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Monday, August 6, 2012

Green Party's Pat LaMarche

Pat LaMarche, Green Party, writes about America's wealthy in her regular feature at Huffington Post


Some guy asked me for help the other day. Considering the time I spend hanging with homeless folks that sentence likely wouldn't surprise anyone. But this guy wasn't homeless. In fact he's not even poor. He's got it "going on" with a great job and he's well educated. He came from a good family and was sent to the finest schools. He got a great college education back in the day when I got mine. Back when all four years of private higher ed was cheaper than one year is now.

Seems his brains and good looks, comfortable station and high profile job just can't get him what he really needs to move ahead. What can I do for a guy like that? I mean for all intents and purposes he and I are peers. In fact we even do the exact same job; we're both talk radio hosts. We literally got our broadcasting start in the same small market, although he was a little before my time.

Read the rest here: 

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Green Party Mayor wants Green Party Vice President to lead Green campaign in 2013

GREEN PartyTübingen, Green Party Mayor Boris Palmer wants Bundestag Vice President Karin Göring-Eckardt to lead Green Party 2013 federal campaign.


Mayor Palmer, a Green Party conservative, says, Karin Goering-Eckardt, as a Green conservative, can speak clearly as a candidate to a broader spectrum of voters. 

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German Green Party focus on Sustainable Farming in election campaign

German Green Party campaigns for

Sustainable Farming

The animal agriculture is the subject of the upcoming political debates. "We will make the issue of 'factory farming' in the forthcoming election campaigns to one of our priorities," announced the spokesman for agricultural policy of the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group, Friedrich Ostendorff, at a press briefing.

Even in the electoral programs of the federal and state level will the livestock be reflected, said the Green Party, citing a unanimous vote of his group. The focus initially stand the state elections early next year in Lower Saxony.


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Australian Green Party warns about genetically engineered (GE) crops

Green Party says Australian farmers warn against Genetically engineered crops - Green


wo Australian farmers have travelled to New Zealand to warn against releasing genetically engineered (GE) crops, the Green Party said today.

The Green Party have organised a tour by two Australian farmers, Julie Newman and Bob Mackley, to share with New Zealanders the realities of living with GE crops.

"These farmers are saying that country communities are getting hammered by having GE in their environment," Green Party GE spokesperson Steffan Browning said today.

"The economic impact of GE crops was not taken into account in the Australian releases and that is hurting their farmers.

"We need to learn from their mistakes and carry out an independent economic impact assessment into releasing GE, one that covers both the potential impact for individual farmers and for all sectors of the New Zealand economy.

"Just to give one example, the European Union won't accept any honey with GE traces. Releasing GE into New Zealand will close that $48 million a year market.

"Releasing GE crops would be a one way street, putting at risk our brand, our reputation, and our world export markets, to grow food for which there are no consumer benefits, and no market.

"Co-existence is a myth. GE crops, if released, will contaminate the crops of farmers who don't choose GE crops and will open them up to huge liability risks. 

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Nkromo Kwabena's Georgia Green Party Campaign

Nkromo Kwabena's Georgia


Green Party Campaign 


Candidate Kwabena "Cubby" Nkromo, of the Green Party and running for the District 57 State Representative seat, recently released a press release announcing his withdrawal from the race. 

Nkromo had been seen throughout various neighborhoods campaigning for ballot choice, and asking residents to sign a petition to let him be on the November ballot as a Green Party representative.

In Georgia, to be placed on the actual ballot, a third-party candidate needs a huge number of petition signatures by August 6th. 

Today the Kwabena Nkromo campaigned withdrew from the race because the unlikelihood of overcoming the large barrier to entry.

I have decided to officially cease my race for State Representative due to our campaign’s unlikelihood of meeting the requirements by the August 6th deadline. Georgia continues to have the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country for both legislative district races like mine, as well as higher offices.

