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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Green Party US 2013 Keynote speaker - Doctor Jill Stein
Dr. Jill Stein - Green Party Convention 2013 keynote speaker
Press Citizen Reporter Adam B. Sullivan with video coverage, at link below.

Green Party officials urge voters to join the Green Party.

The Green Party, Green New Deal, advocates for Solar Jobs, Wind Jobs, Geothermal Jobs, Weatherization Jobs. Rail jobs. More Trains, Less Traffic.  Green Party candidates call for bringing troops and tax dollars home from Afghanistan now.  A new Washington Post poll released Saturday show nearly 70 per cent of Americans believe the Afghan war has not been worth fighting.  

The Green Party is the United States third strongest political party.  The Green Party has elected Greens to local office, and state legislatures across the U.S. from Maine, to New Jersey, to Arkansas, to California.  

The Green Party in the United States grew from movements in the 1960's and 1970's.  Internationally the Green Party is a strong force in many countries.  The Green Party has formed governing coalitions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Columbia, Brazil, and many more. The Green Party in the United States started as a collection of state organizations in the 1980s, aiming to promote nonviolece, peace, social and economic justice, grassroots democracy (term limits) fiscally conservative, and socially responsible positions, especially on the environment, labor and foreign policy. The party got a boon in 2000 when candidate Ralph Nader earned almost 3 percent nationally in the presidential election, but the party hasn’t posted such high numbers in a national election since. 


The Green Party is hosting its annual national meeting this weekend in Iowa City, drawing activists and supporters from around the country. Jill Stein, the party’s 2012 presidential candidate, delivered they keynote address Saturday at the Iowa Memorial Union.

Stein is taking a harsh stance against President Barack Obama, saying his administration hardly differs from the other larger party.

“He makes George W. Bush look like a wimp when it comes to dictatorial powers and the imperial presidency,” Stein told the Press-Citizen in an interview.
“ . 
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Green Party Convention Iowa 2013 - More Green Candidates, Less Apathy

Green Party Convention

Iowa 2013 -

More Green Candidates

Less Apathy

 coverage below is from the Voice of Russia (VOR)

IOWA (VOR)— The annual national Green Party of the United States convention is going on in Iowa City this weekend.

Present are the party’s 2012 nominees for president and vice president, Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala. VOR correspondent Carmen Russell-Sluchansky sat down at the event with Stein, Honkala and Shamako Noble, who worked on the Stein/Honkala campaign last year. They talked about the issues that separate the Green Party from the two larger parties.  The Green Party leaders said the U.S. has a strong major party in the Green Party, the only real alternative to the two larger parties.  The two larger parties agree on major issues.

Green Party leaders also discussed their campaign's new effort, the Green Shadow Cabinet, an alternative to the cabinet of the incumbent President which they deem too compromised by corporate interests to work for the benefit of the American people.

The Green Party leaders Doctor Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala interviewed on Russian Radio at link below. 

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why high-speed rail is safe, smart
By Yonah Freemark, Special to CNN
Fri July 26, 2013 
Rail, high speed or not, is one of the safest ways to get around. According to a National Safety Council review of 10 years of transportation fatalities, for every mile traveled, car drivers and passengers are more than 60 times as likely to die in accidents as passenger rail riders. In 21 years -- between 1990 and 2011 -- the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that nearly 900,000 people died in highway crashes, while fewer than 15,000 died in train collisions.
Other countries' experience shows that high-speed rail can be even safer than the much slower U.S. trains. The bullet trains that zoom through France and Japan, for instance, testify to the astonishing safety offered by well-managed rail services. Each nation's system has been in operation for more than 30 years and provided billions of rides.

