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Gail “for Rail” Leads Independent Greens Challenging NoVa Incumbent Delegates 

September 1, 2013
Gail “for Rail” Parker (43rd District) urges extending the Yellow/Blue Metro Lines as priority/set-up for statewide High-Speed Rail. She is challenging a six-term incumbent in a district covering parts of Alexandria to Lorton.

Terry Modglin (49th District) emphasizes Metrorail service between East Falls Church and Pentagon City with potential stations at the Seven Corners Area and Skyline. “These stations will boost the economic future of the Arlington-Seven Corners Area and reduce congestion.” Terry is facing a first term incumbent in a district covering parts of Arlington from Pentagon City to Seven Corners.

The third solo Independent Green Party challenger to a Northern Virginia incumbent is Annandale resident Jim Leslie (38th District). Col. Leslie (USMC, retired) is a realtor running for the second time to reduce apathy. “No matter whether you agree with the incumbent or not, they should never have an uncontested reelection.”

The Independent Greens (IGVA) have endorsed a total of 15 independents across Virginia that have one-on-one challenges to an incumbent. They also support Libertarian Laura Delhomme who has a one-on-one race against an Arlington incumbent Delegate (47th Distict).

Not affiliated with any other “Green” party in the US, the IGVA is led by Parker’s 9th straight year earning a spot on the Virginia ballot. Designated as IG candidate each time, she continues to advocate for rail as a solution to our fossil fuel dependency and as a national security concern. During that stretch, she has succeeded in making the ballot to run for the General Assembly, US Senate, Congress and Board of Supervisors with the approach that “running is winning”.

Gail has long developed her rail advocacy credentials since qualifying for the statewide ballot for the US Senate in 2006 and 08. She points out that, “Rail benefits communities in so many ways: home values located near rail increase in value. In contrast, homes near interstate highways decrease in value.

“Current federal policies offer an 80% federal subsidy to local authorities for building roads. Conversely, federal taxpayers are only responsible for 20% of rail expansion.”

Gail continues, “That is why it is important to elect rail advocates to both federal and state-level offices. We need More Trains, Less Traffic. We need to build Rail NOW! And move rapidly to alternative energy sources that are renewable and sustainable, sources that are not used up in consumption.”

Calling themselves Fiscally Conservative - Socially Responsible, the Independent Green Party provides more details on their website:

We are members of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's  - Building America's Future


We endorse T. Boone Pickens Plan

Virginia's Independents are the first state party in America to endorse and join Pickens Plan to build solar, wind power, and rail to break addiction to foreign oil.  

More at


"Our country's future prosperity depends on having an efficient and well-maintained RAIL system."   Warren Buffett

Build statewide high speed rail now.  Create jobs. Grow the economy.  Make Virginia safer and more secure.

Light rail on the beltway at one tenth the cost of the two billion dollar boondoogle toll roads. 

Watch Captain Ron Fisher on Reston Impact with John Lovaas

Join Our Rail Now Coalition Now!

We call for $10 Billion High Speed Statewide Rail Bond in Virginia, like passed in California Nov. 2008. 

Click here for Governator's comments. 


We need "More Trains, Less Traffic"

"More Candidates, Less Apathy"

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