According to the AJC, Georgia has been labeled as having the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country by Ballot Access News, an independent chronicler of election law in the states.

The Green Party, continues to make strides within the SW Atlanta community and received a number of signatures from the community who agreed with the Party, that the electorate deserves a choice and that they have a right to be on the ballot.

Kwabena "Cubby" Nkromo is a community leader and a former NPU-T leader.  He is always in the community and even though he may be out of the District 57 race which Rep. Pat Gardner just won the Dem. Primary, he will no doubt still be prevalent in the community. 

6 aug 12 @ 11:22 pm edt          Comments

Geoff Young Kentucky Green Party candidate for House

Geoff Young Kentucky Green Party candidate will challenge in November

FRANKFORT — A member of the Green Party filed Monday to run for state Representative in Lexington's 45th House District race.  

Geoff Young, Green Party, a retired engineer who worked on energy policies for the state, joins fellow challenger Breck Withers, a businessman who filed in July as an independent, on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Young worked for 13 years as an assistant director in what is now called the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence. He has a bachelors degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Young, 56, later received a master's degree in agriculture economics from the University of Kentucky.

Young said he is seeking office because he thinks the two-party political system is broken. He plans to campaign on several energy issues, including ending the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining, promoting alternative energy forms and energy efficiency, and legalizing industrial hemp.

"I feel like a third party is needed in Frankfort," Young said. "We can and will propose ideas that the two other parties are not willing or able to discuss."

Read more here:



Read more here: 

Read more here:



Read more here:
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Friday, August 3, 2012

82 year old catholic nun arrested with Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein protesting foreclosures

82 year old Catholic Nun arrested with Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein protesting foreclosure at Fannie May

Over 280 stories report on the Green Party candidate for President 


Green Party Race for the White House

Just out of jail for protesting home foreclosures, Jill Stein, the presidential nominee for the Greens, tells Abigail Pesta about her night behind bars and beating out political rival Roseanne Barr.

 Jill Stein walked into a bank in Philadelphia this week—and walked out in handcuffs.

Stein, a medical doctor, environmentalist, and onetime folksinger, was among five people, including an 82-year-old nun, arrested while protesting home foreclosures.

Dr. Jill Stein (62) housewife, and mother, is also the Green Party’s nominee for president.

"We had a rally outside of Fannie Mae for two women fighting to stay in their homes," Stein says of the event that got her arrested for trespassing and jailed for nearly 24 hours, starting Wednesday afternoon. (When Stein and several others were denied entrance to the Fannie Mae office, they went to a next-door bank, sat down, and declined to leave.)

"These women are like the poster children for the injustice being heaped on American people," she says of the women trying to keep their homes. "One had been thrown out of her home and is living in her car with her daughter." Both women are "victims of predatory loans," she adds, "while Wall Street continues to make out like bandits." 

Stein says her jail time was "like living in an outhouse in very close quarters." She stood up for nearly 24 hours, she says, as there was just one bench for the three people sharing her one-person cell. "The brave ones lay on the floor in front of the toilet," she says. Food consisted of white bread and processed cheese. "It was one of the most powerful events of my life," she tells The Daily Beast. "This should be a required experience for anyone in public office."

At the Green Party convention last month, the 62-year-old Stein beat out a big-name rival for her party’s nomination: comedian Roseanne Barr. Now, Stein says she has received enough donations to qualify for federal matching funds, a key indicator that she has raised national awareness. (The Federal Election Commission says it is currently reviewing the donations.)

The Greens see Dr. Stein reinvigorate the Green Party. Stein bested Barr for the nomination and racked up donations by crisscrossing the country, using her bedside manner to talk to young people in particular—meeting with college students and joining Occupy Wall Street protests. In a mock presidential election at Western Illinois University in November, she won 27 percent of the vote, while Barack Obama got 39 percent and Mitt Romney 33 percent. Stein showed up to campaign.

