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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ales Byalyatski awarded with Petra Kelly Prize

Ales Byalyatski awarded 

Petra Kelly Prize

Byalyatski's wife Natallya Pinchuk received the award on behalf of the political prisoner.

A prize-giving ceremony was held in Berlin on November 22, Radio Racja reports.

Ales Byalyarski was awarded for his efforts in protecting human rights in authoritarian Belarus.

“I am here because Ales is unable to come while he is in prison. The prize is a high appreciation of his work,” Natallya Pinchuk said.

Ales Byalyatski earlier refused to accept the monetary part of the prize –  € 10,000 – and asked to spend the money on human rights activity in Belarus.

Besides Natallya Pinchuk, Ales Byalyatski's aide Valyantin Stefanovich and head of the Belarusian Helsinki CommitteeAleh Hulak arrived in Berlin. They had meetings with German government commissioner for human rights, a German-Belarusian parliamentary group and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Petra Kelly Prize was founded in 1998 to award people or groups of people for their outstanding achievements in respecting human rights, fostering non-violent conflict resolution and protecting the environment. The was award founded in memory of Petra Kelly (1947-1992), a prominent political activist who took part in formation of the German Green Party. Prize winners in the recent years were Russian lawyer and human rights defender Yuri Schmidt, Chinese lawyer  Zhang Sizhi, Kenyan human rights and environmental activist Wangari Maathai, who later won the Nobel Peace Prize. 

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Independent Green Party State Meeting
Independent Green Party of Virginia State Meeting  
Join us Saturday!

Date: November 30, 2012
To: IGVA Members
From: Joe Oddo, Chairman
Re: Next  IGVA State Meeting Saturday,December 1, 2012 @ 1:30 pm

Thank you again for all your hard work during the 2012 election cycle. With 2013 campaigning already underway, we will be holding a meeting to update our team about our current  Independent Green candidates and to discuss strategy for the start of the January field operation.  
Independent Green Executive Committee member Carey Campbell will report on is meeting this week with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Carey Campbell is national chairman of the Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg 2016. 
As all Indy Greens know, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the Independent Green Party on ballot nominee in 2008 for President.  Indy Greens collected about 70,000 petition signatures that year.  
We are holding a this state meeting Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 1:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Express on Route One in Alexandria (6055 Richmond Highway).  All are invited.
For directions or to forward your agenda items and proxys, please contact Chairman Oddo by replying to this e-address: usrepublic at Remember this election season features a statewide election in Virginia in 2013 along with numerous local and municipal offices and all 100 members of the House of Delegates.
Of course we are always in recruiting mode. Please shake your networks to see if you have anyone even remotely contemplating a run for public office - anywhere in the state. Record the name and contact information for anyone with any remote interest and forward that info to me for follow-up.
Also when we meet, pass on any suggestions or people you think we should reach out to as candidates for 2013.
Once again, we thank each and every one of you for your outstanding efforts this year, and encourage you to keep up the good work.
Best to all,
Joe Oddo, Chairman
Independent Greens of Virginia
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Honoring the memory of Green Party founder Petra Kelly on her birthday

Honoring the memory of Green Party founder Petra Kelly on her birthday

November 29, 2012 would have been Green Party founder Petra Kelly's 65th birthday.    

We honor Petra Kelly.  We remember this brave, beauty, a woman of courage and intelligence.  Petra Kelly remains a inspiration for all of us, who continue her important work.  

Petra Kelly a passionate advocate of nonviolence.  Petra Kelly, American University grad. Green Party founder, and legislator.  By launching a Green Party that now has a leading role in many governments worldwide, Petra Kelly truly changed the world with her unique gifts.    We celebrate the life, the goodness, the kindness, and achievements of one of the great advocates of nonviolence, Petra Karin Kelly. 


More on Petra Kelly at this link


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Green Party-eco engine for economy - Green profits in renewable energy

New Green web site success of renewable energy

Arguments for a renewable energy future

November 28, 2012
Arne Jungjohann

Germany has drawn a lot of attention for the Energiewende - the aim to switch to a renewable energy economy, phase out nuclear power and leave fossil fuels behind. But what exactly is the German energy transition: How does it works and what challenges lay ahead?

The Heinrich Boell Stiftung has commissioned a new website to address these issues. It is intended to provide facts and explain the politics and policies to an international audience. Thewebsite highlights the effects of the Energiewende on the German economy, environment and society and addresses the most important questions.

Check out the key findings below:

1. The German energy transition is an ambitious, but feasible undertaking.

A lot of people outside Germany, including environmentalists, are skeptical. But even the skeptics like Germany’s goal of demonstrating that a thriving industrial economy can switch from nuclear and fossil energy to renewables and efficiency. The German can-do attitude is based on the experience over the last two decades, when renewables matured much more quickly, become more reliable and much cheaper than expected.

The share of renewable electricity in


rose from 6% to 25% in only ten years.

On sunny and windy days, solar panels and wind turbines now supply up to half the country’s electricity demand, which no one expected just a few years ago. Recent estimates suggest that Germany will once again surpass its renewable energy target and have more than 40% of its power from renewables by 2020. Furthermore, many German research institutes and the government and its agencies have run the numbers and developed sound scenarios for a renewable economy.

2. The German energy transition is driven by citizens and communities.

Germans want clean energy, and a lot of them want to produce it themselves. The Renewable Energy Act guarantees priority grid access to all electricity generated from renewables and is designed to produce reasonable profits. By 2011, more than half of investments in renewables had been made by small investors. Large corporations, on the other hand, have invested relatively little so far. The switch to renewables has greatly strengthened small and midsize businesses, and it has empowered local communities and their citizens to generate their own renewable energy. Across Germany, a rural energy revolution is underway. Communities are benefiting from new jobs and increasing tax revenues, which has become even more important after the debt crisis in the euro zone.

3. The energy transition is Germany’s largest post-war infrastructure project. It strengthens its economy and creates new jobs.

The economic benefits of the transition already today outweigh the additional cost over “business as usual”. The switch to a highly efficient renewable energy economy will require large-scale investments of up to 200 billion euros. Renewables only seem to cost more than conventional energy, but they are getting cheaper, while conventional energy is getting more expensive; furthermore, fossil fuel remains highly subsidized, and the price of fossil fuel does not include environmental impacts. By replacing energy imports with renewables, Germany’s trade balance will improve and its energy security will strengthen. Already, more than 380,000 Germans work in the renewables sector – far more than in the conventional energy sector.  While some of these are manufacturing jobs, many others are in installing and maintenance. These jobs for technicians, installers, and architects have been created locally and can’t be outsourced. They already have helped Germany to come through the economic and financial crisis much better than other countries.

4. With the energy transition, Germany aims to not only keep its industrial base, but make it fit for a greener future.

German climate and energy policies are designed to maintain a strong manufacturing base at home. On the one hand, industry is encouraged to improve its energy efficiency. On the other, industry benefits from exemptions to regulations (some of them probably too generous) to ease the burden on industry. Contrary to one common misconception, renewables have turned Germany into an attractive location for energy intensive industries. In 2012, wind and solar energy have driven down prices on the wholesale power market by more than 10%. Cheaper electricity means lower business expenses. Industries from steel to glass and cement benefit from these low energy prices. But the benefits of the energy transition extend beyond today. The demand for solar panels, wind turbines, biomass and hydro power plants, battery and storage systems, smart grid equipment, and efficiency technologies will continue to rise. Germany wants to gain a first-mover advantage and develop these high-value engineering technologies “Made in Germany”. The focus on renewables and energy conservation is part of that forward-looking approach to business investments. When the world switches to renewables, German firms will be well positioned to deliver high quality technology, skills, and services for these markets.

5. Regulation and open markets provide investment certainty and allow small business to compete with large corporations.

Germany’s energy policy is a mix of market-based instruments and regulation. Under the Renewable Energy Act, renewable electricity has guaranteed grid access to provide investment certainty and allow family businesses and small firms to compete with large corporations. The policy enables producers of green electricity to sell their power to the grid at a set rate. The rates are “degressive,” meaning they decline over time to drive down future prices. Unlike coal and nuclear power, the costs for renewables are not hidden and passed on to future generations, but transparent and immediate. The government sees its role as setting targets and policies; the market decides how much is invested in renewables and how the price of electricity develops. Consumers are free to choose their power provider so they can buy cheaper electricity or switch to a provider with a 100% renewable portfolio.

6. Germany demonstrates that fighting climate change and phasing out nuclear power can be two sides of the same coin.

A lot of countries are struggling to fulfill their climate commitments. Germany is on track to meet its climate targets. Even after eight nuclear power plants were taken offline in the spring of 2011, Germany reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 2% from the previous year. Though eased by a warm winter, this outcome is remarkable given the GDP growth and continued net electricity exports to neighbors. Power supply was stable at a record level. The decommissioned nuclear capacity was replaced with more renewables, conventional back-up power plants, and greater efficiency. Renewables reduce Germany’s GHG emissions by around 130 million tons annually. Overall, Germany will overshoot its Kyoto target of a 21% reduction for 2012. By the end of 2011, Germany had reduced its GHG emissions by 27% and is now moving towards reaching its 2020 target of 40% reductions (relative to 1990).

