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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mary Scott Martin Independent Green Party House of Delegates District 14

Mary Scott Martin Independent Green Party House of Delegates candidate in Virginia's 14th District 

The Independent Green Party's Mary Martin.  Born and raised on a tobacco farm in Virginia's House of Delegates District 14.  Mary Martin raised her own three children right there in Virginia's 14th district. Along the way the clever, and sassy Mary Scott Martin graduated from Patrick Henry Community College (in the 14th district) with two degrees at the age of 40.  

Mary Scott Martin was then elected to the School Board. Also in the 14th District. Now the Independent Green Party nominee Mary Martin hosts a weekly show, every Wednesday night on WMDV-TV.  Folks know Mary. The Independent Green Party's Mary is sassy, brassy, fun, funny, and flat whip it smart, and then some.

As Mary puts it, the Mary Martin TV Show is .."Geared to keeping the community informed on the things you need to know!"  

When it comes to her very Independent Green Party platform, Mary Martin put's it like only a grandparent could.  

"We all need to protect our environment. We need to keep our air and water clean, so our grandchildren can grow up healthy and happy."  

Perhaps more than any other candidate on the ballot in 2013, this Independent Green Party nominee Mary Martin is known for her quick tongue, and colorfu wit. Let's let this Indy Green speak for herself, like few can:    

Mary Martin Independent Green Party on reporters who "paraphrase" her remarks, "I have an issue with that.  I don't paraphrase when I talk.  So, don't paraphrase me when you print it!"

Mary Martin Independent Green Party on the last debate, " Everything had been pretty civilized. One of the opponents made a remark about something I said being rhetoric. So, I altered my closing remarks a little bit.  I said I am not a slick, polished, smooth talkin' politican.  And a I pray I never will be!"

Remember the Independent Green Party's Mary Martin on election day.  As Mary says, "The only candidate NOT a millionaire on the ballot in Virginia's 14th district" 


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Independent Green Party's John W. Smith Jr. endorsed by Virginia Right!

Independent Green Party candidate John W. Smith Jr endorsed by Virginia Right!

The Independent Green Party today welcomed the influential endorsement of Independent Green Party candidate John W. Smith Jr.  Virginia Right! endorsed Independent Green Party candidate and central committee member John W. Smith Jr. for House of Delegates in the 100th district.   


John W. Smith is a values conservative Independent Green Party candidate for eco jobs for the economy. Like many other Independent Green Party conservative candidates John Smith calls for cutting tax payer subsidies to ZERO for auto, oil, asphalt, cement, and coal. Cutting those taxpayer give-aways would level the playing field for rail jobs, and renewable energy jobs.

John W. Smith and the Independent Green Party are for the Green New Deal.  Solar energy jobs. Geothermal energy jobs. Wind power jobs. Weatherization jobs.  Rail jobs. Already 11,000 Virginians work in solar energy.  More Virginians work in solar energy than coal. 

 John W. Smith Jr. was elected the Independent Green Party's 2nd congressional district Vice Chairman in 2013.  

Independent Green Party executive committee member Carey Campbell, "Applause to the conservative pro-business 'Virginia Right!' for recognizing Greens, like John W. Smith Jr. are worthy of their support and endorsement."

The Independent Green Party of Virginia is the most active third-party on ballot presence in the commonwealth in a century.    

Virginia Right! web site link to John W. Smith Jr. Independent Green Party endorsement.


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greens in New York running first class campaign


Where are you going to be on Election Day?  We need a crowd of hands and feet, a critical mass, a multitude of citizens, a band of brothers and sisters, a throng of support, an aerie of Green Hawks committed to building a more just community.  Sign up to volunteer on E-Day!


We're knocking on the doorstep, both literally with our canvassing, and proverbially, as we're working hard to push Howie Hawkins over the threshold to election (he won 48% of the vote in 2011).  This year, please help us make change and make history by participating in Syracuse campaigns - phone-banking to voters happens every weeknight from 5:30-8:30. Our door to door effort goes out Monday-Thursday at 5 pm - dark.  Visit our Syracuse Greens Volunteer page and sign up; call Volunteer Coordinator Frank Cetera at 315-308-1372 or email at  


Pickup materials between 10:00-11:00 AM on Saturday, and between 11:00-12:00 NOON on Sunday.