A Harvard-trained physician and married mother of two in Massachusetts, Stein is mainstream, sharp, and well spoken. She grew up in Chicago, where her parents were active in the civil-rights movement. She says her political awakening came after volunteering with a group that advocated for warning labels about the dangers of pollutants in the fish we eat. She says, laughing: “This is not what a sustainable planet looks like—you shouldn’t have to carry a list around with you.”

Along the way, she joined a local folk-rock band called Somebody’s Sister, singing about love and social themes. She ran with the Greens against Romney for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and for the state House of Representatives in 2004. Then she was elected, twice, as a Town Meeting representative in Lexington, Mass., her only elective office. She says she is now on the presidential ballot in 24 states, a number she expects to get to around 40—about the same amount Nader got in 2000.

Stein says a night behind bars “should be a required experience for anyone in public office.”

In some ways, Stein’s messages are Green Party perennials. The two larger party candidates, she says, are both beholden to Wall Street, and the economy will never improve “as long as the predators are in charge of the chicken coop.” Rejecting money from corporations and political action committees, Stein expects to spend no more than $2 million on her campaign—an amount the headline candidates will drop on a television ad alone.

Her platform—the “Green New Deal”—argues for fixing the economy by cutting back on military spending and helping communities create “green” jobs, such as public transit, clean manufacturing, and affordable-housing construction. She’d like to ban assault weapons and legalize medical marijuana throughout the land.

Ralph Nader has publicly supported Stein. Nader told us he doesn’t give endorsements, but rather, says “nice things about good candidates.”

He believes a major challenge for Stein will be getting her message heard in the press, which furthers the “two-party tyranny,” he says. “The media cannot shake their indentured commitment to covering only the candidates they think have a chance to win. The press is boring us silly with its third-grade repetitious litany, day after day.”

The Stein camp had reached out to Roseanne Barr as a possible running mate, according to the campaign manager, but she hadn’t expressed interest. When asked if Barr had called to congratulate Stein when she won the nomination, the Stein campaign manager said no. (Barr didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

Perhaps, in the end, that was a good thing. Stein’s running mate is an anti-poverty advocate and former homeless single mother named Cheri Honkala, and Stein sees the team’s outsider status as a plus. “There is zero possibility of our going to the dark side,” she says. “If you vote for either of the Wall Street–sponsored candidates, you are effectively giving them a mandate for four more years of Wall Street rule.”

For inquiries, please contact The Daily Beast at 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Green Party petition victory

Green Party Takes Over 35,000 Signatures to Harrisburg


Harrisburg — Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein and her running mate Cheri Honkala delivered more than 35,000 signatures to the PA Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation Tuesday afternoon, one day earlier than required by the state.

The state’s Green Party Chair and former Senate nominee Carl Romanelli joined Stein and Honkala for a press conference before delivering the stack of signed petitions.

Romanelli said that earning ballot access doesn’t usually necessitate a press conference, but due to the remarkably stringent nature of PA law regarding the matter, the Green Party’s success is cause for celebration.

Honkala, a native Pennsylvanian, joined him in thanking the grassroots supporters who have been tirelessly pounding the pavement to get the necessary signatures. In fact, the party earned nearly two-thirds of the required signatures in just the last two weeks.

Having accepted the VPl nomination earlier this month, Honkala said, “I’m proud to be here, and to be on the ballot with a woman who stands for courage.”

Stein said, “We are providing a real choice for everyday people; a choice of, by and for the people; a choice not paid for by Wall Street.”

To win a spot for their name on the PA ballot, independents and third-party candidates have to meet some steep requirements. One of which is to garner enough signatures to equal 2 percent of the highest number of votes received by a candidate in a state election the previous year.

Signatures can be collected from any voter, regardless of party, so long as he or she has not signed for another candidate for the same office.

“It was into the late hours of the evening that people were having their petitions notarized in my living room,” Honkala said.

