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Janet Murphy
BIOGRAPHY: Solar energy advocate, Hospitality professionial, IT professional in Virginia. BA English McGill University, MS Counseling Psychology UDC, Diploma Computer Learning Center, Springfield VA
elected Independent GreenParty Arlington County Chair and Virginia State Indy Green Party Central Committee  

As the Indy Green Party candidate, I am petitioning to get on the ballot for Arlington County Board of Supervisors for these reasons.  We need a strong, reliable, and proven advocate for Columbia Pike Rail on the ballot in this election.  The Independent Green Party - my party - and our Indy Green Party candidates for local, state, and federal office have advocated for Columbia Pike rail for decades.   Indy Green Party leaders, Indy Green Party Arlington neighbors, and Indy Green Party leaders have participated in decades of meetings to work for Columbia Pike Rail.   The history of those meetings, and the reasons why we need Arlington's Columbia Pike Rail is well documented.  Please see   Also visit 

For Arlington County getting Columbia Pike rail is another battle in the century long fight between big oil, big auto, big asphalt, and big polluters.     As a Green Party candidate, I want to show the way to a sustainable green future for Arlington County transportation, Smarter growth, and an ever greener Arlington.   Please join me, and the Independent Green Party today.  Be an Independent Green Party candidate for local, state, or federal office, and part of the positive green change.
Janet Murphy Independent Green Party - Rail saves lives
Janet Murphy Indy Green Party - Rail grows the economy. Green party Rail creates jobs, and revenue for schools, police and fire departments

More Candidates, Less Apathy

More Trains, Less Traffic

I Janet Murphy, Indy Green Party, am a liberal.  Yes a Green Party liberal.   Janet Murphy liberal Green.  And a Vegan.   And I am a strong supporter of farmers markets!  Our Indy Green Party candidates do some of our best politicing at farmers markets across Virginia!   And I love Giant.   Giant deserves our communities praise and support.   Giant supports the community.   If all corporations showed the responsibility to the community that Gaint Food stores does, this would be an even better country.   Thank you Izzy Cohen (Giant founder) and Gaint for all your support of girl scouts, boy scouts, veterans, the salvation army, and many, many other great causes.
I, Janet Murphy, am petitioning to get on the ballot for Arlington County Board of Supervisors.  I love Arlington, and want to be part of the positive solutions, as we continue to develop our homes and neighborhoods the Arlington Way.  We need to continue the smart growth, pro-rail, sustainable green development in Arlington County.   I walk it, like I write it.  I do not own an auto.  I am an avid supporter of Bike Share, as someone who uses my bike every day to get to work, and go shopping.    I, Janet Murphy, liberal Indy Green Party candidate look forward to seeing you while petitioning, while campaigning, and working with you as we make Arlington ever more Green!


Janet Murphy is a mother.  Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party are committed to Arlington’s children and access to the best public school system in the country. Janet Murphy appreciates the challenges to capacity our schools face. Janet Murpy and the Indy Green Party will work with our school board.  Janet and the Greens believe our most important investments is in pre-k and k-12 education.

SMARTER COMMUNITY GROWTH - Rail - More Trains, Less Traffic - Solar Jobs - Rail Jobs - Geothermal Jobs - Weatherization Jobs - Sustainability

As a renter, Janet Murpy and the Indy Green Party, knows first hand, from personal experience, the importance of affordable housing in Arlington. Janet believes affordable housing must be part of Arlington’s development.

Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party are for "More Trains, Less Traffic".   Janet Murphy's household is one of the 38% of Washington area households that car-free. (38% according Ashley Halsey III article in Washington Post on January 31, 2014 page B-1).  Janet Murphy commutes to work on her Bike.  Janet Murpy and the Indy Green Party are for expanding Bike Share. The Greens and Janet Murphy are for continuing to make Arlington most pedestrian, bike, and rail friendly community in the nation. Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party are for a new passenger rail tunnel under the Potomac to solve the problem of the "Orange Crush" on Metrorail, and expanding Metrorail service to South Arlington with a new underground Metrorail line. Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party will work to build more rail and increase access and expand trail connectivity.  Janet Muphy is for access for people of all walks of life can live, work and get around in Arlington. Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party is for helping our growing population of older residents, so they may age gracefully here in Arlington.  Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party believes we owe that debt of gratitude fror what they have done for the community across many years. 


Janet Murphy is a traditional Green Party liberal.  Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party believes our community is at its best support and help the less fortunate amoung us. Like Green Party founder, and American University grad Petra Kelly, Janet Murphy has long fought for a woman’s right to make her own choices.   Janet Murphy as a member of the Arlington Board of Supervisors would work to keep Arlington welcoming to immigrants seeking a better life.  Janet Murphy is for an Arlington that provides equal rights regardless of sexual orientation.

FISCALLY RESPONSIBILE - Social and Economic Justice

Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party know we must protect our fiscal integrity.   That is why Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party are for creating revenue by installing solar panels, and geothermal heating and cooling in all our public buildings.   This saves Arlington taxpayers money.  Renewable - sustainable energy creates jobs that grow revenue for the county.  Solar, Geothermal, and weatherization are vital investments in our community. Janet Murphy will protect Arlington’s AAA bond rating. We need Columbia Pike Rail, and a new Metrorail line in South Arlington to grow the economy, and create jobs.  


Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party believe a sustainable community needs open space. The Greens and Janet Murphy believe we must create new open space recreational opportunities.  Janet Murphy and the Indy Green Party believes the positive solution is more recreation fields and pedestrian esplanades that provide community gathering place for Arlingtonians.

Janet Murphy would be a supervisor, who is always be mindful of respecting our natural environment by protecting wildlife, trees, and water quality.

The Indy Green Party and Janet Murphy vision for Arlington is long term sustainability.


Janet Murphy supports more wind, solar, geothermal, hydro energy.
Janet Murphy supports sustainable energy.
Mountain top removal is not sustainable.
Bring an end to mountain top removal. Protect our resources. Join every effort to make Virginia the leader in clean energy.  Bring peace time jobs to Virginia. Reform campaign finance, insure auditable voting, a paper trail nationwide.  Support clean Chesapeake Bay.  Preserve Virginia's history and civil war landmarks. The Green New Deal calls for micro loans, growing green manufacturing jobs.  Protect heritage seeds.  Protect Social Security.  Expand medicare.  Require rule of law.   

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