We've got a full weekend of literature drops to make to hundreds of doors.  This activity is easy and fun, take a walk in the neighborhood, leave slate cards at addresses, and enjoy the fall weather.  We ask that you commit to at least 2 hours for walking and dropping flyers. Meet at the Greens office at 2013 East Genesee St, and RSVP if you can so we can prepare walk lists ahead of time please :>)



Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Art Rage Gallery - 505 Hawley Ave, Syracuse, NY

We will be holding our second Halloween party to help fundraiser for our last week of campaigning! This will be an all-ages family-friendly Halloween party with something for everybody. Wear a Costume and compete in our costume contest!  RSVP

We are looking for volunteers with set-up, finger foods, juice, beer and wine donations, doors people during the event, and a clean up crew!  Please offer your time to volunteer by contacting Reina Apraez at 315-751-7136 or



Monday, October 28, 2013 starting at 7:00 PM

Onondaga Community College, 101 Whitney Hall

All hail the students at OCC, who were the only people in this city who stepped up to organize a mayoral debate. We want to pack the house and demonstrate that Syracusans -- with a city on the verge of bankruptcy, the highest poverty/joblessness rate in 4 years, and a near-record homicide rate -- actually want to hear a vision for the future of this city!! Join us and hear Kevin Bott speak about the issues and solutions that matter to you!!!  More info here.



If you missed it you can read the Op-Ed from Howie Hawkins and Kevin Bott here.

Read about the plan Greens have for saving the city from bankruptcy and a state-appointed Financial Control Board.


Now, for the future,


Frank and Ursula on Behalf of Syracuse Greens


Howie Hawkins for Common Council

Barbara Humphrey for School Board

Kevin Bott for Mayor


We are grassroots and people-powered but our growing party does need financial resources to be effective. Please donate what you can and Become A Green Sustainer Today


SyracuseGreens · 2013 E Genesee, 1st Floor, Syracuse, NY 13210, United States 

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Independent Greens of Virginia Announces Endorsement of Larry Lamar Yates, Independent Candidate, Winchester
 News Release
Independent Greens
For Immediate Release:                                                 Contact:  Joe Oddo
October 15, 2013                                                                          703-338-0200

We are happy to support Mr. Larry Lamar Yates in his Independent run for the General Assembly. 

Independent Greens are one of the most active third parties in Virginia. Indy Greens advocate for cutting US dependency on oil by conserving energy both in housing and by building rail; light rail in our population centers that feed into high-speed rail nationwide – Trains as fast as planes. Every year we import about $300 Billion in foreign oil products. For one third of that amount we could build a state-of-the-art nationwide high-speed rail system that would cut our consumption of foreign oil in half. The Winchester area could be better served with Virginia Railway Express extended to Front Royal.

Rail is a safer form of transit. Nationwide 32,700 Americans are killed on our roadways every year. Locally we seem to lose one of our young people every week to auto accidents. 330,000 Americans are injured or maimed on our roadways – every year! Residents of Winchester understand and support the need for building feeder rail systems in our communities that will feed into high-speed rail nationwide.

For the most part rail is privately owned and operated for a profit. It makes good sense to leverage the privately funded rail industry to provide the mass transit that we need to grow our economy. Economically, we know that for every $1 invested in rail, $18 -$25 are returned to the community. Rail will grow our economy in an environment of diminishing energy sources. Rail benefits communities in so many ways: home values located near rail increase in value which in turn provides higher tax revenues to support fire & rescue squads, police and schools. In contrast, homes near interstate highways decrease in value. Buildings and housing account for only 40% of energy consumption in US and Europe.

Bottom line: We need More Trains, Less Traffic. We need to build Rail NOW! And move rapidly to energy sources that are renewable and sustainable, sources that are not used up in consumption. Collectively we can make a difference. We have faith that together we can have a say in the decisions that affect our lives. We ask for your vote in November. 

