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Petra Kelly, Green Party Founder


Carey Campbell, Chairman Independent Greens with Charlie Cook of the Cook Report at National Press Club November 10, 2010


Janet Murphy, Andrea Ochoa, Jennifer Stanley - 2011 Independent Greens


Petra Kelly

 The '''Independent Greens of Virginia''', (also known as the '''Indy Greens''' and Independent Green Party), are the state affiliate of the Independence Party of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Indy Greens became a state party around 2001 when the regional group of independents and Greens expanded statewide. Their platform is: for "More Candidates, Less Apathy", "More Trains, Less Traffic" and "Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible".  The party's policy is fiscal conservatism and social responsibility, with an emphasis on building green rail, growing green jobs in renewable energy:  solar, wind, geothermal.  


The party traces its roots to a local political group of "Independent Green Reformer”s" in the early 1990s. In their original party plan, platform and bylaws, Indy Greens described themselves as a “values conservative party”. The phrase came from American University graduate and Green Party founder Petra Kelly, and co-author the Christian conservative Herbert Gruehl in their original Green Party platform.

Independent Greens cite the independent Virginia tradition of U.S. Senator [[Harry F. Byrd, Jr.]] (in office 1965-1983). Byrd was the second U.S. Senator to serve as an Independent when he became an independent in 1970. In the 1990s the leaders of what would become the Independent Greens were George R. "Tex" Wood and C. W. Anglin. Wood filed lawsuits to gain ballot access for third party and independent candidates, and as of 2010 is 9th District chair of the Independent Greens.

 ==Philosophy and Positions==

The platform of the Independent Greens focuses on fiscal conservatism, calling for balanced budgets at local, state, and federal levels, and paying off the national debt. Indy Greens supports term limits as Petra Kelly’s original Green Party required term limits.  "More Trains, Less Traffic" means building high speed rail nationwide, new rail subways in every major American city, and light rail. On July 7, 2008, the Indy Greens were the first state political party to endorse the Pickens Plan, a proposal by financier T. Boone Pickens, to build Wind power and solar power, and cut dependence on foreign oil.

The Independent Greens run candidates and supports all independent and third party candidates, endorsing candidates regardless of ideology. The philosophy behind this support is the party's belief that winning is participating.  It is a civic duty.  

==Electoral history==

Throughout the 1990's the Independent Green Reformers were active across Virginia. In 1992 and 1996 they worked on Ross Perot petition drives. Indy Greens were active putting local and state candidates on the ballot in the 1990s. Notable Independent Greens on the ballot in the 1990's as Independents included state senate candidates Dave Goode, and conservative Virginia Dobey. In 2000 Independent Greens put several candidates on the ballot for Congress.  Rick for Rail Herron was a Green Party member, and on the ballot for Congress in the 8th District. Marc Rossi was an Indy Green on the ballot in the 10th District as an Independent.  In Virginia's 11th District Phd, Sarina Grosswald was a joint Independent Green Natural Law candidate in 2000, and 2002.  Independent Greens were key in getting the Green Party candidate on the ballot for President in 2000 in Virginia. Independent Greens collected 18,500 of the 26,000 signatures presented to the state board of elections. In 2004 Indy Greens collected over 20,000 signatures to assist putting the Constitution candidate on the ballot for President, along with several Indy Greens for congress like Joseph Oddo, a co founder of the Independent Greens.  


In 2005 the Independent Greens collected thousands of signatures to put sitting state senator Russ Potts on the ballot as an Independent for Governor.

Glenda "Gail for Rail" Parker appeared on the ballot for the first time as an Independent Green for state legislature, House of Delegates.

In July 2005, the Indy Greens offered their nomination to all Independents on the ballot. According to the Lynchburg News & Advance, six accepted the nomination, all others except one accepted the Indy Green endorsement.  Among the Indy Greens on the ballot as Independents for House of Delegates was the attorney, and music composer John "Cogg" Coggshall.  The Cogg would compose the famous Gail for Rail campaign theme song featured in 2006 on the Cobert Report.


The Indy Greens' most prominent candidate in the 2006 election was retired United States Air Force officer Gail for Rail Parker who ran for the Virginia United States Senate.  Gail for Rail Parker called for funding new Virginia wide high speed rail system and a new accounting system at the Pentagon, and  balancing the federal budget and paying off the federal debt

Comedian Stephen Colbert found her campaign jingle worthy of a post-election sing-along on his television show.

