted all three of the leading contenders running for president in the Green Party. The 75 people in attendance (including some paparazzi) also heard from other Green Party candidates for congressional seats.

The comedienne explained that her candidacy was no joke, and she discussed a platform that included legalizing marijuana, supporting gay marriage and forgiving student loans.

“I will not let the idiots go unanswered,” she said, with an occasional quip. She talked about her modest beginnings, as a “smart fat girl growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah.” 

“I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth,” she said. “I didn’t even have a plastic spork.”

“Roseanne’s” show was shot in Studio City at the CBS Studios Radford lot in the late 1980s and through most of the 1990s, and she said, “I created jobs by the hundreds, and I made some people there millionaires. I am the American Dream, and I know the average American’s problems and issues.” 

Patch. Com has great coverage, and video at link below.


24 mar 12 @ 12:05 pm edt          Comments

Pat LaMarche Green Party 2004 Vice Prez candidate on Deadline TV Show

Pat LaMarche Green Party 2004 Vice Presidential candidate on Deadline TV Show

Pat LaMarche Green Party joins Carey Campbell anchor of TV Show Deadline for a review of 2012 Green Party candidates.

"I love Kent Mesplay."   said LaMarche.  Pat LaMarche had kind words of support for the other Greens seeking the Green Party presidential nomination: Dr. Jill Stein, and Hollywood Star Rosanne Barr.  

Pat LaMarche now hosts "The Pulse"  morning radio talk show at the Maine radio station owned by writer Stephen King. 

Click below to watch Pat LaMarche on "Deadline" . 

24 mar 12 @ 12:13 am edt          Comments

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Janet Murphy files 2,000 petition signatures to run for U.S. House of Representatives

Janet Murphy

Independent Green Party of Virginia files 2,000 petition signatures

Janet Murphy, businesswoman, realtor, Independent Green Party of Virginia state leader, filed 2,000 petition signatures to get on the ballot for U.S. House of Representatives. Click on link below for video. 

20 mar 12 @ 11:21 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, March 18, 2012

German Green Party

German Green Party wants primary elections for lead candidates in 2013 federal elections


The Greens want to determine as the first party in Germany, their leading candidates for the parliamentary election by primary election!

The 60 000 members will vote in the fall for two top choices for the 2013 federal elections.  If no more than two candidates run for the post and the members therefore have nothing to decide, there's no primary election.

The Party leader Claudia Roth and Cem Ozdemir, and the group chairman Juergen Trittin and Renate Kuenast agreed per Deutsche Presse-Agentur information on Saturday in the Green Party's headquarters in Berlin on this process.

Also, the "Daily Mirror" and the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on it. Monday the Green Party Executive Committee will take up the primary issue.A small convention party in Lübeck in late April would then vote on the new Green Party procedure.

As for the Greens is likely that Trittin is applying for the top candidate.  Roth has already said she is runningd. Künast is not expected to compete. Özdemir may not, but would be a strong candidate if he did.  Also, there could be other candidates from the party.

Künast was weakened after her run for mayor of Berlin, 2011.

Özdemir is national Green Party co-chair. He enjoys strong support in the Green Party. 

Künast have in the first round of the originally recruited by Roth favorite solution, to run as top quartet, it said. But the opposite is the scenario that the Greens are not without human escalation could be performed adequately - especially since her soaring in the polls months ago.

Roth has forged ahead with the proposal of a primary election on Women's Day, after it had given more votes in the party as the only leading candidate for Trittin. Men wanted a single point not accept Roth. These were among the Greens so far only with Joschka Fischer.

A primary election could shuffle the cards in the new green. It is true that the top two at least belong to a woman. This corresponds to the statute.But could be broken with the practice that both the left and are represented as well as the Realo wing must - as in the case of variant red / Trittin. Both belong to the party's left wing.

Comparable member surveys are rare. 1993 sat down at an SPD member survey by the then Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Rudolf Sharping by a party leader from the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder and board member Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.

Many Greens look forward to a possible primary election with mixed feelings. It could be a hype, but would be elected at the end only two of the familiar faces of leadership is concerned. The losers could be damaged.

Party strategists emphasize, however, the internal campaign could also be used to discuss different opinions about the program. At the party congress in Hanover in November to determine the candidates stand. If the primary election fails, the top two there could be elected by the delegates. 

18 mar 12 @ 1:41 pm edt          Comments

Michael Bloomberg 2008 Independent Green Party Presidential nominee

Michael Bloomberg 2012  

Bloomberg was the Independent Green Party 2008 nominee for President.  