7.  The German energy transition is broader than often discussed. It not only includes renewable electricity, but also changes to energy use in the transportation and housing sectors.

Germany’s energy transition is not only about switching from nuclear and coal to renewables in the electricity sector. Electricity only makes up roughly 20 percent of German energy demand, with roughly 40 percent devoted to heat and 40 percent to transportation. Most public attention has focused on the power sector, with the nuclear phase-out and the switch to wind power and solar power making headlines. But in fact, Germany is a leader in “passive houses,” which make heating systems in homes largely redundant. Unfortunately, however, renovation rates are too low for the tremendous efficiency gains from passive house construction to be fully effective. In addition, Germany has not expanded its district heating networks, which allow waste heat from power generators to be used productively, as fast as its neighbors in Austria and Denmark. But perhaps the greatest challenges lie in the transportation sector, where a number of options are being looked into worldwide – from electric mobility to hybrid vehicles. Germany is not a leader in such technologies. But the greatest efficiency gains will come about when we switch from individual mobility to public transport – and from large cars to small vehicles, such as electric bicycles, when we have to resort to individual transportation.

8. The German energy transition is here to stay.

It is very unlikely that Germany will reverse its course. The transition away from nuclear power has been long in the making. Of course the Big Four utilities (E.ON, RWE, Vattenfall, EnBW) once fought hard to defend their incumbent interests by delaying the switch to renewables, but Eon and RWE have publicly announced their plans to stop building nuclear plants internationally, and EnBW is now owned by the State of Baden-Württemberg, which has a Green governor who is unlikely to instruct the company to support nuclear more. Industrial giant Siemens has also stepped away from nuclear in its global portfolio and now wants to focus on wind power and hydropower. The public strongly supports extending renewables, even in light of rising retail power rates. Germans expect their political leaders to take on the challenge of the energy transition. There are disagreements across the political spectrum about which strategies are the best, but in general all German political parties today support the energy transition because the German public overwhelmingly does.

9. The energy transition is affordable for Germany, and it will likely be even more affordable for other countries.

Germany has benefited economically from its international leadership role in going renewable – similar to Denmark and other pioneers moving to renewables. Germany has created the world’s largest domestic solar PV market. German commitment and Chinese mass scale production has helped to drive down the cost of renewables worldwide.

n Germany, installed system prices for solar PV plummeted by 66% from 2006 to mid-2012.


It will be much cheaper for other countries to invest in renewables now that the costs are lower. On top of that, many countries have much better solar resources than Germany; some of them with the capability of producing up to twice as much power from the same solar panel, because of more sunshine.

Check out the full website here:  

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Where is Nevada Green Party?

Missing from the ballot in this heavily contested swing state: the Green Party. Why?

It’s not easy being Green. Especially in the Silver State.

If you are one of those diehard progressives who find President Obama’s policies just too conservative, too accommodating of corporations, too pro-war and too silent on issues of economic and social justice, and above all too willing to ignore the issue of global warming, you probably already know that the Green Party offered safe haven.

Nationally, the Green Party slate of Jill Stein, the presidential nominee and a physician, and Cheri Honkala, the vice-presidential nominee and a social- and economic-justice advocate, received almost 500,000 votes in 49 states (if you include write-in states) and the District of Columbia. None of those votes came in Nevada, however, where it’s not possible to even write in a presidential candidate who is not on the ticket.

To place its candidate on a general election ballot for president, a “minor party” has to have won at least 1 percent of the total votes cast for a congressional seat for any of its candidates, have a petition signed by a number of registered voters equal to 1 percent of the total number of congressional votes, or have registered at least 1 percent of the state’s registered voters. In the last congressional election, the Green Party candidate for governor got just over 4,400 votes, considerably less than the 1 percent of the total votes cast for congressional office that would be needed to automatically qualify for the ballot in 2012.

Other third-party candidates, from the conservative Independent American and Libertarian parties, made it to the Nevada ballot this year. But not only did the Green Party of Nevada not get on the ballot in 2012, it appears to be almost completely moribund.

Instead of new local content, the website for the state party has video clips posted from the national organization. The most recent local content is several photos from a pro-union demonstration in front of the Nevada Legislature. In February 2011.

A couple of years ago, the party had a stronger presence, even fielding a candidate for governor, David Curtis of Las Vegas. (The architect has since relocated to San Francisco.) Stacey Shinn, a Reno-based activist and a former member of the Nevada Green Party’s executive committee, confirmed that the party was not active, as did a spokeswoman for the national party.

“We weren’t too organized there,” said Starlene Rankin, Green Party spokeswoman. She did not respond to further questions about the Green Party’s lack of investment in Nevada.

Brandon Parcells, a Las Vegas construction inspector, has inherited responsibility for keeping up the Clark County Green Party’s Facebook page. He says that at one point, the party had some 3,000 registered voters in Nevada, but the numbers are dwindling as the secretary of state updates and “scrubs” voter lists.

He says the national organization doesn’t have the resources to support Nevada, while the number of people attending local meetings has declined. Parcells believes, though, that the Green Party will come back as people look for a progressive alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties, which he believes are dominated by corporate money.

“The corporations corrupt and taint the parties overall,” he says. “We need to do more than the status quo.”

The Green Party has other prominent local supporters. Steve Rypka, a Las Vegas consultant on environmentally sustainable living and website development, said he would have liked to have voted for Stein/Honkala. Like a lot of Green Party backers, he fundamentally distrusts both major parties.

“Politics is something that I feel is broken in this country because there’s so much money in the system,” says Rypka, who also writes a column for the Review-Journal on sustainable living. “Corporations have really taken over.”

Of all the candidates, the Green Party ticket reflected his thinking. “The candidates who were running on the Green Party ticket were the ones that most resonated with my personal thinking. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t even write in a candidate for the Green Party in Nevada.”


In many parts of the country, Green Party supporters say they did not affect the national election in 2012 because either President Obama had so much support, the defection of potential Democratic votes did not make a difference in states like California, Washington or Maryland, or the Republicans had such a commanding lead that the loss of those electoral votes was already guaranteed in states such as Alabama, Mississippi or Texas.

Some Green Party members say they are happy with the Obama win, but others say it does not matter, or even that a Romney win would have helped to build a progressive reaction that might ultimately save the country. Some Green Party supporters believe “it will have to get worse before it gets better,” Rypka says.

Rypka doesn’t agree with that assessment of the Green Party’s role. He believes the major parties are too compromised by corporate cash to address the critical, even existential, crisis of global warming and rapid environmental change caused by carbon pollution. “What are we doing? Nothing. [Obama] has failed miserably.”

Another would-be Green Party voter, Karen Kostoff of Henderson, says she wishes there were progressive alternatives on the Nevada ballot. Kostoff used to work in Southern Nevada real estate, but now works full-time taking care of her ailing mother. For Kostoff, health care is the priority. She believes in the Green Party’s platform of universal, single-payer health-care coverage — a considerably more “socialist” perspective than the Obamacare derided by conservatives as inspired by Karl Marx.

Like Rypka, Kostoff voted for Obama, because she felt the Republican nominees threatened Social Security and Medicare.

“I was sorry they [the Green Party] weren’t on the ballot, and I wasn’t sorry,” she explains. “I was sorry that I couldn’t vote my real self, my real thoughts and real feelings. I wasn’t sorry because you do have that feeling that voting for the Green Party is throwing your vote away.

“I voted for Obama. I didn’t have to hold my nose. I felt that was the best choice I had to choose from,” Kostoff says. “But I feel that our country needs something other than the two parties that we have. I would have been happy to vote for someone who I would be more in sync with. I wish that we would have a choice and they would have a chance.”

Rypka agrees.

“I believe that short of taking up arms and becoming a revolutionary, and resorting to tactics I don’t embrace, that means we have to have full-on support for a third party like the Green Party,” Rypka says. “I don’t know if a third party can influence a party like the Democrats. We have to go further. We don’t need a third party that just stings and moves the party. … We need a real alternative. I think it’s got to be severe and it’s got to be quick if we are going to have a chance.”


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Party woman elected President of Swiss federal legislature

Maya Graf, Green Party elected President of Swiss legislature


With 173 of 183 valid votes, the Green Party leader from Basel, Switzerland Maya Graf is the new "Nationalratspräsidentin" swiss national legislature president. gewählt worden. Maya Graf is the first Switzerland Green Party per elected president.

The 50 year old organic farmer, and trained social worker is originally from Sissach, Switzerland.   Maya Graf becomes the second Green Party leader elected president of national legislatures this month.  Green Party Governor Winfred Kretschmann was elected President of Germany's upper legislative house, the "Bundesrat", two weeks ago. 

Maya Graf thanked fellow members of the legislature, who gave her an almost unanimous vote.

«Your trust fills me with gratitude, and motivates me.», Graf said after the vote, and in her acceptance speech.  She spoke in all three of Switzerland's official languages: German, French, and Italian. 

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Green Party Euro MP Keith Taylor writes to government over live animal exports at Ramsgate port

Green Party Euro MP Keith Taylor writes to government over live animal exports at Ramsgate port

GREEN party Euro MP Keith Taylor has written to the animal welfare minister calling for an urgent meeting after another shipment of live animals was exported from Ramsgate port last week.