The party nominated candidates in three Congressional districts, and endorsed all Independents for Congress: in the 4th, retired U.S. Army Col.  Independent Green Albert Burckard received 23.4%,  in the 5th, Joseph Oddo received 0.9%   and in the 11th, Fernando Greco received 0.9%.  


The Independent Greens nominated candidates for five state legislative seats, and endorsed nearly 50 Independent candidates for the state legislature.  They ran many candidates for county board of supervisors. 60 Indy Green endorsee/nominees attended a televised National Press Club press conference.  In four of those races,  the Indy Green nominee received between 17% and 21% of the vote

* Senate 31 (Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church): Samuel D. Burley, 4,676 votes (16.52%)

* Senate 35 (Fairfax, Alexandria): Mario T. Palmiotto, 4,532 vote (20.95%)

* House 39 (Fairfax): Laura C. Clifton, 2,847 votes (21.17%)

* House 49 (Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria): James Ronald Fisher, 1,072 votes (19.12%)

* House 28 (Stafford, Fredericksburg): Craig E. Ennis, 457 votes (3.23%)



====Presidential race====

The party organized presidential forums among minor party candidates between 2007 and 2008.  

On January 1, 2008, the Independent Greens became the first state political party in America to launch a petition drive to put New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Congressman Ron Paul on the ballot for president, and vice president.  

By August 1, 2008 the Indy Greens had submitted over 70,000 petition signatures to the state board of elections to put a Independent Green U.S. Senate candidate Gail for Rail Parker on the ballot, along with five Independent Green nominees/endorsees on the ballot for U.S. House of Representatives and the Bloomberg/Paul presidential ticket on the ballot in Virginia.   On August 15, 2008 the Virginia State Board of Elections confirmed Greens had collected enough signatures to put Bloomberg and Paul on the ballot. Ron Paul and  Michael Bloomberg withdrew from the Indy Greens ballot line on September 5, 2008. Indy Greens offered the nomination to Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens to run in promotion of Pickens Plan to reduce the United States' foreign oil intake by investing in alternative energy.<

 Jacqueline Mars (of Mars Candy fortune) was offered the nomination for her promotion and support of conservation  and there were discussions with former Governor Jesse Ventura.

====Congressional Candidates====

Gail for Rail Parker ran for the U.S. Senate for a second time in 2008.  

Two Indy Greens were nominated for the House of Representatives. In the 8th District, J. Ron Fisher received 2.08%.   In the 11th District seat  Joseph Oddo received 2.02%. Three other Independent Greens were on the ballot as Independents.

=== 2009===

Independent Greens attempted to draft Washington Capitals hockey team owner Ted Leonsis as the gubenatorial candidate. Seven were on the ballot as Independent Greens and a total of 27 nominee/endorsees. Among them was the only Korean American woman on the ballot for House of Delegates Ana Marie Choi, and the only native american indian, retired USMC Col. Jim Leslie. Most Indy Green nominee/endorees like John Parmele (US Air Force) were retired military veterans. The top vote-getter IG nominee was Craig Ennis in the 28th district, who received 24.5% of the vote.

IG endorsee/nominee results by district:

9th - Sherman "for Rail" Witcher received 20.7% of vote in two way race.

12th - Paul Cornett got 34% of the vote, also two way race.

18th - Todd Jack 17% in three way race.

19th - William Smith 15%, three way race.

28th -  Craig "for Rail" Ennis 24.5%, two way race.

29th - Aaron Tweedie 20%, two way race

30th - Matt Carson 25%, two way race

37th - Anna Marie "for Rail" Choi 7%, three candidates on ballot.

39th - Col. Jim "for Rail " Leslie 1%, four way race.

41st - Monique "for Rail" Berry 2%, three way race.

44th - Gail "for Rail" Parker 2%, three way race.

47th - Josh Reubner (Green Party) 4%, three way race.

57th - Robert Smith 21%, two way race.

59th - Watkins Abbitt - re-elected.

64th - Col. Albert "for Rail" Burchkard 2%, three way race.

65th - Gary Reinhardt 29%, two way race.

68th - William "for Rail" Grogan 30%, two way race.

69th - Shirley Harvey 6%, three way.

70th - Otis Brown 22%, two way.

71st - Silver Persinger 17% two way race.

82nd - John Parmele 4% in three way.

85th - French Mackes 18% in two way race.