Yet thanks to advanced safety systems and extensive maintenance, no passengers -- zero -- have died as a result of a high-speed train crash in either country. Improvements in the design of German trains and a review of maintenance operations in China have also prevented repeats of previous train accidents in those countries.
Early reports suggest that the train crash in Spain could have been avoided. The train may have been traveling at more than twice the allowed speed limit. Modern train control equipment is designed to brake trains automatically when they travel too quickly or come too close to another train. Unfortunately, that train in Spain did not use that system.
The good news is that the United States, whose rail system already has a strong safety record, is becoming safer thanks to investments being made by public and private entities. The Federal Railroad Administration mandated last year that by 2015 all intercity track be equipped with train control systems that would prevent crashes such as this week's accident in Spain.
These realities should relieve the concerns of those uncomfortable about investing billions of dollars in American intercity train networks. The international record shows that high-speed rail is very safe to use.
An equally urgent question is whether such trains would provide a significant upgrade to the nation's transportation network, and here again the evidence is clear that they would.
High-speed rail offers the option to travel at fast speeds across hundreds of miles between downtowns in many of the country's largest metropolitan regions. Hopping on a train to travel between Chicago and St. Louis, Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, or New York and Washington in two hours or less would aid economic development by easing business trips.
It would also lessen the stress of travel for millions of Americans. No more sitting in traffic, grinding teeth at the wheel. No more long airport security lines and shoe removals.
The environmental benefits would also be significant. California's system, the only one already set for construction in the United States, will operate on renewable energy alone.
Train service similar to that already offered in European and Asian countries would require a significant investment, but for many routes, an improved rail system is a worthy endeavor.
Editor's note: Yonah Freemark writes the national transportation blog The Transport Politic. He is an associate at the Metropolitan Planning Council in Chicago. 
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Muscatine Journal reports on Green Party National Convention

Muscatine Journal reports on Green Party National Convention - Iowa 2013

Green Party winning, positive solutions

Join the Independent Green Party

Be a Independent Green Party candidate for local, state, or Federal office.    

Green Party story by   

Holly Hart believes the national convention of the Green Party will be groundbreaking in its own way.

“I don’t think any major party has had a national convention in Iowa. So we’re the first,” the secretary of the Iowa Green Party said Wednesday.

The Green Party of the United States convention will get underway July 25 at the University of Iowa Memorial Union. The schedule will include workshops on running for public office and racial equality, a peace vigil and panel discussions on enacting “Green” public policy, proportional representation and abolishing corporate personhood.

Most sessions are open to the public.

more at link below!


27 jul 13 @ 1:02 pm edt          Comments

Green Party Convention coverage by Press Citizen Newspaper and Internet

Iowa City hosting Green Party meeting

National event to feature party talks, networking and workshops

Written by
Adam B Sullivan
Iowa City Press-Citizen
 Activists from across the country are in Iowa City this weekend for the Green Party Annual National meeting.

Although the event doesn’t draw the same attention as the Republican and Democratic conventions do during presidential election years, those involved say the gathering is an important way to energize organizers and educate potential candidates.

Holly Hart, an Iowa City resident and secretary of the Iowa Green Party, said Iowa City was a good fit to host the off-year meeting.

“Because of the caucuses and because it’s a battleground state, Iowans tend to be politically aware, and a lot of this area is, I think, amenable to what Greens would like,” said Hart, who previously served as secretary for the national party.

More of Adam B. Sulllivan story at link below. 

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Green Party coverage on CBS-TV News
Green Party U.S. 2013 National convention coverage by CBS News Iowa affiliate
Watch Video here!

IOWA CITY, IA -- You may have seen their national campaigns. Many of them haven't yielded many elected officials for the Green Party. But in Iowa, and across the nation, the Green Party is aiming for smaller seats and working from the ground up.

"Many of our priority elections are actually going to be at the local level," said 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein.

"There have been a few legislative successes around the country but mostly its been school boards, city councils and we've had them here in Iowa," said National Green Party Committee Delegate Holly Hart.

A controversial ruling like deciding to close the Hoover Elementary School in Iowa City is a chance for the green party to be most effective. It just hasn't quite happened yet in Iowa.

"I know in Maine, several school boards have been effected by greens being elected," said Hart. Jesse Townley

"We're there, we're responsible to the people that elect us," said Jesse Townley, a candidate for the Green Party's Steering Committee.