Mr Taylor, who represents the south east, is urging the government to ensure the welfare of animals is properly protected during live transport and for action to address alleged breaches of animal welfare legislation.

He joins a growing political movement calling for action to end live animal exports on the ship Joline which was forced to return to Ramsgate port in high winds after reaching mid-Channel last Wednesday.

Mr Taylor,a member of the European Parliament's Intergroup for Animal Welfare, said: "In October 45 sheep sadly had to be destroyed at the port after being injured. Now we hear that just this week an ex-river boat carrying two lorries of animals has chosen to set sail across the English Channel in gale force 8 winds. Last year I received written confirmation from Defra that the Joline is unsuitable to travel in winds stronger than gale force 6. Yet, one year later this is being ignored. The time for more reassuring noises from DEFRA has passed. Now we need to see some effective action, which is why I have requested an urgent meeting with the minister. 

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Understanding how Virginia spends money: A primer

Understanding how Virginia spends money: A primer

Today's article from one of the best writers, and reporters in the business, Bob Lewis of Associated Press, in the Pilot Newspaper.

By Bob Lewis
The Virginian-Pilot
© November 25, 2012


You're going to hear a lot over the next three or four months about how Virginia, through people you elected, takes and spends your tax money. It's a complicated perennial process already well under way, dominated by professionals and insiders who communicate in a sort of trade jargon that, to the ordinary Virginia taxpayer, might as well be Mandarin or Urdu.

It can be boring, it can be dense and time-consuming, and it will never make the best-seller list. But it bears watching — perhaps even your input — because there are some very real consequences for Virginians on every rung of the economic ladder.

Upcoming in official-sounding legislative committee meetings that you're entitled to attend will be proposals that could influence how much you pay for college, what Medicaid benefits you get, how much you pay for gas, and whether you pay tolls on your way to and from work.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

What's next is not for insiders. If you make your living in or around Capitol Square legislating, lobbying or working for those who do, skip to the crossword puzzles, sports, Facebook or whatever else strikes your fancy.

If you're like most people, so busy with everyday living that tax policy and its effect on your home only crosses your mind every mid-April, read on.

You pay taxes to three levels of government: your local government, largely in the form of property taxes on real estate or personal automobiles you own; the federal government, chiefly income taxes due every April 15; and to the commonwealth of Virginia.

Read the rest at the Virginia Pilot 


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Green Party leader Liška re-elected

Liška re-elected leader of Green Party

Ceska Trebova, East Bohemia, Nov 24 (CTK) - Ondrej Liska was re-elected chairman of the Czech extra-parliamentary Green Party (SZ) at its congress yesterday, beating three counter-candidates, including former party head Martin Bursik.

Liska said after the election he would like Bursik to continue working for the party as a member of its presidium.

Bursik said he will seek the post.

Liska was supported by 106 out of some 200 delegates, Eva Kubatova, from the party's main office, said. Bursik was supported by 790 delegates.

Bursik in his capacity of party chairman brought the Greens to the Chamber of Deputies and government in 2006, but he resigned in reaction to the party's failure in the European election in 2009.

Liska took over as party chairman from Bursik and he defended the post in 2010.

In his candidature speech Liska said the Green Party reached greater unity in the past two years, moved towards financial self-dependence and gained nine regional mandates and two Senate seats in the autumn elections.

He said the party's biggest task is to gain more members and to be more visible in the public space.

Bursik said in his candidature speech that the party's main problem in winning over new supporters is its invisibility on the national level, that is its inability to sharply clash with the government on themes that are the pillars of its environment policy and in the sphere of human rights. 

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Green Party near upset victory

Green Party  Opposition Seeks Upset in Calgary Conservative Stronghold

Canada’s ruling Conservative Party faces a possible upset in Calgary, the political home of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in one of three special elections being held today to fill vacancies in the House of Commons.

Voting takes place in the electoral district of Calgary Centre -- where downtown condos sit in the shadows of office towers housing oil and gas companies -- with opinion polls showing Harper’s Conservative Party candidate, Joan Crockatt, holding a narrow lead over Liberal and Green Party contenders.

The Conservatives under Harper won their first majority mandate last year after running minority governments since 2006, winning every district in Calgary and all but one in the province of Alberta. A Liberal win in Calgary would be that party’s first since 1968, according to records kept by the House of Commons.

A poll of 376 people by Forum Research conducted Nov. 12 showed 32 percent support for Crockett, compared with 30 percent for Harvey Locke of the Liberals and 23 percent for the Green Party’s Chris Turner. 

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Terry Modglin, Independent Green Party(IG) 2013 campaign for House of Delegates 49th District

Terry Modglin, Independent Green Party(IG)

2013 campaign for House of Delegates 49th District



 Carey Campbell, CareyChetCampbell at 

Joseph P. Oddo, usrepublic at  703-338-0200

Gail for Rail Parker, ggailparker at  703-960-5602


“We need more Independent Green Party candidates, less apathy.” 


 Terry Modglin explained his early announcement to get on ballot in 2013 for House of Delegates.  Modglin hopes to inspire others to join the Independent Green Party, and run as Indy Greens for House of Delegates in 2013 across Virginia.


“The Independent Green Party of Virginia needs a full slate of 100 candidates for House of Delegates.  So with Terry Modglin, we invite everyone to join us and be an Indy Green candidate” Joseph P. Oddo, state chairman of the Independent Green Party of Virginia.


“Terry Modglin is a U.S. Army veteran, paratrooper.  Terry Modglin is a Georgetown University graduate,with a Masters degree in Public Administration, and concentration in Urban Politics. We are delighted to have Terry Modglin leading the Independent Green Party on the ballot.”  Gail for Rail Parker, state vice-chair, Independent Green Party of Virginia.


Terry Modglin is running on the Green New Deal.  Build rail now!   Grow green business. Create green jobs in  Virginia with rail jobs, solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, weatherization jobs.


Independent Green Party leader Ron Fisher,U.S.Navy academy graduate, and  retired U.S. Navy Captain, is excited about a Terry Modglin Independent Green Party campaign. Captain Fisher ran for the same House of Delegates seat in 2007 as the Independent Green Party candidate. “Terry Modglin has a record as a patriot dedicated to civic service. Terry Modglin would do a great job for all of us in the House of Delegates.”


Terry Modglin is supported and encouraged by Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party 8th congressional district Chair. “Terry Modglin advocates for the Green New Deal Rail jobs we need. Indy Greens are excited about Terry Modglin's campaign”

Terry Modglin bio

Terry ModglinYoutube  video (to be added Saturday)

1)    More candidates, less apathy

2)    More Trains, Less Traffic 

3)    Fiscally conservative, socially responsible


25 nov 12 @ 5:37 pm est          Comments

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Being an Independent Green means offering positive solutions

 Independent Greens are

Independent Green Because... 

We liked this from the gifted, and thoughtful writer

B. Sidney Smith of Appomattox, Virginia

Every Green I know professes certain positive propositions about how the country should be run, and is working to bring it about.

For most of us it boils down to a quite manageable set of political beliefs. Here are several of mine. Please feel free to copy them, share them, post them. Anywhere you like. 

find at this web link



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Friday, November 23, 2012

Green Party candidate Chris Turner says Calgary Centre residents are ready for change

Green Party candidate Chris Turner says voters ready for Greens change


Residents in Calgary Centre are done with traditional representation on Parliament Hill and they are seeking for a fresh voice that will bring change, says the Green Party candidate.


Chris Turner, a magazine journalist, book author and environmentalist, said he’s stealing support both from longtime Liberals and Conservatives in the hotly contested Monday byelection.

“Calgarians are ready for a new voice and they want to hear more than one tone representing them in Ottawa,” Turner told the Sun’s editorial board Friday.

Turner said as an MP he would represent the causes of the city and the responsible development of Canada’s energy resources.

He said he will bring an honest conversation with Canadians about how to develop the oilsands and other fossil fuel resources in a responsible way under a clear federal regulatory environment where everyone knows what the rules are.

Right now, what Canadians get from the Liberals and Conservatives is simply cheerleading on the issue, he said.

“From both sides of the aisle there’s nothing but back and forth of really immature conversation that does disservice to the industry.”

“I think it needs more than just cheerleading and I think if you want to send that message loud and clear to Ottawa, the Green guy is ready.”

Click below to vote for Greens Chris Turner in online poll 


23 nov 12 @ 7:42 pm est          Comments

Independent Green Party leaders to attend Solar Conference

Independent Green Party leaders



Solar Energy Focus 2012

November 27-28 · Washington, DC



Join Independent Green Party leaders and a host of influential thought leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers for the 6th annual Solar Energy Focus conference November 27-28 at the Marriott at Metro Center in Washington, DC. This year's post-election conference promises to be the larges U.S. Solar conference to date, and features a packed schedule filled with notable speakers, discussion sessions and opportunities for high-level networking with hundreds of key professionals and decision makers in the renewable energy sector. Seating at the conference is limited, register today to ensure your attendance at one of 2012's most important solar industry gatherings.

