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Joseph D. Morrissey for House of Delegates

Joseph Morrissey - Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee 74th District

Joe Morrissey - Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee for House of Delegates district 74.

Special election January 13, 2015


 Election day is January 13, 2015

Joseph D. Morrissey

B.A. in economics University of Virginia 1979. 

J.D. from Georgetown University Law School 1982.

Joe Morrissey taught government as a high school teacher.

Joe Morrissey was Commonwealth Attorney from 1989 to 1993 in Richmond, Virginia. 

Joe Morrissey began private practice as an attorney in 1993.

Joe Morrissey operates law offices of Morrissey and Goldman Richmond, Virginia

Joe Morrissey earned a master of laws degree with honors at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in 2003. 

Joe Morrissey was a lecturer of Law at Portobello College in Ireland from 2001-2002, taught law school at the Dublin Institute of Technology (2001-2003)and in Australia at the University of Adelaide and the University of Western Sydney in 2003. 

Joe Morrissey was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2007. Joe Morrissey was re-elected in 2009, 2011. 

Joe Morrissey was unopposed for re-election to House of Delegates in 2013. 

Joe Morrissey has proposed a Term Limits bill for member of the House of Delegates and State Senate. 

The Green Party was founded on Term Limits. 

Joe Morrissey had a bill before the House of Delegates in the last legislative session to protect the environment by charging .05 cents for all plastic bags. This is a law that has worked in other states to raise revenue and protect the environment. 

The Independent Green Party of Virginia endorses and nominates Joe Morrissey as a champion for more trains, less traffic for House of Delegates.

The Independent Green Party:
More Trains, Less Traffic
More Green candidates, less apathy
Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible

The Independent Green Party Green New Deal Eco jobs for the economy.
Green Party solar jobs, wind jobs, geothermal jobs, rail jobs, conservation jobs. Independent Green Party of Virginia efficiency jobs, weatherization jobs.
Green Party, walkability jobs, bike share jobs, efficiency jobs. 

Rail saves lives. Rail pays for itself through economic growth. Rail creates jobs. Rail increases the value of our homes, businesses, and communities. Rail grows revenue for schools, police, and fire departments. Rail cuts dependence on fossil fuel. Rail increases national security. Rail allows for mass evacuation in an emergency. 

Independent Green Party - Fiscally Conservative
Cut tax payer subsidies to ZERO to oil, auto, asphalt, coal, and cement.  

"Fightin' Joe Morriessey is fearless, and he never gives up - ever. "  Independent Green Party state chairman Joseph Oddo. Enter content here

Joseph D. Morrissey elected to Independent Green Party state central committee

Independent Green Party elects and welcomes attorney Joseph D. Morrissey to Independent Green Party state central committee.
Former Henrico commonwealth attorney and veteran state legislator Joseph D. Morrissey has been elected to the Independent Green Party state central committee.  
The Indy Green state central committee consists of the Independent Green Party state Chairman, state Vice Chair, the state Executive Committee, and the Chairmen of each of the eleven congressional districts.  
Independent Green Party state Chairman Joseph P. Oddo, "We welcome Joe Morrissey to the Independent Green Party.  Delegate Morrissey brings valued experience as a commonwealth attorney, a state legislator, school teacher, university lecturer, and practicing private attorney."
Independent Green Party state Vice Chair Gail for Rail Parker, " Delegate Morrissey's professional, and political experience strengthen the Independent Green Party in offering voters an alternative on the ballot."
"Delegate Joe Morrissey gives voters a choice on the ballot in the special election January 13, 2015.  The Independent Green Party looks forward to working with Mr. Morrissey in the years to come."  Carey Campbell Independent Green Party state Executive Committee. 

More Green candidates, less apathy

fiscally and socially responsible.

More Trains, Less Traffic

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