Bloomberg could lead elected Independents and Green Party in U.S. House and U.S. Senate seats in 2012.  Michael Bloomberg - Green Party - could be elected president.

An editorial from 

 Bloomberg, Independents, & Green Party a strong positive force

Michael Bloomberg, America's leading Green.

Michael Bloomberg has the smarts, experience, resources, and popular support to change U.S. Green Party politics with a simple: Yes.  With Michael Bloomberg as the U.S Green Party leader, the Greens would break what on most days is the U.S. media blackout.


Many of us hope to hear Michael Bloomberg say:   


"Yes, I Michael Bloomberg will join and seek to lead the UnitedStates Green Party in electing members of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S Senate.   And elect Green Party candidates to local and state government."    

As the Green Party nominee for President, Michael Bloomberg could lead a full slate of Green Party candidates into office.   Yes, we know Michael Bloomberg has said he will not run for President.

Still we have hope, he might change his mind in 2012.   There is still a little time.  The Green Party convention is in July in Baltimore.  Greens understand.  Noone else is like Michael Bloomberg with the capacity to change the American political dynamic in 2012.  The Green Party is the United States third largest political party.  Combine Independents and Greens as only Bloomberg can do, and you have made the Green Party America's next major party.  


The Green Party presidential primary is well underway.  It's been a well run, and positive presidential primary for the Green Party in the U.S.  Easily the Greens best ever.   Retired medical Doctor Jill Stein has run a "friendly, intelligent, constructive campaign".   Housewife. Mother.  Dr. Stein is a veteran Green Party politico having run twice for Governor.  She knows how to run a large campaign.  Dr. Stein is running on the "Green New Deal", and as a "fiscal hawk".  Both have been platforms that have elected Green Party candidates to office around the world.  The up beat Dr. Stein Green Party campaign is growing the party, bringing new people to the Greens, and exciting the base. According to most reports Dr. Stein has received about 50% of all delegates awarded so far. Under Green Party convention rules, Dr. Stein has not clinched the delegates required to have the nomination wrapped up before the convention.   The Green Party will still likely have an Open Convention. 

Hollywood, TV, and Movie Star Rosanne Barr got into the Green Party presidential primary very late.  Rosanne filed so late, she missed the deadline for many Green Party state primaries.   Still Rosanne Barr has impressed.  Rosanne broke the media blackout for the Greens a few days.   Rosanne offered a strong message to Greens. A successful business woman, and internationally known entertainer, Rosanne Barr is running second in the Green Party presidential primary.  Even, when most of her votes have been write ins.  Rosanne Barr is on the California Green Party primary ballot.  Rosanne could receive a huge block of delegates there, and go into the convention generating excitment and attention.  

Dr. Kent Mesplay is the third Green Party candidate seeking the Presidential nomination to have won significant delegates so far in the primary.  

Michael Bloomberg has the ability in the next three months to change the American political landscape in a profound way and in that process fundamentally grow the U.S. Green Party into the nation's leading political party.

Bloomberg leading the Green Party could and would mean a brand new race, not just for President, but also for Green Party candidates elected to the U.S. Congress.  Bloomberg action now in concert with the Green Party could energize the American body politic and provide the positive Green solutions America and the world need.  Michael Bloomberg is the man to lead this effort.    

Let's remember.  It was a Green Party, the Independent Green Party of Virginia that actually put Michael Bloomberg on their ballot line for President.  That was four years ago.  There is a successful record of the Bloomberg and Independent Green Party alliance.  It is time to renew, and grow green with Michael Bloomberg. 



Please say yes, Mr. Bloomberg. 


An editorial at


18 mar 12 @ 12:20 pm edt          Comments

Greens get their man Joachim Gauck as President

Green Party nominee, Joachim Gauck Independent Green Pastor, civil rights advocate elected German President with 991 votes in the federal German National Assembly

BERLIN (AP) — A wide majority of German lawmakers has elected former East German pro-democracy activist Joachim Gauck as new president.

Parliament speaker Norbert Lammert said Sunday that Gauck, who enjoyed the backing of most major parties, received 991 of the 1,232 ballots cast.

The 72-year-old Gauck is a former pastor who opposedEast Germany's then-communist regime and became head of a federal agency overseeing the files of the Communists' ubiquitous domestic intelligence service after Germany's reunification.

Reuters) - Angela Merkel has dominated the German landscape for over half a decade, outmaneuvering and outshining would-be rivals to become the most popular political figure in the country.