Conference Topics Include

· 2012 Elections: The Impact on the Solar Industry
· Where are the opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic?
· Military Procurement: Insights & Opportunities for Your Business
· Solar Industry Trends: An Overview of Solar in 2013
· Solar Leasing & Financing
· Technology Trends: Developments & Market Impact
· Today's Entrepreneurs, Tomorrow's Energy Leaders
· Navigating a New Industry: Mergers & Acquisitions
· Solar Heating & Cooling: Innovations in Financing & Policy
· A Roadmap to Tax Equity
· Creative Financing Solutions for SRECs
· Solar for All 



November 27, 2012

5:00 PM
VIP Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by Standard Solar

6:00 PM
VIP Dinner (Separate Ticket Purchase Required)

8:00 PM - Midnight
Drinks & Networking Event
at Lost Society (14th & U Street)
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

German Green Party on rise with Merkel coalition talk: poll

German Green Party on rise with Merkel coalition talk: poll

BERLIN (Reuters) - Support for Germany's opposition Greens is at its highest level this year after their new leaders made a pitch for conservative voters ahead of next year's federal elections, anopinion poll showed on Wednesday.

The Forsa poll, which coincides with increased media speculation about a possible future coalition between the Greens and Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, put the Greens at 16 percent, up three percentage points from the previous survey.

More than one in three Germans would welcome such a coalition, said the poll, published in weekly Stern magazine.

Women and younger voters were particularly positive about such a coalition.

At a three-day party congress last weekend, Greens including Katrin Goering-Eckhart, a newly elected party leader and prominent Lutheran, made clear their ambition to lure voters away from Merkel in the countdown to next September's election.

Merkel's conservatives were down three percentage points at 36 percent in the Forsa poll, though they remain Germany's most popular party, ahead of their main rival, the Social Democrats (SPD). They were unchanged from the previous week at 26 percent. 

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Green Party calls for more collaborative care clinics

Green Party calls for more collaborative care clinics

Releases health care reform plan

Click link below for video 

New Brunswick's Green Party says the provincial government should move faster to create collaborative care clinics across the province.

The party released its proposals for reforming health care on Thursday, the same day the Alward government was unveiling the province's first collaborative care clinic in Miramichi.

Jim Wolstenholme, the Green Party's health critic, says the government needs to move faster to roll out that model province-wide.

"We're recommending that the minister of health establish a timeline and an implementation strategy to ensure that most New Brunswickers have access to collaborative teams of health care professionals within five years, and that this is available to all of us within 10 years," he said.



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Scottish Green Party grows alliances

Green Party, Margo MacDonald grow alliance with ex-Scotish National Party members

A new alliance has been formed at Holyrood between the Greens and a trio of pro-nationalist independent MSPs.


• MSPs from Green Party and Independents, including former SNP members Jean Urquhart and John Finnie, form working group

• Patrick Harvie, Alison Johnstone and Margo MacDonald also part of new alliance


Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone of the Scottish Green Party have reached an agreement with Independent MSPs Margo MacDonald, Jean Urquhart and John Finnie to establish a working group under the Parliament’s Standing Orders.


Ms Urquart and Mr Finnie quit the SNP last month after the party voted to change policy and scrap its opposition to the nuclear-armed NATO defence partnership.


The new alliance will give the MSPs involved representation on the influential Parliamentary Bureau which decides Holyrood business, in turn providing them with further opportunities to contribute to debates in the Chamber.


A joint statement issued by the  Independent/Green Group agreed this statement said the alliance was formed to “enhance our ability to represent our constituents.”


It added: “Although every member of our grouping is pro-independence and believes strongly in a more equal, sustainable Scotland.... 

“We all look forward to pushing for an independent, fair and peaceful Scotland both inside and outside of Parliament, and to working with MSPs across the Chamber to achieve these goals.”

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Terry Modglin

Independent Green Party

49th District House of Delegates

Independent Greens look forward to Terry Modglin run for House of Delegates 

Terry Modglin’s Background and Experience

Terry Modglin has lived in Northern Virginia for 40 years – almost all of his adult life. The oldest of eight children, he was born and brought up in St. Louis, Missouri.  He attended his parish parochial school and worked to pay his tuition to McBride High School, at that time among the most prestigious Catholic boys’ high schools in that city.

A scholarship to Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service brought him to the Nation’s Capital.  He financed his degree by combining the scholarship with loans and part-time jobs. After graduating from Georgetown, he served for four years in the U.S. Army, chiefly as an officer in the 173d Airborne Brigade (including 20 months in Vietnam) and the 101st Airborne Division.  He was awarded two Bronze Stars for service.

He accepted a position with then-U.S. Representative Leonor Sullivan of Missouri and headed the staff of the Panama Canal Subcommittee for five years, including protecting U.S. interests in the turnover of the Canal to the Panamanian government.  During that same period, he used his veteran’s education benefit to earn a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Politics.  This work, coupled with his travels to Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe, has given him insights into the cultures and countries that the United States must deal with in today’s world.

Modglin went on to pioneer programs for public safety and crime prevention with the National Crime Prevention Council as Director of Municipal and Youth Programs.  He created and took to a national level the Teens, Crime and the Community program (including text, activities, teacher’s guide, and training), which enabled thousands of young people to make themselves safer and reduce crime in their schools and neighborhoods children. He co-founded the National Youth Crime Prevention Conference, which for more than 20 years brought hundreds of young people together from around the nation to learn and share prevention and safety strategies.

He helped cities design crime prevention and reduction strategies in a collaborative process that involved all facets of the cities and chronicled the process and results as well.  The initial effort involved seven of the largest cities in Texas; numerous other cities expressed interest.

Modglin next became executive director of Youth Crime Watch of America, which helps young people learn how to prevent and address crime in their schools.  In that position, he strengthened the instructional materials, training regimen, and national access to the program and developed a kit of localizable materials for teachers and law enforcement officers to use in working with youth.  He now is the principal officer for Impact International, a policy and communications consulting firm.

Modglin is the father of two and the grandfather of five.  In addition to his keen interest in public policy issues, he is president of the founding chapter of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association, has completed 25 consecutive Marine Corps Marathons, and has spent 25 consecutive years coaching 11-12 (now 6th and 7thgrade) boys’ basketball in the Falls Church City Recreation league.  He is founding president of the 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Foundation and a member of the Executive Board of the Border Patrol Foundation.

His career as an Army officer, a Capitol Hill staffer in international affairs, a developer of and advocate for programs to engage and benefit children and youth, a pioneer in broadly based urban crime prevention planning, civic volunteer, and policy developer and advocate have prepared him to meet the challenges facing Virginia, and our nation today. 

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Monday, November 19, 2012

RALPH NADER:Preserve benefits, cut gouging, inequities

RALPH NADER:Preserve benefits, cut gouging, inequities

Congress is still talking about a “Grand Bargain” that “balances” far more spending cuts than tax increases. That is another way of saying that you – the consumer of Medicare and Medicaid services, the recipient of Social Security, and the average taxpayer will take the brunt of the spending cuts, while the wealthy get their income taxes restored, not raised, to their pre-Bush modest levels. Don’t buy it!

There are two ways to cut Medicare and Medicaid. The right wingers want to cut benefits. Consumers want to cut vendor fraud, the overcharging and the immense over-diagnosis, over-treatment and erroneous or unnecessary procedures and prescriptions documented so often by, among others, the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Don’t think this is small stuff.  As the Green Party has long pointed out, the waste and fraud amount to hundreds of billions of dollars a year! Americans pay the highest prices for drugs in the world even though most of them were developed in the U.S. significantly based on government research, development and with tax credit subsidies for Big Pharma.

Even Mr. Obama’s 2013 budget recognizes savings from excessive drug industry pricing. 

The nation’s leading expert, Harvard’s Malcolm Sparrow, has estimated that computerized billing fraud and abuse is anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of the nation’s health bill. This adds up to $270 billion to $650 billion a year. A big slice of that fraud is taken out of Medicare and Medicaid.

A single-payer, full Medicare for all system – formerly supported by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and many members of Congress, before Mr. Obama took it off the table in 2009 – would cut present administrative costs in half. Canada’s system, which allows patients to freely choose their doctor and hospital, covers everyone for half of the $9000 per capita that Americans will pay this year. Our system leaves 50 million people uncovered of whom 45,000 will die this year alone due to lack of coverage, according to a peer-reviewed study by Harvard Medical School researchers.

Longer range savings come from reducing medical malpractice, hospital-induced infections and plain errors that annually cost 200,000 lives, and more injuries and sicknesses.

Some hospitals are proving these savings can come quickly with common sense solutions: better sanitation, checklists and stronger internal peer reviews.

Some hospitals are proving these savings can come quickly with common sense solutions: better sanitation, checklists and stronger internal peer reviews.

The trilogy of health care fraud, waste and abuse requires public discussion, along with the vastly greater returns from better funded policing of the healthcare system. Yet pundits and columnists ignore reaping savings from the bloated healthcare industry and assume the cuts must overwhelmingly come out of people’s hides – namely benefits.

As economist Dean Baker has written (, we don’t need to cut Social Security benefits (already solid for the next 25 years) whether in money or later age eligibility.