89th - Trip Triplin 18% in two way race.

91st - Gordon Hesel 35% in three way race.

100th- John W. Smith 1% in three way race.


Independent Greens had a full slate of 11 endorsee/nominees for Congress.

1st   G Gail for Rail Parker, retired U.S. Air Force officer  

2nd endorsee Kenny Golden, retired U.S. Navy Commodore  

3rd  John D. Kelly, elected Indy Green district Chair and retired U.S. Air Force MSgt  

4th Janet Murphy, realtor, Indy Green Press Secretary  

5th Jeff Clark U.S. Army veteran, elected Indy Green 5th district Chairman  

6th endorsee Jeff Vanke, centrist Phd., husband, father.  

7th Floyd Bayne, businessman  

8th J. Ron Fisher, retired U.S. Navy Captain  

9th endorsee Jeremiah Heaton U.S. Army veteran, businessman, farmer, husband, father.  

10th endorsee Bill Redpath, Accountant

 11th David William Gillis, Jr., realtor

 The Independent Greens established an IndependentGreen Youtube channel on October 17, 2010. . It features Independent Green leadership and candidates.




Virginia elects 100 members of the state House of Delegates, and 40 members of the State Senate in 2011.  Virginia's largest county Fairfax also elects the local board of supervisors, and county chair.  Virginia has a population of 7,300,000. Fairfax county has 1,100,000 residents. Independent Greens Jeremy Good (2003), Gail for Rail Parker (2007), and Carey Campbell (2009, a special election) ran as Independents for Fairfax County Chair, Virginia's biggest non statewide race.  Independent Greens Will Radle is the (2011) candidate for Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. 

In the state Senate races: Independent Greens Dr. Katherine Pettigrew is on the ballot advocating for "More Trains, Less Traffic".  Other State Senate nominee/endorsees include Gary Thomas (15th), Preston Brown (16th), J. Ron Fisher (30th), and Jeff Eveans (20th)




In the House of Delegates Independent Green  Joseph Glean (44th) advocates for rail to Ft. Belvoir.  Other Indy Greens on the ballot for House of Delegates include: Janet Murphy (48th) Arlington, Robert Brandon Smith III (57th) Charlottesville, Dimitris Kolazas (39th) Fairfax, Col. Jim Leslie 38th, Dianne Blais 40th (Centreville).   Matthew David Simpson IG 1st Congressional District Chairman running for House of delegates (54th -Fredericksburg), Jennifer Stanley (47th), Freddy Burgos (41st).




Carey Campbell, Chairman Independent Green Party  and Ralph Fuecks, Director Green Party Heinrich Boell Foundation November 9, 2010 at the Goethe Institute

More Trains, Less Traffic
More Candidates, Less Apathy  
Fiscally Conservative Socially Responsible

Joseph P. Oddo elected Independent Green Party Chairman December 2011  
The Green Party was founded on Term Limits.  Green orginally called Term Limits "Rotation".   In November 2011, after 10 years as state chairman, Carey Campbell, a supporter of rotation and term limits, announced he would not run for another term as IG chair.  At the Independent Green Party state meeting in December 2011, Independent Green Party co-founder, Joseph P. Oddo was elected State Chairman. Joe Oddo is a husband, father, businessman.
2012 Independent Green Party congressional candidates
Gail for Rail Parker 1st 
Dr. Ken Hildebrandt 5th 
Janet Murphy 8th
Kevin Chisholm 10th
Pete Marchetti 11th 

2013 Independent Green Party House of Delegates candidates   Independent Green Party Winners!  

Victory by participating!  

Advocating Rail Jobs! Solar Jobs! Wind Jobs! Geothermal Jobs! Weatherization Jobs!

6  Barbara T. Hall, Marion - Barbara received almost 7 per cent of the vote in a three way race. 

14 Mary Martin, Martinsville - Mary received about 4 per cent of the vote in a three way race. 

28 Ryguy Mau Muhammedd, Fredericksburg - Ryguy was a write-in candidate. 

29 Larry Lamar Yates, Winchester - Larry pulled 35% of the vote.

38 Jim Leslie, Annandale - Jim's support continues to grow, with 25%.

41 Christopher F. DeCarlo, Fairfax - 3 per cent

43 Gail “for Rail” Parker, Alexandria - Gail for Rail in her 9th year in a row on the ballot as Independent Green Party candidate received her second largest per cent of the vote ever.  Gail for Rail 2ith 26 %

44 Joe Glean, Alexandria, our Alexandria Independent Green Party Chairman Joe Glean at 28 per cent.

45 Jeffrey J. Engle, Alexandria.  Jeff at 25 per cent

49 Terry Modglin, Seven Corners. Independent Green Partys relentless campaignerTerry Modglin at 21%

68 Bill Grogan, Richmond, Independent Green Party state attorney, and IG central committee member, was our best performer in 2013 on the ballot with a phenomenal 38%.  Great work Bill!