And while Hart says there hasn't been a lot of support for Green candidates and initiatives locally, she says she has gotten interest recently from some Iowa City teachers. That interest might not have been possible without getting exposure by running for offices in the past, that the party didn't win.

"So you get people interested in that and they're interested in having politically active people and Green people what do we think what can we do to help," said Hart.

That's all the party needs. If it can shape the debate in election season and provide another choice for citizens who want a voice at all other times, it's reached its goal. "Everyday people are struggling and it doesn't have to be that way," said Stein. 

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Green Party of United States National Convention 2013 in Iowa

Green Party of the United States

"U.S. Military Out of Afghanistan NOW!"  

Green Party for bringing U.S. military home.

At this weeks national Green Party convention in Iowa the Green Party of the United States once again proved it is truly the country's most fiscally conservative political party.  The Greens called for saving trillions of dollars in tax dollars by bring U.S. tax payer cash and the military home.  

The U.S. Green Party, like succesful Green Parties around the world, are strong advocates for Rail Jobs! Solar Energy Jobs! Wind Jobs! Geothermal Jobs! Weatherization Jobs. Greens love their Green Party slogan, "More Trains, Less Traffic!"  American attendees at this Green Party convention echo that positive eco job message for the economy.

Greens are known as fiscally conservative.  No where have more tax dollars been wasted and stolen than in and by the U.S. military industrial complex. So the Green Party fiscally conservative positive solution is to stop the military's squander of tax payer cash. 

This Green Party National Convention calls for getting U.S. military out of Afghanistan now! Bring U.S. Troops and Tax dollars home!  Save $100 billion U.S, Taxpayer dollars.  Get U.S. military out of Afghanistan now!  

United States Green Party says it is fiscally conservative, socially responsible to bring tax dollars and troops home from Afghanistan.

Just this week the Washington Post reported on a new $35 million dollar U.S. military headquarters building completed in Afghanistan that will be dismantled.  

Most Americans agree with the Green Party of the United States. Today the Post reports polling that shows Americans oppose U.S. military in Afghanistan. Almost 70 per cent of Americans say the Afghanistan boondoogle military war was not worth fighting. The Green Party opposed both the Afghan, and Iraq wars.  The Green Party was right.  

The Green Party points to the total federal debt of $17 trillion dollars.  Most of that federal debt was created since 2002.  All of it by the U.S. military. 

The U.S. Taxpayer now has to pay off the $9 Trillion dollars in new debt the last two U.S. Administrations, and U.S. Congresses have borrowed for the Afghan and Iraq wars.  


The U.S. Green Party says the U.S. military should not waste another minute, or spend another borrowed cent in Afghanistan. Just this week the 114th U.S. House of Representatives authorized another $89 billion dollars in borrowed military money in the next fiscal year (2014) for the war in Afghanistan.  The United States Green Party says stop the military credit card debt accumulation in trillions of dollars.   The Green Party is for bringing all U.S. troops home.  Bringing all U.S. tax dollars home.   The Green Party supports building expanded rail jobs, solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, weatherization jobs!   

Join the Green Party today.

Be a Green Party candidate for local, state, or federal office! 

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Party Governor Candidate Wendy Barth

Wendy Barth Green Party Governor candidate at 2013 Green Party National Convention - Iowa 

The Green Party US 2013 convention focus is on recruiting Green Party candidates for local, state, and federal office.   Get Green Party candidates on the ballot in every race.   The Green Party's pro eco economy, pro Green jobs platform calls for Solar Jobs!, Wind Jobs!, Geothermal Jobs!, Weatherization Jobs! Rail Jobs!


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alex White - Green Party Candidate Calls Out Mayor Over Sale of Midtown Tower

Green Party Candidate Alex White - Calls Out Mayor Over Sale of Midtown Tower

Green Party Candidate Alex White is voicing his disagreement about the sale of Midtown Tower to Buckingham Properties for $2.


Alex White says the city was not following code when they sold the property for $2. He said the assessed value is more than $550,000.