Congress could  - a Green Party Congress would - also simply raise the social security tax on incomes above $115,000, increase the minimum wage, inflation adjusted, to that of 1968! And adopt other long-overdue improvements such as disability enforcement efficiencies. The initiatives will move the trust fund to sustainability for the next 75 years. 

The deep bias of public dialogue here, whether in such reborn deficit-reduction commissions as Simpson-Bowles or in the general media is revealed in the use of the word “entitlements.”

It is only used to apply to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which involve recycling peoples’ tax dollars.

It is not used to describe the massive corporate entitlements shoveled out daily to business welfarists in the form of subsidies, bailouts, giveaways, tax loopholes, debt revocations, loan guarantees, discounted insurance and other aid to dependent corporations.

Why? Power produces privileges.

When 30 large companies, such as Verizon and General Electric, make a total of $160 billion in U.S. profits from 2008-2010 according to the Citizens for Tax Justice ( and pay NO federal income taxes there is a substantial loss of revenue to the U.S. Treasury. Two thirds of corporations pay no income tax on their profits under the Swiss cheese tax code.

Moreover, the corporate welfare they receive in various modes, including free research, development, and inflated government contracts (a disguised subsidy) is hardly a recycling of their taxes.

Just taxing corporations at the rate paid in the prosperous nineteen sixties would bring in hundreds of billions of dollars yearly. Another great revenue producer is a tiny Wall St. speculation sales tax, a far tinier rate than what you pay in sales taxes.

What about taxing capital gains and dividends the same as ordinary income? That was the case under Ronald Reagan.

Then there is the bloated military budget, so full of redundancies, waste, boondoggle weapons programs such as the F-22, endless weapons cost over-runs, contracting fraud and boomeranging Empire expenditures as to boggle the minds. Even retired high military officers condemn giving the Pentagon such blank checks.


Anyone who has been in the armed services has seen the runaway expenditures, especially those that hugely outsourced contracts inflict on American taxpayers.

It is hard to remember when the last thorough Congressional investigation of the Pentagon budget occurred. Why, Congress can’t even get the Department of Defense to provide accountings so as to be auditable by the Congressional Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Defense budget is half of the entire U.S. government’s operating expenditures and it is not even auditable!

So enough already of the twisted, evasive talk of the Grand Bargain on your backs. The Grand Bargain should be both Parties paying close attention to corporate welfare, corporate tax escapes, and corporate crime, fraud and abuse before unraveling the most meager social safety net in the western world.

Tell your friends to visit and sign up for Ralph Nader’s weekly column. Follow Ralph on Twitter: “Like” on Facebook: 


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Put Greens Gail for Rail Parker and Doctor Jill Stein in a post partisan cabinett

Greens should be in next cabinet

Gail for Rail Parker for Transportation Secretary

Doctor Jill Stein for EPA administrator.

The newly elected President has a great opportunity to move beyond his party for cabinet appointments.  

This new cabinet should include members of America's third largest political party, the Greens!

At their weekend Independent Green Party of Virginia state meeting leaders agreed.  Put Gail for Rail Parker in new cabinet.

Gail for Rail Parker, U.S. Air Force officer (retired), business woman, mother, grandmother, local, state, and national leader for "More Trains, Less Traffic" would make a winning choice for Transportation Secretary. 

Gail for Rail Parker seeks office to promote building High Speed Rail nationwide, and statewide and to help voters/taxpayers have an affordable, safe and pleasant commute to work each day.

We need high-speed rail connecting all of the United States. We need light-rail feeder systems in population centers that feed into high-speed rail corridors nationwide. We need dedicated passenger rail tracks.

We need New Track, More Trains that run More Often.

As our cities are projected to grow by millions in the next twenty years and rail can create the jobs we need, Gail for Rail Parker is just the advocate we need as Transportation Secretary.

Grow economy with eco rail jobs. Rail jobs. Solar Jobs. Wind Jobs. Geothermal Jobs. Weatherization jobs. Gail for Rail Parker has been a leading Virginia voice for these positive solutions for years. 

We need dedicated passenger rail tracks and rail bridges, rail tunnels to ensure dependable, safe access to our communites, schools, businesses and those jobs.


We need rail because it saves American lives. 32,000 Americans die every year on our highways. 330,000 are injured every year on roads.  Gail for Rail Parker has advocated for these life saving pro-rail policies at every level. Gail for Rail serves as a leader at her Condo association. Gail for Rail served on the Board of the Fairfax Federation of Civic Associations. Gail for Rail Parker would make an outstanding Transportation secretary because she has served at every level, running for local, state, and federal office.


We need "More Trains, Less Traffic" to cut dependence on foreign oil. We cannot allow our mobility to be held hostage to dependency on oil and events in foreign countries. It is a matter of National Security. We need to build rail on a massive scale. We can cut our dependency in half by building High Speed Rail nationwide. 

Building rail is the single most important action we can take to have cleaner air and cleaner water. Currently we are spending $166B each year to secure access to Middle Eastern oil. For $100B we could build a nationwide state-of-the-art Rail system that would cut dependency on foreign oil in half!

We need a new Independent Green Transportation Secretary Gail for Rail Parker.

Doctor Jill Stein for EPA administrator.  

Doctor Jill Stein, long time Green Party leader, and the Greens 2012 candidate for President is well qualified to serve as Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency.  

A post partisan cabinet only works, and is credible with Independent Green Party leaders included.  



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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Green Party Conservative Values highlighted at national convention

German Greens conservative values appeal to mainstream in bid for power

By Erik Kirschbaum

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - Germany's Green Party - the world's most successful pro-environment party - has turned very serious about gaining power by winning conservative voters from Chancellor Angela Merkel - and perhaps by joining her. 

The muesli, woolly sweaters, thick beards and endless debates about abstract issues that were once part of any Greens congress are largely gone. In their place is a more mature party of smartly dressed professionals with one clear aim: leading the government after federal elections next year.

At their unusually harmonious three-day party congress in Hanover that ended on Sunday, Greens leaders were applauded for hailing their party's "conservative values" and unabashedly trying to appeal to centre-right voters, using language that a decade ago would have had them booed off the stage.

Pollsters put support for the Greens at 13 percent, enough if the electoral arithmetic goes their way to make them kingmakers after Germans vote in September, 2013.

The party would prefer a coalition with the Social Democrats, renewing a government which ruled Germany from 1998 to 2005. But Greens are quietly thinking the unthinkable and opening up to a possible alliance with Merkel's conservatives, long their political arch enemy.

Greens express distaste for an alliance with Merkel and her Christian Democrats (CDU), but interest in her supporters. "We don't want the CDU, we want only your voters," Katrin Goering-Eckart, a newly-elected party leader, told the Congress.

Goering-Eckart, a Lutheran church leader, expresses the Greens' pride in their weightiness, openly admitting their hope that the makeover will attract conservative voters.

"If you want to run the country, if you want policies that add up, then you've got to be serious about it," she told Reuters. "It's not something you can do with smoke and mirrors."

The problem for the Greens is that their preferred partners, the Social Democrats (SPD), are languishing at 30 percent support in opinion polls. This may not be enough for the two parties to win a parliamentary majority and oust Merkel, whose conservatives are polling about 39 percent.

Greens have always advocated for nonviolence, at this convention delegates in Hanover made clear that they are no longer dead set against a coalition with Merkel, even though many prefaced their remarks with "We'd rather have an SPD-Greens government, but..."

The Greens - once famous for their unpredictable and self-destructive congress battles that could stretch beyond midnight - have already proved they can attract conservatives.

Last year they stunned Merkel by winning control of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, traditionally a conservative bastion, with the SPD as junior partners.

Under Winfried Kretschmann, Germany's first Green state premier, they have won a reputation as a "safe pair of hands" and extended their power when a Green became mayor of the state capital, Stuttgart, which is home to some of Germany's biggest companies including carmaker Daimler-Benz.

At a state level, they have already worked with conservatives. They ruled Hamburg with the CDU for three years until 2011 in a coalition that earned them national respectability as a fiscally responsible party.  Greens also led a governing coalition with conservatives in the state of Saarland. At the local level, and in cities across Germany the Green Party has led governing coalitions with conservatives for many years.


In their early years, the Greens had an aversion to power after they were founded in 1980. The Green Party was first elected to the federal legislature in 1983.  In 1985 the Green Party entered its first state governing coalition in Hessen. Only in the mid 1990s did they begin to shed their "anti-party party" ways and actively seek to be part of a federal government. As junior partners to the SPD under Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, the Green Party helped shape policies on social and energy issues that profoundly changed Germany.

The Greens are now a much more powerful force than in 1998 when they won 6.7 percent of the vote. They got a record 10.7 percent in the 2009 election and could break that next year.

Goering-Eckart, 46, is the main reason that speculation is rampant about an alliance with conservatives - who are "black" in Germany's political colour coding. A fresh-faced centrist, she was the unexpected winner of a primary battle to become the party's lead candidate, alongside veteran Juergen Trittin.

Goering-Eckart beat off two other more established women and will be the face of the party in next year's campaign. Analysts believe she can help to poach some votes from Merkel.

"Goering-Eckart is in the centre and will attract some conservative voters," said Thomas Jaeger, political scientist at Cologne University. "But the question is will the party follow her into the centre or will she move left? I think the Greens are going to have a hard time winning over lots of CDU voters."