(According to a recent Gallup poll 60% of Americans want a major third party.)

 See video of Larry Lamar Yates here.


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Independent Greens Answering Voters' Call for Alternatives to Larger Political Parties

For Immediate Release:                     Contact:  Joe Oddo                             703-338-0200

Buoyed by Gallup Poll Call for Expanded Third Party, Virginia’s Independent Green Party Exceeding Voters Expectations in 2013 Elections.

Voters in at least 15 House of Delegates districts around have a viable independent alternative to select on Election Day. Many voters who have seen these qualified and capable independent candidates at public forums or at their front door are impressed with their courage to run and their willingness to listen.

According to a just released Gallup Poll, 60% of Americans say the two larger political parties "do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed. That is the highest Gallup has measured in the 10-year history of this question. A new low of 26% believe the two [larger] parties adequately represent Americans."

Voters like Brenda Gonsalves from Fairfax have higher expectation of candidates and are often turned off by the negative messages from the two larger political parties. “Give me a positive message and I may consider voting this year.” Similar sentiment has been heard by all these candidates as they canvass neighborhoods offering just that, a more positive, disciplined demeanor, an independent and open-mind to the voters’ concerns. 

The most active of the growing parties was on display this past week as members of the Independent Green Party of Virginia converged in a number of candidate events. On October 9 at the Annual Nurses Legislative Reception, Jim Leslie of Annandale shared his personal affection for nurse practitioners as he assisted his wife with 300 medical visits in one year while she fought an aggressive cancer. 

Indy Green State Chairman Joe Oddo while standing in for Gail “for Rail” Parker thanked the Virginia Nurses Association and the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners for participating in the electoral process. He made a pitch for candidates stating “By running or standing for office you get a chance to spread your message to the public and advocate for positive solutions that you hold dear.”

At other events in Northern Virginia the Indy Greens remind voters that their main issue is an important one and does produce positive results. For instance, it was announced last week that there will be new Metro stops added at the Potomac Yards development that is underway in Alexandria.  

“These are victories!” Gail ‘for Rail’ running in House District 43 declares, “Our participation with others in a statewide rail coalition has yielded the addition of regional Amtrak lines from Lynchburg to Boston three years ago, Norfolk to Richmond last December. And Metro Rail to Tysons which is under budget and may finish ahead of schedule. 

“We are the electoral arm of the coalition. By running candidates we recruit new rail enthusiasts who understand the connection that rail has to not only cleaning our environment, but also contributing to our national security and boosting our economy.”

Gail answered voters’ concerns about improving mental health funding by reminding them that the economic boost achieved by rail transit will provide the tax revenues needed to fund mental health services.

Terry Modglin from Seven Corners (49th District candidate) insists, “To stay competitive we must invest in renewable energy. Constructing solar, wind, geothermal, and rail industries in Virginia will generate thousands of new jobs and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. We can do it with private industry using the government only to spur public-private investment and easing the impediments to starting new technology businesses.” Terry emphasizes expanding rail to Baileys Crossroads and Seven Corners. 

Many of the Independent Green candidates are veterans like Annandale’s Col. Jim Leslie, (USMC ret.) running in District 38. “We believe in running candidates for public office to take Action Against Apathy. We support our troops by advocating for peace.”

The Independent Greens provide a logical alternative for voters concerned with negative environmental news. They recall the disaster in Arkansas where a pipeline broke and dumped thousands of gallons of oil. They don’t appreciate the fracking industry that covers up the damages to a pristine forest and worse as the recent floods in Colorado showed how the polluted tanks and reservoirs became a toxic mix in those rushing waters.

Indy Greens have a hard time understanding how people still think nuclear power is safe when no safe disposal of radioactive fuel has been perfected and even worse yet to come as the Fukushima disaster is still wreaking havoc in the Pacific waters.

IG’s have faith that voters will adopt green candidates. Indy Green co-founder Carey Campbell states, “With voters agreeing in polls that more independent and third parties are needed, we recruit, support, train and empower those who run with us. Together we can advocate for more earth-friendly solutions like using public transit to reduce congestion and pollution. Our nominated and endorsed coalition of capable and qualified independent greens on the ballot in 2013 is one of the strongest slates of candidates we have ever had. Plus we attract more talent every year.”