After the election of Joachim Gauck to the post of president, however, the German chancellor may find herself sharing the spotlight with a man whose popularity rivals her own and whose willingness to speak his mind could make her life a little less comfortable.

Gauck, a 72-year old Lutheran pastor who was active in the peaceful protest movement that helped bring about the fall of the Berlin Wall, poses no real threat to Merkel and her seemingly iron grasp on power in Berlin.

But his strong opinions and political independence stand in strong contrast to his predecessor Christian Wulff, whom Merkel hand-picked for the presidency in 2010 only to see him resign in disgrace last month in a scandal over financial favors.

Gauck's strengths - an easy charisma, a knack for moving people with his rhetoric, and a record of anti-government activism in the East - also happen to be weaknesses of Merkel. 

18 mar 12 @ 11:09 am edt          Comments

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh' Brother (Sister) Where Art Thou? Indy Greens seek candidates now!

Oh! Brother (Sister)!

Where Art Thou!?!



Independent Greens invite citizens to be candidates in 2012.

Whether you are conservative, liberal, or centrist, the Independent Green Party invites you to be our candidate in 2012.  

Join Indy Green Chairman Joseph P. Oddo, in the 5th district,

Indy Green Vice Chair (and retired U.S. Air Force officer) Gail for Rail Parker in the 1st,

Janet for Rail Murphy, businesswoman, realtor in the 8th,

Richard Cashman, retired U.S. Air Force, successful businessman in the 10th..

Peter Marchetti IT expert in 11th


Join them all on the ballot in 2012 advocating positive solutions for America.

Oh Brother (Sister), when Virginia, when America needs you on the ballot,  Where Art Thou?  


Join us today.  And in the meantime, enjoy this video from the great Kentucky native George Clooney's the link.  

Introduced by Jon Stewart from Comedy Central Show.

O' Brother (Sister) Where Art Thou? 


 Oh! Brother (Sister)!

Let's go down in the River to pray for Green candidates!!

sung by our sister Allison Kraus at this link. 


17 mar 12 @ 7:59 pm edt          Comments

Rosanne Barr seeking Green Party Presidential nomination with winning ad

Roseanne Barr in Green Party race, winning new ad

Having accumulated six delegates from the party’s four previous state races (IL, OH, WI, AZ), the iconic sitcom mom was holding onto second place — right behind frontrunner and Lexington, Mass native Dr. Jill Stein, who has a blowout lead with 27 delegates. (Again, MA results not yet included.)

The Green Party won’t officially select its nominee until their convention in July, so … there’s still time right? Maybe this sensationalist ad, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday night, will give Barr the boost she needs for future primaries. Or at the very least her camp is providing some fun lefty Internet crack. Here’s the first clip with hopefully more to come.

Ad here 

17 mar 12 @ 7:29 pm edt          Comments

After Fukushima, Stein calls for 100% renewable energy economy

After Fukushima, Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein calls for 100% renewable energy economy

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein marked the first anniversary of the Fukushima meltdown, and the resultant deaths and estimated $250 billion in cleanup costs, by calling for a Green New Deal to begin an immediate move to a 100% renewable energy economy. Dr. Stein said the Obama White House “has shown it has learned nothing” by promoting nuclear power plants at a time when much of the world is shifting away from them after the Japanese nuclear disaster.

"A Green president would invest in wind, solar and geothermal, emphasize efficiency and conservation, phase out nuclear power plants, and move to a carbon-free economy to deal with climate change. We would immediately end Obama’s expensive subsidies for nuclear power as well as fossil fuels, and use those funds instead to kick off a job-producing energy program based on clean, safe and renewable energy," said Stein.



17 mar 12 @ 7:26 pm edt          Comments

Dr. Jill Stein seeking Green Party nomination may receive matching funds

We're making major progress. After big wins in Wisconsin and Massachusetts, Jill Stein has 1/4 of the delegates needed to win the Green Party nomination and over 80% of all delegates allocated so far. And yesterday, a new state made the threshold for public financing. Read on for the details . . . 








17 mar 12 @ 7:24 pm edt          Comments

Eva Joly French Green Party Presidential candidate qualifies!!
French Greens leader Joly wins enough support to stand in election

French Green Party leader Eva Joly on Thursday said she had secured enough support to be a candidate in the country's presidential election this year.

Joly, 69, said she had garnered 639 signatures from mayors and elected officials required to stand at the two-round presidential election.

"I promised that I would be present at the rendezvous of the presidential election. This is the case today. I keep my commitments against all odds, as I have held throughout my life," Joly was quoted as saying by local medias.