The Greens soared to highs of 24 percent in opinion polls amid fears of nuclear power.  

Many delegates at the congress spent much time speaking against "black-green" as a coalition option, even though few wanted to rule it out - a subtle but significant shift from four years ago when black-green was anathema. One Greens leader said the party should keep all options open.

"If every party rules out any coalition except their preferred alliance there won't be a government and that's not good for Germany," Tuebingen mayor Boris Palmer told Reuters.

"We prefer the SPD but shouldn't rule anything. It's wrong to rule anything out before the election. 'Black-green' is not likely but shouldn't be ruled out. If the CDU makes an offer for a coalition with more green policies in it than without us, we should take it. Otherwise, we're better off in the opposition." 

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

German Green Party national convention in Hannover

Green Party conservative Katrin Goering Eckardt and 

Green Party centrist Juergen Trittin lead Greens into 2013 elections

 Hanover hosts growing Green Party Congress

The Greens celebrated their newly elected top candidates, kicking off their campaign for January state elections in Niedersachsen and September 2013  federal parliamentary elections.  
Watch the Green Party convention on live Stream here
Juergen Trittin and Katrin Goering-Eckardt were cheered and applauded at the party congress in Hanover. The Greens fight to form the next governing coalition. Goering-Eckardt especially appeals to conservatives. 

Goering-Eckard grew up in the former east of Germany and is a leader of the Lutheran church. The similarities had sparked debates about a possible conservative-green coalition especially as the CDU is in dire need of a partner.



The Greens - current polls show - are in position win another state election in January.  That would put the Green Party in governing coalitions in six of sixteen German states.  The Green Party makes up one third of the representatives in Germany's upper house of the federal legislature, the "Bundesrat".  The President of the Bundesrat - just elected two weeks ago is the Green Party GovernorWinfried Kretschmann.   

Troublesome for Merkel might also be the economic development in Germany. Fears of a recession are growing in Europe’s largest economy, too. Juergen Trittin already has is eyes on the post of finance minister. And he strongly opposes Merkel’s austerity policy. 

Main topic of the party conference though was social policy, for many delegates currently the most pressing issue in the country.

The Greens could become the kingmakers in the election and their twin candidates, elected by direct vote of the party members, have broadened their appeal, analysts are convinced. But the road ahead is long and they’d need perseverance to oust the highly popular Chancellor, who clearly leads all opinion polls. 

The Greens have started their election campaign and with Juergen Trittin and Katrin Goering-Eckard they do have two candidates who appeal to conservative and centrist voters, too. Polls indicate that the Greens are clearly a strong political force here in Germany. 

More video here



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Friday, November 16, 2012

Independent Green Party State Meeting in Charlottesville

Independent Green Party of Virginia optimistic for 2013

Today's Indy Green State Meeting

Success in 2013 - Virginia's conservative Greens see Victory

Independent Green Party of Virginia state chairman, Joseph P. Oddo leads an optimistic, energized group of Greens toward House of Delegates races in 2013. 

 As the Independent Green Party approaches their 12th year as a recognized state party in Virginia, they are an excited and optimistic group.  Proud of their hard work, and success in 2012, these conservative Greens are disciplined, and focused on the positive solutions, and work ahead in 2013.

"Virginia is a conservative state. We are a conservative Independent Green Party. We offer positive green solutions.We see a green Virginia economy to grow green profit. The Green New Deal is real. Creating green jobs. Solar Jobs. Wind jobs. Geothermal jobs. Rail jobs. And most important, saving American lives. " Carey Campbell, former state chairman, and Indy Green executive committe member.  

This Independent Green Party leader has solar panels on the roof of his house in North Springfield that create about ten times more energy than the house consumes. That is a Green New Deal every home owner could love. Every time they get a check from the power company paying the home owner they sing the praises of green energy.  

"More Independent Green Party Candidates, Less Apathy" has been the Greens slogan, and mission statement all these years.  Now more than ever.

As Independent Green Party co-founder, and Chairman Joseph P. Oddo anchored the state meeting in Charlottesville, Indy Greens were also in other candidate recruiting meetings across Virginia. That means announcements of Indy Greens for House of Delegates are expected within days.

Indy Greens are especially excited about the possibility of a candidacy for House of Delegates in the 49th District.

Independent Green Party 8th Congressional District Chair, Janet Murphy, that includes the 49th House of Delegates district,  "We would love to have 100 Independent Green Party candidates on the ballot for House of Delegates in 2013.  Clearly one of our strongest candidates, if we can convince him to run, will be in the 49th district."

Terry Modglin is the candidate 8th District Chair Janet Murphy is excited to see as an Independent Green Party 2013 House of Delegates candidate. Terry Modglin brings a vast array of talents and skills to the Independent Green Party of Virginia. Terry Modglin's 49th District has 14 precincts in Arlington County.  3 precincts are in Fairfax County.  Retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher last ran for the Independent Green Party in the 49th House of Delegates district. Georgetown University graduate, Terry Modglin, is sure to win new recruits to the Independent Green Party of Virgina, and The Green New Deal of green jobs! jobs! jobs!


Other important news from today's Independent Green Party State meeting, Doctor Ken Hildebrandt, 2012 Independent Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 5th congressional district reviewed his constructive and successful campaign.  Hildebrant is a charismatic grassroots, green populist. The trained medical doctor has extraordinary social skills.  Ken Hildebrandt is a fun guy to be around.  Ken Hildebrant's positive solutions, and positive energy is infectious.  A very good thing for a doctor.

Dr. Hildebrandt felt he offered voters positive green solutions, advocating for bringing jobs to Danville, South Boston, Halifax County, and across his district.  Dr. Ken Hildbrandt, who campaigned in an energetic, populist effort, enjoyed the campain.

Independent Green Party of Virginia candidates, and party members left today's IG state meeting dedicated to doing their civic duty for their communities, for Virginia, and the Unitied States of America in 2013.  

Please join the Independent Green Party of Virginia in this noble Green effort in 2013.  Be an Independent Green Party candidate in 2013.

As one IG party member put it, paraphrasing the great Red Skelton, "May God Bless".


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Chairman’s Report on the second State Meeting of the Independent Greens of Virginia this month.

by Joseph Oddo, IGVA Chairman


Thanks for all the input from our members able to meet on November 16, 2012.


We heard best practices from the past year and ideas on moving forward for 2013 & 14 from Gail Parker, Ron Fisher, John Kelly, Harlan Wahlert, Shaun Broy, Brandon Trent, Ken Hildebrandt, Carey Campbell, and Janet Murphy.


Updates have been made to our chairman’s list for 2013. More will be added in the next few weeks.


Several prospective candidates will be introduced in January, with some starting their petition drives to make the ballot for local or House of Delegates on January 2, 2013.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Green Party supports Social Security & Medicare

Green Party - Keep Your Hands off Social Security - Medicare for All!

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,

Green Party to President: Hands off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Green Party positive solutions for the deficit:

Reduce the bloated military budget, end the wars, eliminate tax cuts for the rich  

See Independent Green Party leaders at today's rally for Social Security and Medicare on Independent Greens youtube channel 

Independent Green Party leaders call for true conservative green cuts to federal spending.  Save wasted U.S. Taxpayer Dollars $$$. Bring our brave American troops home from Afghanistan now! 

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders called on the President keep "Hands off" SocialSecurity, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or other safety-net programs.  Social Security is not part of the federal deficit, and debt problem.  Social Security takes in more money than it spends.   It is the unpaid wars on chinese credit card, and tax cuts to the richest of the rich that have created the federal debt, and annual deficits.  

The President has signaled that he is ready to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and by $650 billion and raise the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security'.

"Americans need more protection during a recession instead of less protection. Democrats in the 1930s understood this and passed the Social Security Act in 1937 during the Depression," said Starlene Rankin, co-chair of the Green Party.

"Instead of carving up these programs, the President should reduce or eliminate the things that caused the deficit -- the tax cuts for the wealthy, the bloated military budget, and borrowing to pay for the wars of the last decade. He should let the tax cuts expire, bring the troops home from the wars, and cut military spending. The President is already willing to end Bush's tax cuts for the rich. He should announce that Wall Street caused the economic crisis, therefore Wall Street should suffer 'austerity' instead of working and poor Americans," said Ms. Rankin.

Greens said that cuts to these programs would force Americans to invest more of their retirement money in the high-risk Wall Street casino. Raising the eligibility age would mean "work till you die" for many Americans, especially low-income working people, the poor, Blacks, and others with statistically lower life expectancies.

The FY 2012 military budget is likely to top $700 billion (the highest level since World War II), with $118 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and $19 billion for defense-related atomic energy programs ( Greens have called for Congress to cancel further war spending and have urged a halt to nuclear energy, as well as deep cuts for military contracts. Veterans' benefits and services should be maintained.