69 R.S Bob Barnett, Richmond received 12 per cent. 

78 Brent Van Norman, Chesapeake

98 Geneva Love “Neena” Putt, Matthews received 24%.

100 John W. Smith, Hallwood with 29% of the vote. 


January 2014 
Joe T. May on ballot for State Senate.  Joe May Independent Green Party petitioning success!
Joe May Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee makes ballot for State Senate Election 
Joe May, U.S. Army veteran, veteran state legislator, successful businessman, engineer, husband, father, grandfather, and now Independent Green party endorsee/nominee for Virginia state senate.

Long before becoming the Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee Joe May graduated as an engineer from Virginia Tech. The successful Independent Green Party endorsee, businessman Joe May and his wife Bobby May founded Electronic Instrumentation and Technology (EIT) in 1997.  Today EIT empoys 300 people in Sterling, Virginia.

The Independent Green Party salutes delegate Joe May's 20 years of service in the Virginia House of Delegates. Independent Greens know Joe May has the experience, and knowledge of transportation policy, and the budget after serving as Transportation Committee Chairman in the House of Delegates.

"We need More Trains, Less Traffic.  Rail saves lives. Rail grows the economy." Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Green Party Vice Chair.

"Joe May in the State Senate, and an Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee can help us grow Virginia's economy with rail jobs, solar jobs, geothermal jobs, and wind jobs." added Gail for Rail, U.S. Air Force retired officer.  

Joe May is the perfect fit for Virginia and the "More Trains, Less Traffic" Independent Green Party. Joe May engineering success includes many patents. Joe May patented an instrument to measure the curvature of railroad tracks.  Vital for modern rail.  

Prior to becoming the Independent Green Party endorsee Joe May in 2009 was inducted into Virginia Tech's College of Engineering Academy of Engineering Excellence.  Joe May is one of only 90 engineers so honored. That is out of an engineering alumni of more than 50,000.

Joe May's sterling record matches the Independent Green Party.   Delegate Joe May was named Legislator of the Year by the Virginia Soil, and Water Conservation Districts, the Virginia Cable and Telecommunications Association, the Virginia Biotechnology Association and Virginia Transit! All near and dear to the heart of the Independent Green Party.

The Independent Green Party has frequently embraced, invited them to join, and nominated leading, well known Virginia politicos before.   Independent Greens nominated the youngest elected, and longest serving Speaker of the House of Delegates, Tom Moss of Norfolk as an Independent Green Party candidate - after Speaker Moss left his former party.

Independent Green Party nominated Tom Moss went on to be re-elected as Treasurer in Norfolk. 

After the hard work of petitioning to get More Trains, Less Traffic advocate Joe May on the ballot for state senate, the Independent Green Party celebrates this Joe May success.

Independent Green Party central committee member Janet Murphy, "We look forward to working shoulder to shoulder on the campaign to elect a rail advocate, Joe May to the state Senate on January 21, 2014!"  

See the Independent Green Party video congrats to Joe May for making the ballot here in English. 

 Independent Green Party video congrats to Joe May for making the ballot here in Spanish

Independent Green Party full slate of candidates 2014

Indy Green Party with more women congressional candidates than two larger parties

Independent Green Party endorsee/nominees by district

1)Gail for Rail Parker  2.5% of final vote in three way race

2) John W.Smith Jr.*

3) Col Albert Burckhardt*

4)Justin Gandino-Saadein*

5) Doctor Ken Hildebrandt  1.1% in four way race

6) Elaine Hildebrandt 12% in three way race

7) Tareq Salahi*

8) Gerry Blais .5% in five way race

9) William Carr 25.1% in two way race

10) Dianne Blais .4% in five way race

11) Dr. Joseph Galdo Green Party 1% in four way race.


Janet Murphy U.S.Senate*


Audrey Clement Arlington School Board   33% in two way race.
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