Joly is so far the second candidate to win enough support from elected officials to stand for the 2012 presidential runoff before the deadline of March 16.  

 This year’s French presidential campaign begins in earnest on Monday, when the Constitutional Council will unveil the names of the candidates who gathered the 500 endorsements needed to join the race.  

17 mar 12 @ 6:56 pm edt          Comments

A Tribute to Wangari Maathai.

A Tribute to Wangari Maathai. I

n this Green Party Minute with Carey Campbell, Dianne Dillion-Ridgley talks about her friend Winnie Maathai. Wangari Maathai founded the Kenyan Green Party. Winnie earned a Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the Green Belt Movement. Winnie founded this Green group in 1977 to encourage planting trees to protect the soil and provide women with wood for cooking and building. Wangari Maathai went on to be elected to the Kenyan parliament, and serve as Environmental Minister in the cabinet. At the National Geographic Theatre a film tribute to Winnie was presented on Tuesday March 13, 2012. The film is by Lisa Merton and Alan Dater. Lisa and Alan joined the via Skype for a discussion after he showing. Carey Campbell is the Anchor of the TV Show "Deadline", friend to Green Party founder Petra Kelly, and Joschka Fischer. Campbell served 10 years as state chairman of the Independent Green Party of Virginia, and is a USAF veteran. Campbell studied in Germany at the same time as Wangari Maathai, and knew her. Wangari Maahai died of cancer in 2011. Her daughter Wanjira Maathai also attended the Film tribute and discussion. 

17 mar 12 @ 4:50 pm edt          Comments

Germany's first Independent Green Party President expected to be elected Sunday

Joachim Gauck: a president to bring the east to the heart of Germany

The 72-year old pastor will carry experience as a former rights activist and a troubled personal history to high office

The Green Party initially nominated the Independent Joachim Gauck as President almost two years ago.  Now the modest Independent Green pastor appears on the way to election Sunday.  

When Joachim Gauck is elected German president on Sunday, it will go down in history as the day when East Germans were finally able to ditch the feeling of being the nation's underdogs.

The 72-year old Protestant pastor's stellar rise has established the domination of Germany's political leadership by two figures who grew up under communism in East Germany.

Like the chancellor, Angela Merkel, Gauck was brought up in a Protestant household under the Communist regime. Both of them began their political careers after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The newspaper die Zeit has called it a "perfect East German triumph", and a sign that the often troubled integration between east and west has finally been achieved.

Gauck now has to bring his experience as a former East German rights activist as well as his own troubled history – his father was sent to a hard labour camp by the communist regime when he was just a boy – to the highest office in the land. He says he wants to invigorate Germans with a more positive sense of themselves, having declared his desire to "free" them of their "angst".

Freedom is his favourite word and one which he has repeated throughout his career as a Protestant preacher and, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the head of the archives of the communist secret police, the Stasi, where he was responsible for sorting out the paper trail documenting their destructive deeds. The man who did not get to vote until he was 50 years old, and fittingly on 18 March, the same date as Sunday's vote, also repeatedly chides Germans for not appreciating their freedom. 

17 mar 12 @ 4:44 pm edt          Comments

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Carey Campbell well known state, national and Indy Green anchors TV show Deadline

Carey Campbell anchors political and media talk show "Deadline".

Carey Campbell is a veteran TV news man, and well know local, state, national Green leader.  Carey Campbell anchored the news for the American Forces Network (AFN), while in the U.S. Air Force.  Carey Campbell is now anchoring a weekly news and politics program for Atlantic Television News.  The TV show "Deadline" discusses weekly news, politics, and American media coverage of events.   Deadline is seen on live Direct TV, and via satellite.  Since Campbell started anchoring Deadline many Green Party candidates have participated in the program.  Among those on Deadline TV show: Pat LaMarche, Green Party 2004 Vice Presidential nominee.  Rhett Smith, Texas Green Party favorite son candidate for the 2012 Green Party presidential nomination. Gail for Rail Parker, 2012 Indy Green for U.S. Congress.  Janet Murphy Indy Green for U.S. Congress in 2012.

Campbell said, "I anchored TV newscasts for almost a decade and half as a young man.  It is a great joy to return to this role."  

Campbell praises "Deadline" executive producer, and production team.


"Affra Haj, and the entire production crew for "Deadline" are talented, disciplined, creative, strong team.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of a great crew."


 See Campbell anchoring "Deadline" here.