Alex White is calling out Mayor Tom Richards and City Council for selling the property to a campaign donor. He said he's filing a complaint with the Attorney General and the Rochester Bureau of Integrity on Wednesday.

"The code requires either a sale at a price determined by an independent appraiser or a public auction for all property, including urban renewal property. Council and the mayor have chosen to ignore this," White said.

City Communications Director Gary Walker commented on White's conference, asking him to first, cite the right law: 


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Green Party USA National Convention in Iowa

Green Party USA - National Convention starts in Iowa!   Watch the Green Party USA 2013 national convention live on web stream.

 Green Party National Convention LIVE! pm this link at live stream.. 

National Green Party convention starts in Iowa City July 25

Priority of non-election year gathering to discuss how to get Green candidates on ballot

Holly Hart believes the national convention of the Green Party will be groundbreaking in its own way.

“I don’t think any major party has had a national convention in Iowa. So we’re the first,” the secretary of the Iowa Green Party said Wednesday.

The Green Party of the United States convention will get underway July 25 at the University of Iowa Memorial Union. The schedule will include workshops on running for public office and racial equality, a peace vigil and panel discussions on enacting “Green” public policy, proportional representation and abolishing corporate personhood.

Most sessions are open to the public.

About 100 people are registered for the national meeting and some, Hart said, will be wearing tie-dye t-shirts and hemp clothing.

“But a lot of the guys, especially the younger guys, will wear suits and ties – American flag ties,” she said. “It runs the gamut.”

A priority of the non-election year gathering will be discussing how to get Green candidates on the ballot and attract like-minded voters into the political process, Hart said.

Doctor Jill Stein, the party’s presidential candidate in 2012 and only the second Green Paryt candidate to gain federal matching funds will be the convention key note speaker.  A medical doctor, with a calm, cooperative, serious personality, Doctor Stein was credited with pulling many independents into the Green Party.  Many former Greens returned to Green Party thanks to Doctor Stein's inclusive leadership style. 

“However, it’s early for us to think about nominating candidates — even in Iowa,” Hart said. So there will be strategic planning as well as an emphasis on encouraging and recruiting local level candidates and showing people that being Green is “not just running for president every four years”

Green Party candidates run, and are elected across the United States for local, and state offices every year.  A former Harlem Globtrotter basketball star is a Green Party member elected to the state legislature in Arkansas.   Greens constantly are recruiting candidates. The Green Party would like to field a full slate of 435 U.S. House of Representative candidates in 2014.  Greens want a Green Party candidate on the ballot in every congressional district in the U.S.  Greens would like to field candidates in each of the 33 U.S. Senate races in 2014.  

“We want people to know they can do this,” Hart said. Greens want to tap into the public’s concern about climate change, clean energy and food-related issues.

“Before the caucuses, we want to get people thinking and provide resources for people to learn about their issues before they go to the major party caucuses,” she said.

The Greens will bring in some know speakers to the convention. Among thems. Rep. Mary Mascher of Iowa City, Sen. Rob Hogg, from Cedar Rapids, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, Francis Thicke, a former candidate for state ag secretary, will discuss how to enact Green policy at a Thursday night panel discussion at Old Capitol.

“We know people who would be interested in politics and public policy if they could be Green,” Hart said. “We think we are an option that triggers their interest and gets more people involved in political process.”

The Greens also will have a peace vigil from 4:30 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the northwest corner of Clinton and Washington streets.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Could Americans finally be getting over their apathy?
"Taking a page from the civil-rights protests of the 1960s, more than 900 people have been led away in handcuffs." --- The Daily Beast article covering weekly protests at North Carolina state capitol.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kristina Gronquist Green Party

Minneapolis Ward 3 candidate brings a Green perspective: Kristina Gronquist running for City Council with Green Party endorsement

Kristina Gronquist, the Green Party-endorsed candidate, is running a quiet but steady campaign, focusing on issues like Dinkytown development and police profiling.

The University of Minnesota graduate and lifelong Minneapolis resident currently lives in the northeast part of the city with her 22-year-old daughter and 94-year-old father, where she balances running a campaign and working full time at the East Side Food Cooperative.