This year the Green Party of PA was required to submit 20,601 notarized signatures. The number equals two percent of those received by David Wecht during his 2011 run for state Superior Court.

Democratic and Republican candidates must submit only 2,000 signatures.

“In contrast to Republican and Democratic candidates who are doing everything they can to avoid bringing substance into this campaign, we are giving Americans the alternatives and solutions they have been clamoring for,” Stein said.

“Current campaigns are confining themselves to details that are not at the core of the problems Americans are facing,” she continued. The healthcare, energy and environmental crises and oppressive student debt are just a few of the problems to which Stein alluded to and later addressed.

The Presidential nominee, who is also a physician, teacher of internal medicine and environmental-health advocate, described the current polarized state of American government with pressing urgency.

“No one is safe under this paradigm of ‘politics as usual,’” she said.

To avoid being struck from the ballot by a court challenge, the Green Party submitted about 15,000 extra signatures. It is common practice for candidates to submit twice as many signatures as are required.

Romanelli’s failed attempt to run for U.S. Senate in 2006 demonstrated the extreme challenge that PA law presents to third-party candidates. Romanelli, who was required to turn in 67,070 signatures, handed in over 100,000, but was still kept off the ballot by lawyers representing the Democratic Party and candidate Bob Casey.

These candidates also run the risk of having to pay the legal fees of challengers if their signatures fail to hold up in court. Due to this part of PA law, Romanelli currently owes over $80,000 in legal fees to the Democratic Party. He is refusing to pay them.

The roadblocks thrown up by Democrats are based on the concern that a Green Party candidate on the ballot would syphon votes away from their candidate, in this case Obama. To wit, in 2000, Green Party candidate Ralph Naders received 97,421 votes in Florida; Al Gore lost the state (and thus, the election) to George W. Bush by 537 votes.

The PA Democratic Party and President Barack Obama’s campaign didn’t respond to an inquiry about whether they were considering a legal challenge to Dr. Stein’s petitions.

Romanelli said that politicians from the two main parties, along with their big-wig corporate backers, bully third-party candidates. “They are kicking around the people who want a better day for our country.”

At this, he gestured toward a small group of volunteers who had contributed to the Green Party’s efforts and had joined the candidates to deliver the signatures.
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Stein and Honkala arrested in protest of foreclosure giant Fannie Mae

Stein and Honkala arrested in protest of foreclosure giant Fannie Mae

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested today during a protest at the offices of mortgage company Fannie Mae on Banker's Row in Philadelphia.

Among those arrested along with Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala were labor lawyer James Moran and Sister Margaret McKenna of the Medical Mission Sisters. An attorney who supports civil disobedience cases is providing legal assistance. All of those arrested are expected to come before a judge early on Thursday morning. At that time bail will either be set or they will be released on their own recognizance.

The protest was originally called for by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign to demand that the giant mortgage company halt foreclosure proceedings against two Philadelphia residents in danger of losing their homes. Stein joined the protest after Cheri Honkala joined her as Stein's vice presidential running mate. Honkala, a former homeless single mother, has been confronting banks and mortgage companies for decades demanding that they adopt policies that will, "keep families in their homes."

Occupy-Fannie-Mae---prayer.pngAt 1pm today about 50 protestors gathered outside of Fannie Mae's Philadelphia headquarters. They heard from Miss Fran and Rhonda Lancaster, the heads of two families evicted by Fannie Mae in its refusal to negotiate an alternative to foreclosure. Fannie Mae executive Zach Oppenheimer had previously promised in writing to meet with the two women in order to discuss other options. Yet no followup meeting ever took place, and so protestors today entered the Fannie Mae building and vowed to stay until Mr. Oppenheimer's word was honored.

At about 2:30pm, an hour after entering the building and beginning a sitdown protest, lower level Fannie Mae officials agreed to meet with Miss Fran and Ms. Lancaster. These meetings proved inconclusive, ending only with promises of more meetings. With Philadelphia police on hand with six paddy wagons and plainclothesman, a smaller subset of protestors stayed inside the building and risked arrest. Five were arrested, including Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala.