Now that solid citizen candidates have stepped up and are willing to serve in the General Assembly, all the Independent Greens need are enough votes to get elected. With a projected low turnout in this year’s election, this could be their time.


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CBS TV News Ed Rabel to Run for Congress as Green Party Candidate

Lincoln County, West Virginia 

Former television journalist Ed Rabel is considering a run for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by Shelley Moore Capito. 

In a news release issued Wednesday, Rabel said he is exploring a run and will be traveling the district to speak with residents as he weighs his decision. Rabel would run as a Mountain Party candidate. 

“I came back to West Virginia to reconnect with my roots on Rabel Mountain,” Rabel said, referring to his family’s historical homeplace near Charleston. “The Mountain Party appealed to me because of its progressive approach to achieving more jobs for West Virginians and growing the state’s economy. The other political parties seemed to be bogged down in party politics, to the disappointment of the people.” 

An Emmy and Polk Award winner, West Virginia native Rabel is a former national and international news correspondent for NBC and CBS. He began his broadcast career at St. Albans' WKLC radio station, and later served as news director of WCHS-TV. He currently resides in Lincoln County. 

Rabel has filed pre-candidacy papers announcing his switch to the Mountain Party. 

Capito, a Republican, is giving up the seat to pursue a run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jay Rockefeller.

Reported by: Heath Harrison

The Mountain Party is the Green Party in West Virginia 

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Greens offer solutions to shut down

Green Party leaders spoke out today about the budget impasse, government shutdown, bipartisan plans to scale back Social Security and Medicare, and looming negotiations on the debt ceiling.

Greens emphasized that the Affordable Care Act, which remains at the center of the stalemate between the two larger parties must be replaced with "Medicare For All".

 James Lane, Green candidate for Public Advocate of New York City ( "After the shutdown ends, Congress and the White House will deal with the debt ceiling, but we can count on the two larger parties to ignore the major cause of the nation's rising debt -- the bloated military budget and President Bush's unfunded wars. The ceiling was enacted in 1917 to protect U.S. taxpayers from the financial cost of war and the tendency of presidents to go to war without raising money to pay for it. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were accompanied by massive tax cuts for the wealthy and followed by the economic collapse and bailout of Wall Street. Instead of cuts to food stamps,
Medicare, Social Security, and other sorely need social programs during the lingering recession, we need deep reductions in military spending. Greens have called for elimination of hundred-billion-dollar subsidies for defense contractors and a halt to military strikes on countries that haven't attacked the U.S. Defense spending should only cover the immediate defense of U.S. borders from outside attack and continuing services for veterans." 

See "Giant Pentagon Budget Is Unauditable Year After Year" by Ralph Nader,
The Huffington Post, Oct. 4
"Burlington City Council vs. The Military Industrial Complex" by Leah
Bolger, Secretary of Defense in the Green Shadow Cabinet, Oct. 6
); "Cutting the Pentagon Budget: A Step to Curbing
Climate Change and Healing the Planet" by Mark Dunlea,, April


 Steve Welzer, Green candidate for Governor of New Jersey


 "We're in danger of seeing the two larger parties slashing Social Security.-- sacrificing financial security for millions of older Americans.

This would fulfill a long-time goal of one of the larger parties and financial-sector lobbies who want to see our retirement money gambled in high-risk Wall Street securities. Greens oppose Social Security cuts. that impose austerity and place the burden for economic recovery on working people and the poor. Social Security can be strengthend with a modest rise in the contribution cap for high-income Americans."

Katey Culver, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States:

Greens are for working people and the poor and we accept no corporate money, we remain true to our values. When we have a multi-party democracy, with everyone  represented, the U.S. will have the political will to create economic security for working Americans, end militarism, restore our rights, and address crises like climate change." 


See "'Let's stop this government-by-extortion' - Green Party's Stein on U.S. shutdown" (video interview), RT, Oct. 2


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