4 mar 12 @ 9:38 pm est          Comments

Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party files petition signatures for Congress

Janet Murphy, Indy Green Party, files 1,100 signatures for U.S. House of Representatives.

Janet Murphy is a business woman, realtor, and mother.  Janet Murphy is a member of the Independent Green Party of Virginia state central committee.  Janet Murphy filed as a candidate for the 8th congressional district, which includes Arlington, and Alexandria.  

4 mar 12 @ 12:37 pm est          Comments

People magazine features Green Party founder Petra Kelly

Petra Kelly, Green Party founder, People magazine feature

Petra Kelly Brings a Fresh Look to German Politics: American Activism, Beauty, Style

By Clive Freeman  

Petra Kelly, 34, is the leader of the Greens, the fastest-growing political movement and party. For solar, wind, geothermal power. Rail. Trains. . With her antinuclear, pro-environment message and a following that polls say includes 54 percent of Germany's youth, Kelly may soon hold the balance of power between the country's two major parties. Only four years old, the Greens have won seats in six of the 11 state parliaments. 

Petra Karin Kelly is the stepdaughter of a former U.S. Army officer and learned her first political lessons from, of all people, Hubert Humphrey. Although she is a West German citizen, she spent her adolescent years in this country and graduated from American University in Washington in 1970. In the 1968 presidential election she worked first for Robert Kennedy and then, after his assassination, for Humphrey. Although she now believes that "the Kennedys misused their power and influence," she was impressed by Robert Kennedy's efforts to help minorities. Having lost a scholarship because she was not an American citizen, Petra complained personally to Kennedy and won his support. 

She caught Humphrey's attention by challenging his Vietnam positions during a TV talk show with other foreign students in Washington during her sophomore year. Talking to him after the show, Petra began to revise her ideas about the Vice-President. "I learned to respect Humphrey very much," she says. "He was a person who had socially just ethics and deep political feeling. He seemed to me to be one of the very few uncorrupted politicians in America." When Petra's younger half sister died of cancer of the eyes in Germany in 1970, Humphrey came to the American University campus immediately and organized a special Mass for her. 

For the past nine years Kelly has worked as a social policy adviser to the European Economic Community in Brussels, which she considers "a corrupt organization squandering a lot of taxpayers' money." Still, it's more than a living—she donates 70 percent of her $23,000 annual salary to the Greens—and the position provides her with "access to a stream of information on a wide range of subjects, including nuclear power." Kelly devotes all of her free time to the Greens and is presently on leave of absence to campaign for them. The Greens, who were founded by a group of young environmentalists in 1978, are steadfastly opposed to all peacetime as well as military uses of nuclear energy, and they refuse to cooperate with any political party that will not endorse a total ban. Believing that small is beautiful, they battle against superhighways, airport extensions and industrial pollution. They also promote sexual equality, higher occupational health standards and an end to discrimination against foreigners, gypsies and homosexuals. "All of the things we stand for are very contradictory to the German mentality, which is to be obedient to the party and the church, never deciding for yourself," says Kelly. "We are seeking to bring about a whole new quality of life in German politics. People are attracted to that." 

A frail child who underwent four operations for kidney problems between the ages of 9 and 19, Petra was raised in Virginia and Georgia after her divorced, German-born mother, Marianne, married Army Lt. Col. John E. Kelly. Since college, where she majored in political science, Petra has devoted most of her time to idealistic causes. "Petra has always been peace-loving," says her stepfather, now retired in Newport News, Va. 

In Brussels, where she lives in a cozy, souvenir-filled four-room apartment 70 miles from the German border, Petra managed to find time for a two-year relationship with Sicco Mans-holt, a Dutch former agricultural commissioner of the Common Market. She is now reportedly "close" to—but not living with—Irish trade unionist John Carroll, 57. Having begun 10 years ago to sponsor financially a Tibetan orphan girl who lives in northern India, Kelly would like to adopt her. "But at the moment that is not legally possible because I am unmarried," she explains. For now, at least, she is wed to her work, facing perhaps the greatest challenge of her political career—success. "It frightens me how quickly we have met success," she explains. "I am fearful that we will become an established third party in the traditional sense. That's not what I want. My dream is having an uncompromising party on questions of life, death and jobs."  


article from Nov 22, 1982,,20083610,00.html

4 mar 12 @ 12:31 pm est          Comments

Saturday, March 3, 2012

U.S. Green Party half hour TV special

Green Party of United States featured in half hour TV news report.   click link to watch.

3 mar 12 @ 9:48 pm est          Comments

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Petra Kelly, Green Party founder.

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