Miss-Fran.pngIn explaining why she joined the protest, Stein said that almost half of Americans now live in poverty or near poverty, eight million families face eviction from their homes due to foreclosures, and over a third of mortgage holders are "underwater" - meaning that they owe more to the lenders than their properties are worth on the market. 

Said Stein, "The developers and financiers made trillions of dollars through the housing bubble and the imposition of crushing debt on homeowners. And when homeowners could no longer pay them what they demanded, they went to government and got trillions of dollars of bailouts. Every effort of the Obama Administration has been to prop this system up and keep it going at taxpayer expense. It's time for this game to end. It's time for the laws be written to protect the victims and not the perpetrators. It's time for a new deal for America, and a Green New Deal is what we will deliver on taking office. "

Jill-Stein-arrest-Honkala-next.png"The laws and the budgets and the procedures are designed to protect the lenders and to extract as much money as possible from the victims," Honkala explained. "This isn't the way it would be if we really had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The first goal of government should be to keep families in their homes, and to provide restitution for the deception and fraud that has robbed millions of Americans of financial security."

Stein laid out a number of steps that will be part of a new deal for homeowners when and where the Green Party wins power. First, as President, Dr. Stein would issue an executive order establishing a moratorium on foreclosures of occupied dwellings. Second, municipalities governed by Greens will get homeowners out of underwater mortgages by seizing mortgages through eminent domain and letting non-profit community development organizations - not Wall Street banks - reissue the mortgages.

Cheri-and-Guillermo.pngNoting that the Obama administration has only released 10% of the aid that Congress had promised to homeowners, Stein asserted that "There is much more interest in Washington in protecting the profits of banks than in getting this aid out to the families whose lives are falling apart.  President Obama held a big press conference to announce a program that would supposedly help 1.5 million homeowners and so far it has actually helped only 1 per cent of that number. Real help goes to the CEOs who play golf with the President and the people get lip service.  This will change only if the people stand up and say we're not going to put up with it anymore."

Statement from RHONDA LANCASTER (Excerpted from People’s Tribune) 

My family has lived in this home in Germantown for over 35 years. When my mother got ill and could not afford her health care, a reverse mortgage idea was presented to me. They made it look like it was a great thing. It was going to take care of my mother, and when my mother passed away it would be just fine.

The nightmare started after my mom died. I notified the bank she had passed away, and two days later I was getting ready for her funeral. Relatives and friends were coming in from all over the country. The bank told me to stop everything and let them come in and do an appraisal.

The bank refused to accept me as the executor of her estate, although the proper papers had been filed at City Hall. From that point on it was a complete nightmare. I could get through to no one and no one could help me. They denied me my legal US rights as heir to my mother’s property.

Statement from MISS FRAN (Excerpted from People’s Tribune) 

I have lived in Philadelphia all my life, and in this house since 1988. Once when I was forced to file for bankruptcy, my mortgage holder, Chase Bank, suddenly came to court and objected to my bankruptcy plan. Although the law requires them to notify me in advance, I had no warning of their action, so I had no lawyer and no time to prepare my evidence. The judge dismissed my file for bankruptcy and Chase began foreclosure proceedings.

I participated in Philadelphia’s Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program, so I was able to keep my home off the sheriff sale list. Then they claimed I missed a Conciliation Conference even though they had never notified me about it. When I complained, the court rescheduled the sheriff sale of my home from July 1, 2008, to September.  I attended that sale on July 1 and was shocked to hear them put my house up for sale anyway. I was in the back of the auditorium and ran to the front making so much noise the sheriff’s lawyer had to stop the sale. Finally they brought in a letter from the sheriff saying they had obtained a court order that same day to sell the house. They had gone to court without even notifying me. The same judge who postponed the sale in the first place had turned around and vacated his own order, all without telling me.