"For decades, Republicans aka "The Oil Party"  have wanted to privatize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as part of their intention to redistribute the nation's wealth from working people to the One Percent, but they knew they couldn't accomplish this on their own. Unless Americans can persuade him otherwise, our reelected President is about to fulfill their agenda. The most vulnerable Americans -- the poor, Blacks and other people of color, old people, those with medical problems -- will be made to suffer so that the White House and Congress can placate the rich," said Darryl! Moch, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

"We encourage all Americans to speak out in defense of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The worst thing that can happen is for people who voted for the incumbent President o succumb to a post-election 'Just let him take care it' mentality or to mainstream media platitudes declaring that 'bipartisan compromise is always for the best'. Such thinking killed the antiwar movement after his first election in 2008. It is proof that we desperately need to get some Green Party candidates elected to Congress," added Mr. Moch.

The President has endorsed recommendations by his Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Responsibility Commission to reduce Social Security. During his October 3 debate, he signaled his agreement with the other larger party contender when he said "I suspect that on Social Security, we've got a somewhat similar position."

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein strongly opposed the cuts and offered the Green New Deal as a plan to stimulate the economy and generate jobs for 25 million Americans (

Greens agree with Dean Baker and other economists that a projected Social Security shortfall in 20 or 30 years can be averted by a very modest raise on the payments cap for the wealthy. The Green Party supports expanding Medicare to cover all Americans, which would cut health care spending by hundreds of billions of dollars and rein in skyrocketing health-care costs.

See also: 

"Green Party warns of a bipartisan attack on the social safety net for working and poor Americans, urges a halt to looming cuts based on sequestration and Social Security 'reform'"
Green Party press release, October 23, 2012
"Obama/GOP 'Grand Bargain' Threatens Medicare"
Healthcare-NOW!, November 12, 2012

"Green Party advances in state and local races on Election Day 2012"
Green Party press release, November 8, 2012 

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wall Street Journal report on Green Party conservative leading into 2013 elections

Green Party changes German Political Math

BERLIN—Germany's Green Party is shifting further toward the political center ahead of next year's general election, a move that could lead to a Green conservative coaltion after 2013.

The possibility of a coalition between the Chancellor's Christian Democrats and the Greens, though still a long-shot, emerged unexpectedly over the weekend after the Greens put a conservative on their ticket for next year's election.

In a first time for any current political party the Greens directly elected/nominated theit top two candidates for 2013 with over 60 per cent of Green Party members voting directly by mail ballot.  

Katrin Göring-Eckardt, a 46-year-old from eastern Germany and a leader in the Lutheran Church, was the surprise winner of an internal vote, defeating prominent leftist rivals, including Green party leader Claudia Roth. Ms. Göring-Eckardt's co-leader will be Jürgen Trittin, a former environment minister, and moderate.

Ms. Merkel needs a viable alternative partner as an option to form a coalition after next year's general electio. Even if the Free Democrats stage a comeback, analysts say it is unlikely that the current coalition with the Christian Democrats' Bavarian sister party and the Free Democrats would have enough support to keep power.

Ms. Göring-Eckardt's youth and her senior position in Germany's protestant church give her broad appeal, especially to swing voters, and make her acceptable for many Christian Democrats. She is seen as less ideologically-entrenched than many Greens and her candidacy is a sign that the Greens are opting for power over ideological politics.

The Greens have been moving into the political center for some time, but the trend has accelerated over the past two years and handed the party significant victories. In 2011, the Greens won their first state election, defeating Ms. Merkel's Christian Democrats in the conservative stronghold of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the home of Mercedes-Benz. The party had ruled the state for 58 years.

Winfried Kretschmann, a silver-haired Green politician with a thick southern German accent, became the first Green governor and rules with the larger left-leaning Social Democrats as his junior coalition partner.

Last month, the Greens scored another major victory when Fritz Kuhn, a centrist Green politician and veteran of the party's internal ideological battles, was elected as Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, a city of nearly 600,000 residents. There are a number of Green mayors, but Stuttgart marks the first time the Greens have won a mayoral race in a German state capital.

The nomination of Ms. Göring-Eckardt stunned the Social Democrats, which is increasingly concerned about the rise of the Greens as a new centrist force. The Social Democrats are counting on replacing Ms. Merkel's government with a coalition of Social Democrats and Greens, like the so-called red-green coalition that ruled Germany from 1998 until 2005, when the Social Democrats were forced to serve as junior partner in a grand coalition led by Ms. Merkel's conservatives.

But the same polls that show how difficult it will be for Ms. Merkel to continue to rule with the Free Democrats also show that there may not be enough votes for a new red-green coalition. That is why the Greens are leaving their options open. The party's leaders say their preference remains a coalition with the Social Democrats, but they will have to consider their options on election day.

"Voters want clarity and not some double game," complained Sigmar Gabriel, Social Democrat chairman, in an interview with the liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2013, the party wants a government with the Social Democrats and the Greens and not a coalition with the Christian Democrats and their Bavarian partners, Mr. Gabriel said. "Now, it's up to the Greens."

Ms. Goring-Eckardt insists her selection doesn't mean her party is backing away from its longstanding objective to unseat Ms. Merkel and form a coalition with the Social Democrats. Yet she has also underscored her party's independence from the Social Democrats.

"We are going into this election as Independent Greens," she told German regional daily Saarbrücker Zeitung, noting that Peer Steinbrück, the Social Democrats candidate for chancellor was not the Green party candidate.

And even if the math works out on election day, there is no certainty that Ms Merkel would risk forming a coalition with the Greens. The Christian Democrats and the Greens are still far apart on many issues. In battling the euro zone debt crisis, the Greens are calling for euro bonds and pooling the debt of euro zone members into a special fund, ideas that Ms Merkel flatly rejects. The Greens also advocate reintroducing a wealth tax on German millionaires, more ideas that "just aren't compatible with the" Christian Democrats, said Gero Neugebauer, a political scientist at Berlin's Free University.

Attempts by the Christian Democrats and the Greens to govern together in the small German states of Hamburg and Saar have been short lived for differing reasons, another bad omen for a much more complicated alliance at the federal level. Nonetheless, said Mr. Neugebauer, if it was her only option to stay in power, Ms. Merkel would almost certainly bend to a coalition with the Greens. 

click here for more. 

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Independent Green Party of Virginia State Meeting November 16, 2012

Independent Green Party of Virginia State Meeting November 16, 2012.

Virginia's largest on ballot third party presence - The Independent Green Party of Virginia - Chairman Joseph P. Oddo calls for second state meeting since the election.

Already looking ahead agressively to the 2013 state legislature elections - Chairman Oddo - is calling for 100 Independent Green Party candidates for House of Delegates.  

"We need More Candidates, Less Apathy!" said Chairman Oddo.  

Join us today!

Be an Independent Green candidate in 2013! 


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Former Harlem Globetrotter Fred Smith returns to Arkansas Legislature as Green Party candidate

Former Harlem Globetrotter Fred Smith returns to Arkansas Legislature as Green Party candidate

 JEANNIE NUSS  Associated Press

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Former legislator Fred Smith earned applause from adoring fans as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Now he applauds for himself after an improbable return to a state House seat he was forced to give up in 2011.

"I made history. After going through my storm, I made history," Smith said, clapping into the telephone.

Smith, who played for the Globetrotters in the late 1990s and early 2000s, last week became the second Green Party candidate to be elected to the Arkansas Legislature. And he could prove particularly important this coming legislative session as Republicans currently hold 51 of the House's 100 seats, with a recount for one of those seats under way.

Both Republicans and Democrats said they have already contacted Smith.

"We have obviously reached out to him," said House Democratic Leader, Rep. Greg Leding of Fayetteville. "I imagine our Republican colleagues have also reached out to him. I don't know that that necessarily gives any power, but it's certainly a unique position for an incoming member."

House Republican Leader, Rep. Bruce Westerman of Hot Springs, said he, too, has reached out to Smith.

"I have called Rep. Smith and congratulated him on his victory," Westerman said in an email to The Associated Press. "I spoke with him briefly at the Capitol as well.

"I told him that I hoped we could work together in the upcoming session on important issues," Westerman said. 

For now, Smith, a Globetrotter from about 1997-1998 to 2002-2003, has said he's thankful to the Green Party and to a higher power that he says brought him back to the Legislature.

"You got to watch how you try to hurt people because you never know who you might have to depend on," Smith said. "And that's what God is getting ready to try to show this House." 

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Green Party picks conservative christian woman, Katrin Goering Eckart

 Claudia Roth, a Green party politician, has announced she will stand for re-election as the party's co-chair. Fellow Greens urged her to stay on despite losing a vote to become their top candidate in 2013 elections.

Roth announced in press conference Monday that she would submit her name as a candidate for the post of the party's co-chair, a position she currently holds. The next party chair is to be elected at a party conference on November 17.

Over the weekend, she lost a primary election within the party to become part of the Greens' twin-ticket for next year's federal elections.

Roth was classified by the Greens as securing just 26.2 percent of the vote - which for the first time invited all the party's nearly 60,000 members to participate – putting her in fourth place behind Jürgen Trittin (71.9 percent), Katrin Göring-Eckhardt (47.3 percent) and Renate Künast (38.6 percent).

In a momentary lapse in numeracy, the Greens classified the "percentage" results of their vote out of 200, owing to the fact that party members were invited to cast up to two votes.

