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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Why Mike Bloomberg is Running

An email from Kevin Sheekey:

As you’ve seen, Mike Bloomberg made a big announcement today.

"I’m running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America," Mike said in his opening statement this morning.

"We cannot afford four more years of President Trump’s reckless and unethical actions. He represents an existential threat to our country and our values. If he wins another term in office, we may never recover from the damage."

"The stakes could not be higher. We must win this election. And we must begin rebuilding America."

Click here to read the full statement.

And watch Mike's announcement video below, which begins airing nationwide today: 

Why Mike is Running.

Tomorrow, look out for a new Sheekey Daily Read where I'll focus on Mike Bloomberg 2020 and the issues driving the campaign.  As always, if you prefer to unsubscribe from my newsletter, you can opt out here.

If you have friends, family or colleagues who want to get my newsletter, have them sign up here. 

And visit to learn more about the campaign, sign up for news, and see how you can help. 

24 nov 19 @ 7:28 pm est          Comments

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Petra Kelly, Green Party founder.

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