The sale of my home went through on July 1, but my battle was just beginning. Although Chase Bank foreclosed on my home, I found out the sheriff changed the name on the documents to Fannie Mae. There is no bill of sale from Chase to Fannie Mae and no record of any transfer. Fannie Mae has no legal standing to evict me. But that didn’t stop them from trying. They sued to evict me in April 2011. I filed an objection, it was overruled, I answered them, and we were supposed to go to trial in February 2012. Then they filed for a summary judgment against me, which is only supposed to be granted when there is no dispute in the matter. I told them we most definitely do have a dispute: a district court order was ignored and Fannie Mae has no standing. But the judge granted the summary judgment anyway. They obtained a writ of eviction and scheduled my eviction for June 12. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gary Lobasso and Philly Now leads on Green Party reporting

Green Party  in Philly Now thanks to excellent reporting of Gary Lobasso

Find Gary Lobasso's latest Green Party report here at Philly Now

1 aug 12 @ 10:45 pm edt          Comments

Pennsylvania Green Party Victory, New Jersey Green Party Victory

Pennsylvania Green Party Victory


New Jersey Green Party Victory 


The Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein campaign confirmed today that it expects Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala to appear on the presidential ballot in the major Mid Atlantic states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Now on the ballot in 24 states, the campaign is petitioning in every state remaining, and aims to qualify for the ballot in at least 40 states.

Jill Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala joined supporters at Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg state capitol building yesterday, and began submitting nearly 40,000 signatures of Pennsylvania voters who wish to see the Green Party on their state ballot in 2012. Just over 20,000 signatures are required to establish a ballot line in Pennsylvania, but the state is infamous in the voting rights community for its draconian petitioning requirements and high disqualification rate of signatures.

Across the river in the neighboring state of New Jersey, Greens are celebrating their success in submitting more than twice the required 800 signatures in order to regain ballot status.

“We were counting on New Jersey to carry their weight, and that they did well. Pennsylvania is the performance trophy in this ballot access drive, and with a lot of money and volunteer effort, we’ve won it. Now we have to take this sense of confidence to the 20 remaining states, some of them tough to win, and make sure that every voter is able to exercise their right to vote for the candidates of her or his choice.”  per Dr. Jill Stein's web site. 

Over 120 Pennsylvanians participated in their state’s ballot access drive, and Dr. Jill Stein's campaign and Green Party of the United States rallied financial and volunteer support from around the country.

Now the attention of the campaign’s ballot access efforts, under the custody of Associate Campaign Manager Erika Wolf, shifts to the New England states of Connecticut and New Hampshire, the southern states of Virginia and Alabama, and a swatch of western states ranging from Alaska to Kansas and the Dakotas. A dozen such states will require direct financial and volunteer support from the campaign. Other states, like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Rhode Island, among others, are expected to qualify their ballot lines with only regional support. Overall, the campaign expects its total ballot access costs to exceed $300,000.

Green Party Minute on youtube


1 aug 12 @ 9:38 pm edt          Comments

Green Party wants testimony from Deutsche Bank CEO

German Green Party Wants Jain To Speak At Hearing, Zeit Reports

By Nicholas Comfort - 

Germany’s Greens want Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) co-Chief Executive Officer Anshu Jain to speak at a hearing of the lower house of parliament’s finance committee, Die Zeit reported, citing Gerhard Schick, the party’s finance spokesman.

Large banks haven’t changed many of their ways since the financial crisis and it is unacceptable for taxpayers to fund rescues without politicians gaining insight into their practices to correct mistakes, the newspaper cited Schick as saying.

The Green Party wants to schedule a hearing for September and invite the most important executives in Germany’s financial industry, Die Zeit reported, citing the lawmaker.

To contact the reporter on this story: Nicholas Comfort in Frankfurt 

1 aug 12 @ 9:34 pm edt          Comments

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