In some ways, Gronquist’s Green Party affiliation makes campaigning more difficult.

The party wants to “take the money out of politics,” Gronquist said, so candidates can only accept up to $300 from individuals and can’t take any money from corporations. 

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Green Party Chair "There is more money to be made!"

Illinois’ Green Party Head Says There Is More Money To Be Made

 SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KMOX) – The head of the Green Party in Illinois says the state is not looking hard enough for new money.

 Rich Whitney, Green Party Chair, says lawmakers transactions such as credit default swaps, option contracts and futures contracts are ripe for taxation.
“A .01 percent tax on these trades in the state of Illinois would raise, by conservative estimate, $40 billion dollars a year,” Whitney says.
Whitney suggests Illinois should set-up a state-run bank, similar to one that began in North Dakota in 1919. He says it would create a new revenue stream for the state without raising taxes for anyone.  More at link below
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Green Party climbs in polling in Bavaria - Margaret Bause - Next Green Party Governor

Margarete Bause 

Next Green Party Governor !?!  


Green Party. Beautiful. Smart. One of Bavaria's most well liked and respected members of the state legislature - the Green Party's Margarete Bause out to make history for Greens.  

Mararete Bause and the Greens launch their state election campaign in Munich with a tour of visits to Green businesses.  Eco agri, green solar companies, green wind biz, green geothermal job engines, Green profits in weatherization - Margaret Bause and the Green Party highight their pro eco economy, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


Margarete Bause - Next Green Party Governor - Germany...With the Green Party jumping 30 per cent polling this week - this bavarian red haired beauty of the Green Party - whipit smart- known for wit and humor - Margarete Bause could be Bavaria's first woman Governor.   Elections are in September.  The Green Party appears on the way to doubling it's record vote in the last bavarian statewide elections.   Margarete launched her hottest phase of the campaign yet - today in front of Munich city hall.     More on Margarete Bause and the bavarian Green Party's pro green business campaign lauch today at this link. 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Indy Green Party leader Bill Grogan on ballot for House of Delegates

Indy Green Party leader Bill Grogan on ballot for House of Delegates in Richmond  William K. Grogan -

Independent Green Party

Bill Grogan has served on the Independent Green Party of Virginia Central Committee.  Bill Grogan is an attorney.  The Independent Green Party of Virginia applauds and salutes our Bill Grogan for getting on the ballot.  Bill Grogan, Independent Green Party leader providing Richmond voters a positive, "More Trains, Less Traffic" Independent Green alternative.  Vote Grogan. Vote Green.

Independent Green Party state Chairman Joseph P. Oddo, "We are thrilled that our good friend Bill Grogan is on the ballot again to promote the Independent Green Party's common sense solutions for Virginia!"    

Gail for Rail Parker, the Independent Green Party state Vice Chair, "Bill Grogan on the ballot is great news for Virginians, and our Commonwealth.  Bill Grogan and I have worked together as friends, as Independent Greens, to advocate for More Trains, Less Traffic!"  

Independent Green Party Executive Committee member, Carey Campbell saluted another Independent Green on the ballot for House of Delegates.  "The Independent Green Party story continues to be written by Bill Grogan with courage, and patriotism!"    

The Independent Green Party salutes Bill Grogan for his public service, and devotion to jointly pushing for More Trains, Less Traffic! 

21 jul 13 @ 3:17 pm edt          Comments

Green Party's Kevin Bott running for Syracuse mayor

Green Party's Kevin Bott joins race for Syracuse mayor

Syracuse, NY - Kevin Bott has announced he will run for Syracuse mayor on the Green Party line.

The party voted Sunday night to designate him as a candidate and is expected to file his name today with the Onondaga County Board of Elections.

Bott has a doctorate in educational theater from New York University. He was the educational director of the downstate prison arts non-profit called Rehabilitation Through the Arts. 