"This isn't about me or about my disappointment, but something more important than that," Roth said on Monday at the party's headquarters in Berlin. "This is about ending the [current Christian Democrat and Free Democrat] coalition."

After senior Green colleagues launched a charm offensive imploring her to continue in her current post, Roth soothed fears that she may opt not to run in light of the primary loss.

"It is now up to the delegates [at the convention this weekend] to decide if they continue to trust me with this office," Roth said.

Snubbed at grass roots, hugged by top brass

Roth's fellow party co-chair Cem Özdemir, who didn't run the for the federal election ticket, said he hoped that Roth "would keep hold of the party leadership."

"I would be happy if Claudia Roth were to decide to run again," Jürgen Trittin said on Germany's ARD television on Sunday. "She has led this party through many, many difficult decisions, always keeping us together."

Göring-Eckhardt, Trittin's new running mate, similarly said that she hoped Roth would stay on – saying the veteran party leader had "many talents."

Roth has led the party, albeit with a two-year hiatus, since 2001.

The Green party is currently polling strongly, at around 14 percent according to recent ARD figures, in Germany – with the group looking like it could be a potential "kingmaker" as a junior coalition partner following the next election. The gradual implosion of Merkel's junior coalition partners the Free Democrats, who are currently polling below 5 percent, strengthens the ecologist party's position further. 

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Arkansas Green Party elects county clerk

Thanks to Richard Winger and Ballot Access News for this story.


Green Party Nominee for Craighead County Clerk, Arkansas, Ousts Incumbent Democrat

November 11th, 2012

On November 6, Green Party nominee Kade Holliday, running for Craighead County Clerk (Arkansas) defeated his only opponent, the Democratic incumbent, Nancy Nelms. Nelms had been in office since 1999. See this story.

Holliday campaigned very hard, with radio ads, yard signs, and frequent appearances. The vote was: Holliday 18,471; Nelms 11,487.

The Green Party won three partisan elections in Arkansas this month. Besides the legislative race already mentioned, and the Craighead County Clerk, the party elected Alvin Clay Justice of the Peace, district 6, in Mississippi County. Both Holliday and Clay were nominated at the party’s convention on May 6, 2012. These victories may make it more likely that the Green Party can successfully persuade the state legislature to ease the vote test, so the party could remain ballot-qualified. If the law were changed to provide that a party is any group that polled at least 3% of the vote at either of the last two statewide elections, it would be on automatically for 2014. In 2010, the party polled 26.91% for Attorney General, 29.35% for Auditor, and 32.46% for Treasurer. In 2012, there were no statewide races on the ballot except for President.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Message from Independent Green Party State Chairman Joe Oddo.

Independent Green Party Candidates Provide Strong Presence on Virginia Ballot in 2012

All of our candidates, party officers and volunteers can be extremely proud of the effort that we have engaged in for the past 11 months – adding to the success as we prepare for our 11th year as an Independent political party.

The Independent Greens of Virginia enjoyed historic success in 2012 by once again placing the most third party candidates on the ballot in 2012, this time finding the most independents to stand for office in Virginia since 1916.

Election night in Virginia was a great joy for the Independent Green Party.  All evening TV screens flashed the names of multiple Independent Green Party (IG) candidates.  It was a visual affirmation for two decades of work by Independents and Greens to build Virginia's strongest third party on ballot presence in a century.  

Gail for Rail Parker, Janet Murphy, Peter Marchetti, Doctor Ken Hildebrandt, Kevin Chisholm won votes, attention, and respect for "More Trains, Less Traffic" positive message. 

Retired U.S. Air Force officer Gail “For Rail” Parker was on the ballot for the Independent Green Party for the eight year in a row in 2012.  Gail nearly tripled her vote for congress in Virginia's First congressional district. Gail for Rail was a clear winner in the televised debate sticking to her eco for the economy message. The Virginia Pilot newspaper led their coverage with Gail for Rail in the headline, and noted her disciplined message of positive solutions. 

"Where rail goes, business grows."

Gail for Rail is known for her disciplined, serious, and focused campaigning, and debating skills.  Virginia's 1st congressional district voters rewarded Gail with the most votes of any third party or Independent candidate in Virginia in 2012.  Gail even received more votes than some statewide candidates.  

Janet Murphy was on the ballot as an Independent Green Party candidate for the second year in a row.  

"Rail saves lives."

In 2011 Janet Murphy ran as an Independent Green for state legislature, House of Delegates.  In 2012 Janet Murphy was the Independent Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 8th congressional district.  It includes Arlington, Alexandria, and some portions of Fairfax County. Janet Murphy is an IT professional and realtor.  Janet Murphy finished with a fine showing placing third and a four way race.  

Janet Murphy called for the Green New Deal. "More Trains, Less Traffic.  More solar jobs! Wind jobs! Geothermal jobs! Weatherization jobs!  Janet Murphy and the Independent Greens of Virginia call for building high speed rail statewide, and nationwide.  Maglev passenger rail in the interstate corridor.  Build the Metrorail Potomac Yard rail stop. Build the Virginia Rail Express Cameron Station stop.  Build a new passenger rail tunnel under the Potomac. Rail to Ft. Belvior. Virginia Rail Express Electronic signs at major intersections.  Both Janet Murphy and Gail for Rail Parker are already looking ahead to 2013 and recruiting a full slate of Independent Green Party candidates for 100 House of Delegates races.  

IT Engineer, husband, father Peter Marchetti continued to lead by doing.  A great citizen and patriot, Peter Marchetti served his community, state, and nation by exercising his right to be on the ballot.  This was the second year in a row Peter Marchetti stood on the as an Independent Green Party of Virginia candidate.  In 2011 Peter Marchetti was the Indy Green candidate for Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Director.   This is an important position that helps keep soil and water clean and safe in our communities.  

Peter Marchetti showed his commitment to his neighbors, and community again in 2012 by accepting the Independent Green Party nomination for U.S. House of Representatives.  The Indy Green candidate collected the over 2,000 signatures necessary to be on the ballot for congress.  

 Independent Greens honor Peter Marchetti's sterling record of civil commitment and duty.  Indy Greens hope Peter Marchetti will seriously considering continuing to serve, and stand again on the ballot in 2013.  Peter Marchetti would be an outstanding House of Delegates candidate for the Independent Green Party in 2012.

Independent Green Doctor Ken Hildebrandt was a first time candidate this year.  Dr. Hildebrandt was on the ballot for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's 5th District.  The fifth is geographically Virginia's largest congressional district, covering a territory larger than the state of New Jersey.  From the border of North Carolina, the fifth runs north through the heart of Virginia mostly along the Route 29 corridor. It covers communities as diverse as Danville, Lynchburg, Charlottesville and Culpeper.

 Independent Green Party candidate Dr. Ken Hildebrandt ran a strong campaign appearing on the Shilling show the Friday before the Election. He posted a number of televised interviews and had signs planted in one-half of the twenty counties in the district.

Dr. Hildebrandt was encouraged by his wife to run in 2012.  And it was Mrs. Hildebrandt who collected many the thousands of signatures to get the Indy Green Doctor – a former Chiropractor – on the ballot. Ken tied the Independent Green theme of building rail to his initiative to allow hemp to be grow to provide a number of benefits from biofuel to paper to rope production. He relays a story from decades past of an automobile being made from hemp and being unable to sustain damage when being assaulted with a sledge hammer. “Which means we can build a locomotive out of hemp, and make a biofuel out of hemp to run it.”

Ken was especially sensitive to the plight of formerly productive manufacturing centers in the Southside of the fifth district. Cities like Danville, Martinsville, and South Boston would benefit from a boost to replace the lost textile and manufacturing jobs. Like other Indy Greens, advocating for bring rail jobs, solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, weatherization jobs and a renewed profitable crop to an area that was once a manufacturing and agricultural success story will only bring prosperity back to the area.  

Independent Greens gathered the signatures to put the pro-rail "More Trains, Less Traffic" engineer Kevin Chisholm on the ballot in Virginia's 10th District.  The 10th is the north western most part of Virginia.  It runs from Patsy Cline's Winchester to the affluent Loudoun County. Kevin Chisholm, husband, and father ran a disciplined and serious campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in 2012.   Two years earlier Kevin Chisholm had been a Green Party candidate for Arlington Board of Supervisors.  

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Business Week Magazine on Green Party after election 2012

Green Party looks ahead to 2013 hopeful

Independent Greens seek 2013 canddidates

 Doctor Jill Stein and Green Party pull over 400,000 votes in presidential race.

 A CNN poll released Friday indicated the Green Party's Doctor Stein would win 1 percent of the vote.   Doctor Stein's campaign manager said in a statement Tuesday's results were "five times better than in the previous election cycle. I feel good, and hopeful."

Stein had the strongest showing Tuesday in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Maine and Oregon and the weakest in Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, Virginia and Wisconsin, the UPI analysis indicated.;TWX&ticker=TWX 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fred Smith, Green Party, elected to Arkansas State legislature

Green Party's Fred Smith elected to Arkansas State House

Thanks to Ron Hardy at Green Party Watch for this story.


Green Party Victory  Last night Fred Smith became the fourth Green Party candidate elected to state legislature.  

Read more at this link to Green Party Watch

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