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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Janet Murphy & Indy Green Party make ballot for Arlington Supervisor Special Election

Janet Murphy on the Ballot!!

Janet Murphy "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thanks to everyone who came to their door in freezing weather to sign our petition!  We are on the ballot now to run a positive, constructive, pro-Columbia pike rail campaign for Arlington County!"

Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party Arlington County Chair, has made the ballot!!!   Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party petition gatherers braved 6 days of freezing temperatures and often blizzard like conditions to get Janet Murphy on the ballot.  

"We are thrilled and delighted to have Janet Murphy represent the "More Trains, Less Traffic!" Independent Green Party on the ballot!" said Indy Green Virginia State Chairman Joseph P. Oddo.  

Janet Murphy is a renter, and biker.  39% of Washington D.C. area households have no auto.  Janet Murphy is among them, and by choice.  So, when the Indy Green Party's Janet Murphy speaks for affordable housing, growing bikeshare, and "More Trains, Less Traffic" her advocacy is personal, as well as political.  Janet Murphy walks it, and on her bike, rides it, like she talks it.  Her political commitment to a better environment is personal as well. 

The Arlington County Board of Supervisors special election will be on April 8, 2014.

"Janet Murphy is a wonderful, kind person, with an enormous heart. Janet Murphy is a dedicated Green Party liberal.  Janet Murphy wants to make Arlington, and the world, an ever better place."  Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Green Party state vice chairman.    

During this weeks artic like storm Janet Murphy was going door to door to gather the required petition signatures by the Tuesday noon deadline. Janet Murphy and the Independent Green Party had only 6 days.  

"It was a test of the Independent Green Party's political will, warm shoes and parkas!", joked Independent Green Party 8th congressional district Chairman Ron Fisher, a retired U.S. Navy captain.   "We in the Independent Green Party love Janet Murphy for her dedication to the community.  And we are sure Arlington county voters will love Janet Murphy too, when they get to know Janet." Captain Fisher continued.  

Ron Fisher, a well known liberal, and progressive Independent Green Party leader recruited Janet Murphy as an Indy Green Party candidate. Fisher has himself been on the ballot three times as an Independent Green Party candidate.    

"Janet Murphy is on the ballot to take a strong stand for Columbia Pike rail.  Janet Murphy knows rail saves lives. Janet Murphy understands rail creates jobs, and grows the economy, increasing the values of our homes, businesses, and communities."   Gerry Blais, Independent Green Party, and possible candidate for the 8th congressional district that includes Arlington.  

Janet Murphy has a Masters of Science degree in counseling Psychology from University of District of Columbia (UDC). Janet Murphy as a Bachelors of Arts in English from McGill University, and, a Diploma from the Computer Learning Center in Springfield, Virginia.  Janet is the daughter of a U.S. Navy Captain. Janet has a diverse, and rich professional background.  Janet Murphy worked in information technology, as a realtor. Janet Murphy works now as a hospitality professional in Arlington. Janet Murphy has an adult married daughter. 


Dianne Blais is another Indy Green Party leader, likely Indy Green Party candidate in the 10th congressional district. "Seeing Janet Murphy succeed is inspiring for all of us.  Janet Murphy is a delightful, down to earth, and very caring person.  Janet Murphy would indeed make a superb member of the Arlington County Board of Supervisors."  

Janet Murphy, Ron Fisher, Gerry Blais, and Dianne Blais come from the growing liberal, progressive faction of the Independent Green Party.   


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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Janet Murphy, Independent Green Party brave blizzard to gather signatures

Janet Murphy and Indy Green Party fight weather to gather signatures by Tuesday deadline

Janet Murphy and the "More Trains, Less Traffic", Indy Green Party are known as Virginia's best petition gatherers.  These Greens have earned that reputation across three decades of putting "More Trains, Less Traffic" candidates for local, state, and federal office on the ballot.   Indy Greens have done it in every season, and every kind of weather.  From subzero temperatures, to blazing summer days with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees the Independent Green Party has been across Virginia petitioning.

The Indy Greens famed petitioning gathering success, is now being challenged.  And that challenger is a great heavy weight, who has taken out more than a few mere mortals.  Mother nature is bad momma, a tough cookie, and not to be toyed with.   Winter, wild and wooly, wet, wet, wet, and cold, cold, cold packs a punch.

With the Arlington County Board of Supervisors election declared on Wednesday - and brutal cold, and now near blizzard white out conditions rolling into Arlington, Virginia...The popularity of the Indy Green Party "More Trains, Less Traffic" message, and discipline of the Independent Green Party petitioners has been sorley tested.

Gail for Rail Parker is the state vice chair of the Independent Green Party. "If the cold don't get you, the soggy petition paper will!"  

Today's icy rain, and drifts of snow were no picnic for the Independent Green Party. Indy Green Party hopeful for Arlington County Board of Supervisors Janet Murphy endured. Janet Murphy was out climbing the snow banks to knock on doors, and ask for signatures.  This artic like winter weather was soaking Independent Green Party shoes, and deep freezing  Greens feet in a matter of minutes.  Hypothermia quickly becomes a danger for Indy Green Party petitioners.

So this valient battle rages still for the Independent Green Party and Janet Murphy. Winds howl. Snows swirl. The result uncertain.   So if you see Janet Murphy or another Independent Green at your door asking for a signature for the "More Trains, Less Traffic" candidate, please sign!   It's freezing and wet out there!!!


13 feb 14 @ 9:00 pm est          Comments

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13 feb 14 @ 8:48 am est          Comments

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