Michelle Breidenbach |   More of the story at the link below 

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Green Party economy - Solar panels power new hospital in Hati

In Haiti, 1,800 Solar Panels Power a Brand-New Hospital  - Green Party says go solar worldwide!!!

Construction has just wrapped for what is now the planet's largest solar-powered hospital, a 205,500-square-foot facility in Mirebalais, Haiti, 30 miles north of Port-au-Prince. Funded and built by Partners in Health, the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, which is slated to serve some 185,000 people in the city and neighboring communities, sits in an area where power is unreliable, making a large hospital complex nearly impossible to sustain. Before now, anyway. Here, the more than 1,800 German-supplied solar panels will reportedly power the entire complex during daytime hours—and then some, with extra energy being funneled back into the Haiti's national grid.  GREEN PARTY model for economy and Health...




On average, Haiti's Mirebalais region experiences about three hours of power outage each day, a hole that's easily patched by sun power, particularly considering that, as Design Boom reports, "before the complex officially opened, [...] [the panels] produced 
139 megawatt hours of electricity—enough to charge 22 million smartphones and offset 72 tons of coal." That energy will be used for such fancy doctor things as sterilization facilities, digital radiography, and the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais' six operating rooms, the most of any public facility in the country.

In 2008, the Haitian Ministry of Health asked Partners in Health, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare to impoverished communities, to fill the void in the nation's fledgling hospital system. "The denizens of Mirebalais felt that in order to get quality care they had to go outside of their own city," PIH's Dr. David Walton said. "[Now] you're not going to have to leave the islands of Hispaniola to receive cardiothoracic surgery. You're not going to have to leave the island to receive, you know, complex orthopedic surgery."

And, really, the project has been a long time coming: "This hospital is the culmination of a dream dating back a quarter-century," Paul Farmer, a co-founder of Partners in Health said in a statement. Once the 300-bed hospital is fully operational, Partners in Health anticipates that the facility will see as many as 500 patients every day in its ambulatory clinics. The Independent Green Party advocates for solar jobs! rail jobs! wind jobs!  Join the Independent Green Party.  Be an Independent Green Party candidate and Green jobs creator today!   More Trains, Less Traffic! Now! 


21 jul 13 @ 9:50 am edt          Comments

Luis Rodriquez Green Party candidate for Governor in California 2014

Green Party of California has new 2014 Governor candidate

Luis Rodriguez announces Green campaign for Governor of California

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the story.  Jump to Green Party Watch for full story from Dave Schwab at this link

LOS ANGELES, CA – Nationally renowned author Luis J. Rodriguez has announced his intention in running for California Governor under the Green Party in 2014. The Green Party of California will nominate its June 2014 Gubernatorial candidate this November at its bi-annual statewide General Assembly. As a newly registered Green Party member of California and the 2012 Vice-Presidential Nominee for the Justice Party alongside running-mate and former mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson, Luis’s plan is for a campaign aimed at the wellbeing of all Californians – for meaningful and livable jobs; education/training into the new digitally driven technology; green, clean and healthy neighborhoods for everyone; and peace and safety through restorative, transformative and healing urban peace models.

“I’m for a vision of a new California – one that takes care of all its hard working residents, including those that now find themselves without work and even homes, and that strives for the long-range sustainability that is possible in the wealthiest and most resourceful state in the country,” says Mr. Rodriguez. “I am inviting all progressives, labor leaders, community organizers, and, of course, regular folk – across the political spectrum – to unite around a broad movement for a California worthy of each of us. We need to make sure everyone is included in the immense possibilities inherent in people’s imaginations, in their labor, in the technology, and with respectful relationship to our bountiful earth.”

Luis J. Rodriguez is author of 15 books in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and children’s literature. His most well known work, “Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.,” has been called one of the most checked out books in libraries and schools – and perhaps the most stolen. The book has also been named one of the 100 most censored books in the U.S. and was the center of controversy in some California school districts. Yet Luis has received hundreds of letters from youth over the past twenty years addressing how the book inspires and changes young peoples’ lives.

more of Dave Schwab story on Green Party's Luis Rodriquez at Green Party Watch 


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